Momentum has all been increasing for crow within the last 24 hours guys, and i want to go ahead and break down exactly where we stand at this moment and where were going to be moving immediately next, keeping it short and sweet going straight to the point. As always, if this is your first time on the channel, do me a favor like the video it helps, reach more people and subscribe to the channel for daily updates on co, vbs finance and any other training cryptocurrencies in stocks, and if you want to join our Private discord chat where we share buy and sellers. We do technical analysis. We share news updates on co on other cryptos and stocks are about to take off, use that link down below and join our private patreon community would love to work with you all. On a closer basis and help answer any of your questions lets go ahead and get right to it guys check this out increase in volume for a coat in the last 24 hours of over 22. We currently sit at 178.3 million and geyser trading activity looks nice. 67 buyers and 33 sellers: it could be better right. We have a nice level of trading activity when it comes down to buyers to sellers, sometimes weve been as low as 55 to 45. So this is nice. However, i would still like to see it even greater right, so youd see a greater increase when it comes down to our total buying.

Pressure, of course, were up, as i just mentioned, over five percent on the day. We sit at 49 cents as of the minute learning from this video, and we are rapidly approaching the 200 000 mark for our crow. We currently sit at 198 340. It gradually gradually gradually pushing up here right. The overall market is also pushing up or green up over three percent on the day, bitcoin at the 43 000 mark. At one point, we were chilling at 44 000 up a little over two and a half percent here. Ethereum at 33.75, again at one point, we were at that 40 at that 3 400 mark again as a right now kind of cruising decreasing volume for a bitcoin of one percent, so actually crow outperforming uh bitcoin when it comes down to seeing an increase in volume. Right trading activity again, this is what i would like to see for crow, 74 buyers and 26 sellers bitcoin. Usually always has this high ratio when it comes down to trading activity, sometimes or even within the 80s right about 82 buyers and then 18 solar. So this is a very healthy trading activity for bitcoin, even though we havent seen an increase in buying pressure, i mean in volume here we have seen an increase when it comes down to its total trading activity, having a very healthy level of trading activity. Remember it wouldnt matter if we saw a spike of 3 000 for total volume, but we had you know 60 sellers and 40 buyers that would be terrible for crow or any crypto out there right.

So where do we stand at this moment and where are we going to be moving next? Of course we never want to over hype it right, but where do we stand at this moment guys as of right now? I understand that some of you may be like yeah weve pushed up. You know five percent roger big deal, but this is how uptrends begin right were not going to skyrocket were not going to the moon all within a single shot, thats very exciting and its very attractive to go. You know from here and just make all time highs like that, however: thats not sustainable thats, not what we, what we want to see right if anything, crow has been showing us very good science, and many of you may be thinking roger. What do you mean its been showing us good signs? Weve been pulling back, yes, weve pulled back, but its not just crow. That is randomly pulling back right. Its crow behaving as the overall crypto market is, and that is what you want to see in any coin – that you partake in right. You wanted to see, follow the lead of the overall market. Also, i mentioned too. I like the fact that, in that sense, right im investing into a cryptocurrency, but as someone who invests in both the stock market in the crypto market, im also investing in almost what feels like a stock right because im buying into a business just like you would Do in the stock market right crypto.

com is very different from most of these other projects. I hear because its an actual business right. It has numbers, it has an institution and it has a business first off thats, a part of a long term, growing industry, but number two. It has a business that can have news for it right and then act as a positive catalyst for crow coin. Weve seen this multiple times when the staples center name change to the arena now took place. That was news for the business that acted as a positive catalyst for the cryptocurrency right. So we will continue to have events like these and news like these. That will really help crow push up and again. This is where i feel like im getting the best of both worlds, where im investing into a stock almost right but a crypto. At the same time, very different from many of these other projects. I cant say the same thing for bitcoin right: bitcoin is not a business. Bitcoin is not a product. Bitcoin is not gold, silver beans, its not a commodity and its not to bash it, because im invested in it and i do believe its going to rise in the long term. But thats just me acknowledging the differences right fundamentally that crow has from other investments. That is why im so bullish on it and why i find value in it, of course, not trying to sell you one if you do have any questions on it when it comes down to entering your position managing risk not only on crow but other cryptos and Stocks again use that link down below and join our private discord chat, so we are starting to lean toward the upside here.

Right were starting to gain some momentum. So what i expect pro to do within these coming days, guys is gradually follow the lead of the overall market. If the overall market can begin to recover here. Taking a look at bitcoin is trying to push a position itself above the simple moving average line, and we havent been there in quite a while right, at least fully here with three four green sticks here above this blue sma line. Whenever were above, that line for those of you that are new to technical analysis were prone for an uptrend. So i expect us to push up. Take a break. Push up. Take your breaker push up, take a break. How do we know that were truly prone for all time highs for co in the overall market and have your whole crypto portfolio recovering is once bitcoin positions itself above a clear resistance that it has along the general fifty three thousand dollar area and as of right Now were far from there right, but again, this is me just setting proper expectations before we even begin to talk about making all time highs. Uh, you know, have a full on rise in recovery for co or your whole crypto portfolio in bitcoin. We need to break above 53 000 with two to three green six on this four hour 180 day chart and then you can go out and buy that new lamborghini huracan right so pay attention to that specific price point which, by the way, if you guys want Access to a chart setup like this one right here and youre looking for a platform where you can buy and sell bitcoin dogecoin shiba inu credano.

Another crypto that i am very bullish on use that link down below uh sign up for about a positive, 100 and youre, going to get three stocks worth all the way up to 3 500 for absolutely free guys. So again, i expect a bit of a break in a continued option for a crow within the coming days, its not going to be within a pretty straight line, its not going to be fast or anything like that. But this is what you want right. Much more sustainable growth, if you guys want more updates on co like the video subscribe to the channel, i really appreciate you guys support.