I want to give you an update on my portfolio for cryptocurrencies and i realize i havent done that in a while. So i had some people asking the patreon and i think its about time that i make this video im going to give you my stable coin. Im gon na give you my cryptocurrency im gon na talk about why im allocating more to some than others and kind of break it down now. Im not gon na include every single piece or every single cryptocurrency, because i have some dust from some projects that i still have a little bit of, but these are all the sizeable amounts that i have now keep in mind. My portfolio is going to be different than yours im not trying to give financial advice. I cant give it because im a financial advisor and my situation financially is going to be different than your situation, and my risk level is different than yours. So just keep that in mind. So if you guys dont mind hitting the like button hit the subscribe button, i really appreciate that. Also there is a link underneath the video to block fi to get an interest rate on your cryptocurrencies. You can check out that link underneath the video, and i do want to tell you about one other thing about moomoo. There is a link to moomoo where you can get up to five free stocks, which i will talk more about towards the end of the video.

Now lets get into it so, first of all, i think we need to talk about stable coin. I always talk about stable coin on the channel, because i think it is a great way to get some extra money. I think its just such an easy, passive way of keeping some money on the sidelines and i recently started using something called anchor, which i put a significant amount of money in, so you get 19.5 percent, it is using luna and ust. I i talked about my patreon a little bit more in depth, but maybe i will make a full video on it here and you can see that it makes a significant amount. I mean 30 a day, doesnt sound like much but thats over eleven thousand dollars per year on just a fifty six thousand dollar investment, not that thats anything to scoff at, but that is pretty significant. Now i do have a little bit of money in some other stable coins and some other platforms, so youre not going to be able to work back. My numbers – and i dont tell you exactly how much i have here overall, just because i realize that cryptocurrency is a little bit different than stocks stocks im very comfortable with telling you how much i have, but crypto is a little bit different, because its so easily Manipulated and stolen and stuff like that, so i do have 28.3 of my overall crypto portfolio in stablecoin, and i realize that sounds like a lot im, not trying to be bearish just the end of the year.

I had some extra money that i thought i was going to have to pay to taxes. I also have some other opportunities, so i needed some cash on the sidelines and ive been pumping some money into anchor because it is paying so well keep in mind. Im not selling to get up to 28.3 percent ive been dollar cost averaging into a lot of these top cryptos. Here today, too, its just that ive been putting way more in stablecoin over the last uh couple id say a couple weeks because of the opportunity. I see an anchor with that in mind, though i definitely need to continue to dollar cost average into cryptos. So top of the list lets just go for the top bitcoin bitcoin is the majority of my portfolio, its 26 percent, and, if you take out staple coin, is the majority of my portfolio by far the thing about it is too im not just in bitcoin straight Up i have spot bitcoin, which is the only thing thats, including this, but i have bitcoin proxies. I have bitcoin miner stocks, i have mstr. I also have a literal bitcoin miner. So if you include that i would be closer to 35 to 40 percent, probably and probably 35 bitcoin, so im very heavily invested in bitcoin. I think that we do have a lot of leverage in the market right now, which is one cause for concern. I think, though, we will get past that i think a lot of it is short leverage, and i am feeling very strongly that bitcoin will be a great crypto to hold for the next 10 years, the next 20 years – im not worried about it.

Of course, if i can buy it at a lower amount, great but im not trying to play that game, i just continue to buy uh half a half a thousand dollars or a thousand dollars as much as possible, just to continue to dollar cost average into bitcoin. As time goes on, i have, i also hold ethereum thats, my next biggest weighting ethereum, its kind of up there with bitcoin, in the sense that i think the risk isnt as high as with some other cryptocurrencies sure the fees are high, but people still use it. Its still being valued very highly and of course there could be an ethereum killer, but ethereum is the ethereum killer, possibly too so. Ethereum 2.0 is coming out this year, hopefully, and i think that will decrease the fees, a good amount on ethereum and make it a lot smoother for a lot of people. Then i have cardano cardanos, actually my next biggest holding. So you can see that if i only have six percent, i have a good amount broken down here and cardano ive been adding to a little bit once we hit around a dollar and 10 cents ive been adding. But before that i was kind of sitting on a good amount, since we had that run up over in september, i added a little bit on the way down, but uh. I definitely am looking for a little bit of a pump and i probably will trim down on that position a little bit because if it just gets to its old price, i have nearly as much cardano as ethereum, and i think that cardano just holds a little Bit more risk, but i did have a large bag from before.

Then i have a good amount of soul, so four percent. I know it doesnt sound like much, but i really want to add to this ive been continuously adding id really like to switch these. So i have more sold than cardano. I think that solana is probably the best layer, one solution out there in terms of fees in terms of transaction speed and in terms of people actually wanting to use that everyone that i know that uses solana loves it and then next soul, so soul, token phantasma Layer, one that makes smart nfts this has grown significantly. It was only about 1 to point five percent, my portfolio, but the fact is, it has outperformed its almost tripled since i bought it uh just a few months ago, and i have added a couple times, ive added a couple times to my position, just because i Think that it is such a strong cryptocurrency, if you havent seen my videos on it, i definitely suggest it. I said there was one the top gaming crypto cryptocurrencies for 2022 and i still stand by that then matic. I need to continue to add to this matic bag. I have been buying more matic here and there, but polygon, i think, is such a strong layer. Two solution it is, it is being adopted all the time i mean anyone that really wants to build right now seems like theyre, integrating with matic, because they dont want just ethereum layer, one.

They need some layer two to scale and lower fees, and the fact is, a lot of people are starting to use matic that didnt used to i mean personally, i just started using matic. I used it for the first time where i was actually doing a transaction and its so easy. It was like five cents over on mata compared to you know twenty dollars over on ethereum, i do hold a good amount of polka dot im. Getting that nice. 12 percent staking, but this has definitely been beaten down – ive been adding more in the lower to mid 20s, but i got a significant amount of it when were at 12 to 20 dollars back in the summer, so im still holding that, but we have fallen down A lot then bnb, i think, is just a steady, steady, crypto to hold uh. This is one that i just stake. I get 10 to 15 over on uh one of the uh over on trust wallet, and i just hold it there and continue to take advantage of that and we do have the burn coming up. We have more and more burns for bnb. A lot of people forget about it, but it is consistently the number three cryptocurrency out there and nothing usually is that close to it. Now i do have vgx too so voyager token, i think, will do well voyager. The app itself is growing very quickly and it is the loyalty program crypto for voyager uh, the app, so it gives you extra boost on stuff like your stable coin and uh interest and money back.

I think its a good one to hold if you actually use voyager. I do have a good amount of v chain, just a really solid another, really solid, cryptocurrency mana. I bought this back when facebook was getting into the metaverse and i i bought a little bit and it spiked up, and i added a little bit more. But it is really my purest play on the metaverse, along with soul a little bit and some of these other layer ones. I guess you could say are also a play on the metaverse, but mana is definitely the purest play. In my opinion, i do hold some donkey tokens, so i i have some money on anchor. I also have some on donkey on uh donkey finance and i do have about one percent, my portfolio in that just because it does give you an extra apy boost, and then i believe this is my last crypto here, which is luna actually second to last luna. I added a little bit more. I really want this to be a bigger position too, but i was waiting to get in on it. I didnt really see the potential of luna until i saw how great anchor was, and now i definitely want some more luna, and i bought my first amount just a few days ago when we saw that massive dip, and then i do hold a little bit of Avax too also picking that up on the dip.

So overall you can see that i am pretty heavily invest in the top two. Then i have the next 10 or so pretty spread out, but i think they are a good mix of different layer ones specifically and then some other utility tokens and a couple other gaming cryptos in there also. So again i have a lot in stablecoin, but its just so attractive that 20 yield and then some of the other yields im getting on things like block fi, and i do have some other plays. Like i said, between the actual bitcoin miner bitcoin mining stocks mstr. I also have hold some gbtc and ethe over for ethereum, so i am heavily invested in cryptocurrency if you could, if you take that compared to my stock portfolio, my crypto portfolio is significantly larger at this point. So if you guys want, though there is a link down to moomoo, so i do invest in stock still, even though i talk about cryptos a lot, and i just want to tell you about mumu for a second because theyre giving you a great offer. So i started using moomoo recently and i really like it so i know that were kind of going through a little bit of a bear market at the time of this recording, at least with some of the growth stocks. But you can use some of their technical indicators to determine when a position is oversold or stock is oversold. They have extended hours trading, which is really important to sell before or after the market closes, because a lot of people still dont have access to this kind of thing.

I know it sounds crazy, but a lot of people cant sell before the market opens or after it closes also they do allow you to invest in stocks outside the u.s, such as hong kong stocks, and they give free level 2 market data. That being said, there are some welcome gifts, so when you sign up using the link down below, you do have a couple chances to win some free stocks. So when you deposit any amount on their platform, you get two stocks worth up to thirty five hundred dollars. Each and if you deposit, two thousand dollars, you get five free stocks, so you can definitely check out the link down below to try out moomoo. I think its definitely one that you should try out to see if you like it, because they have a lot of information in one spot and they give short selling data level. Two data so definitely check out the link underneath the video. So, thank you guys so much for watching. I do appreciate you hitting the like button and subscribing, and just watching to this point means a lot. Let me know which of these cryptos i should have more of or what i should be adding to this portfolio. Thank you guys so much.