Um thats not the greatest news, but uh that definitely hurt the tech stocks where we do still see hit or miss within the stock market itself, some green, some red, but looking at the crypto market. I am loving all the green that i am seeing at this moment so in this video i want to give you guys an update. I want to talk about the possibility of bitcoin having a reversal which were kind of seeing at this moment. So could this be the moment where were seeing the crypto market to go from being bearish to back to bullish, well thats? What i want to talk about so as we get to it? If you guys dont mind, please do me a huge favor, please be sure to smash, destroy, annihilate or gently press. That, like button, helps me out a lot with youtube. Algorithm help spread the videos more people might find it interesting and subscribe. If you have not already now lets get to it Music now the crypto, fair and greed index were still sitting in extreme fair. Where weve been sitting it hasnt been uh anything different for a while now, but i wouldnt be surprised. We dont start seeing this changing. Now, looking over at the uh current crypto market, we have a lot of green, which we can see. The similes are up more than five percent some of these up ten percent uh. So this is great to see. At this moment, we have bitcoin up more than two percent ethereum up more than four percent cardano up more than 10 percent.

So a lot of great things that im seeing here as well as well as with solana, polka, dot, avalanche, etc, now uh. What i want to do is i want to show you guys, the stock market, because its been hit or miss with the stock market. We have a lot of tech stocks that are down and some other stocks that arent doing too bad. So, looking over at the stock market, we can see we have a mixture of green and red and a lot of stocks that i do follow and mostly a lot of the tech stocks are the ones that are hit and a lot of ev stocks are taking A pretty big hit as well other than, of course, tesla. Now lets talk about inflation here, so bitcoin claims after inflation jump, rekindles hedging debate. Cryptocurrencies have tumbled as investors away fed moves. Token briefly tops forty four thousand dollars for the first time in weeks, which were currently actually still sitting or sitting around 44 000. At this time now lets talk about the inflation news that has come out, because this is very important, because this is what is helping drive the crypto market now, theres, no guarantees that that what the market expectations of whats going on with inflation and uh interest rates And all that stuff is going to happen to what people are expecting or is this some kind of fluff that were kind of we are kind of getting from jerome powell, and maybe things arent going to be as severe as uh as hes talking about thats? All up to debate, but for right now lets just talk about the i, the um, the news that has come out about inflation and then lets talk about the possibilities after that about a reversal in the crypto market and the possibilities of bitcoin going up.

Based on this news, so the us treasury had its steepest jump in consumer price inflation in four decades and absorbed a 10 year. Note sell with this uh already reinforcing the widespread anticipation that the federal reserve will start raising interest rates in march, which you guys know that that this is going to happen more than likely and were going to have multiple rate raises in interest rates. Now the december inflationary figures were in line with the bond markets expectations and while benchmark treasury yields initially rose moderately across the curve. Soon, after the release, buyers soon emerged as what this article is saying. Now. The year on year, jump in consumer price index matched a forecast increase of seven percent, while the core rate, which excludes food and energy prices, was a little hotter. Expanding a pace of 5.5 versus an expected 5.4 percent. Now the market absorbed the sale of a 36 billion dollar 10 year notes on wednesday, with primary dailies left with a 16.6 share, a touch above recent average. According to capital markets, the reopening arrived the highest yield since january 2020 and after a sharp rise in benchmark yields from 1.51. At the end of last year now, the fed chair, jerome powell said that central banks will use its tools to prevent higher inflation from becoming entrenched at his confirmation hearing before the senate banking committee on tuesday. If we see inflation persisting at high levels longer than expected, and we have to raise interest rates more over time, we will powell told lawmakers other fed officials have recently lent weight on the idea of raising rates in march, while advocating shrinking the central banks, 8.

8 trillion Dollar balance sheet later this year, so, in my opinion, right now, im gon na say that bitcoin possibly is getting ready to go back into a bull market. I uh. I strongly actually believe this, and this is just my personal opinion, not financial advice. If im saying this dont necessarily believe what im saying, but this is just my opinion, that im sharing here and the reasons why i say this is because, if you guys, if you guys are long time, followers my channel and you were uh listening to what i Was saying back in early october, when i was saying that were were more than likely already in a bull market for bitcoin and the crypto market? What were we seeing a lot right there? We were seeing the price of bitcoin starting to go up a lot and where are we seeing that price of bitcoin going up from it was going up at a price of around 40 000? And if we look at the trend, if we look at how a bitcoin has been been performing uh, if we look at how we were seeing uh all this consolidation with bitcoin lately and how the price was consolidating and usually when we see these consolidations, you can Usually expect that that at some point were going to get to a flag and then were going to see that price break out now, sometimes we see this consolidation last even longer, but keep in mind when we do see this.

We know that its either going to go one or two ways when it consolidates and trades sideways its either going to go up or its going to go down and thats what thats? What im thinking im looking at the performance here and uh, and you can always get an idea of what its going to be doing so uh like before back in late september, on and into october, we sell the price of bitcoin spike up from there. Hell hell did that 40 thousand dollars. That was the uh the bottom there, which is also a price that we had just recently seen as well. We had seen bitcoin go to 40 000 over these last couple days and then we pretty much bottomed out right there in my opinion, and i think that were now seeing that bull market start to kick in and the price of bitcoin going up, because if it Wasnt able to hold this 40 000 price if it wasnt able to have all that support there, then we more likely were going to see bitcoin fall through as we were, seeing it consolidating, but thats, not the case were seeing the price move from there and uh And thats changing things around here so hopefully were going to see the price uh trend continue trading up, maybe do some more sideways trading and then move again from there well have to see how it does play out, but just going off of the historically here when We do see those patterns now.

There could be multiple reasons why bitcoin can be in going into a bull market and inflation fears is just one thing that would be needed to get an influx of investing into bitcoin to really start helping move that needle a bit and to start changing that that, Fearing greed index a bit and get people more more greedy with their bitcoin. That would be very beneficial uh, especially as we do see such high inflation and interest rates going up that could be very, very beneficial to bitcoin now um. I also think that just bitcoin is is just due to uh to have a reversal. I think that thats just something that that uh weve been anticipating just because weve seen the price dropping so low and then now that we have reached that forty thousand dollar price around there, where we were at at the end of september, where we had seen the Price of bitcoin start, you know kind of skyrocketing from there on into a price a little bit below 70. 000. At that time. I think that were just due to be to start seeing something like that again as long as nothing too extreme happens, but a lot of things that could happen right now, arent really there to get in this way like, like all that drama, that was there with China and uh, and currently i think that theres a lot that could really benefit bitcoin to go above that 70 000 price.

I still am a person that thinks that we will be seeing bitcoin at some point in 2022, going to one hundred thousand dollars, because i think it was very possible that it could happen in 2021, myself and many other people have said that but uh, but things In the market did not work out that way, but a lot of a lot of bitcoin itself does mirror a bit of what the actual stock market is doing. So do keep that in mind because um the the trends that the market does move, sometimes they go hand in hand, and sometimes they do not so its definitely something that is worth watching. But anyways id like to hear your guyss thoughts and opinions on on the whole crypto market. Do you guys think that we could possibly be seeing a bull market now id like to know so with that being said, please, like share comment, subscribe new videos coming on my channel all the time.