So before we dive into that 30 percent of you have not subscribed to the channel. Do that and bell notification icon 90 of you arent liking the videos go and do that down below thanks very much for your support and, of course you can join us on patreon as well to learn more about trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. If you join up 16 uh pay annually, basically two months for free and if you want to trade, anything that were looking at today, swift x for the aussie guys 10 bucks, a free bitcoin link is down below, were going to look at ckb were going to Look at eth bitcoin ada amongst the big players here all right, so the market caps lets review that 2.07 trillion remember. Our target price was 2.0 7 trillion were above that well, look at that total market cap as well, because that is going to give us an idea of the the sentiment of the market we in the weak part or the strong part of the market. Think of it as your moving averages, but this is again analysis that gets us that little bit closer in real time, so well check that out. Bitcoin up here, forty three and a half thousand remember our level, forty five and a half thousand doesnt matter. What happens if bitcoin does not make it to forty five and a half thousand close above that gets us some support, above that we can basically say that this was all just a weak, minor pump and well probably see the lows retested so definitely keep an eye On bitcoin eth is not doing too bad.

Its back above that first level of 3300 ada nearly time to flip solana. Im sure many of us hold both, so it doesnt really matter at the end of the day, but nice to see that ada is finally coming back. It was nearly getting close to slipping out of the top 10, but possibly lets get to a top five. We can see polka dot, terra avalanche, all rounding out that top 10 11 spots now over to the total market cap. This is what were looking at over the last couple of videos: 2.07 trillion thats. The major 50 level here from the the most recent bull market run, that was from the june july, low up to the peak in november, so the 50 level is really important, as that is basically the balancing level above the 50 strong were looking like were getting That support that accumulation and that strength building in the market. If we remain below the 50 percent, then the markets tend to act much weaker and continue to fall away with their bearish actions, so theres a lot of little 50 levels here. So you just want to look at the major ones to get us to those major macro moves and well do that across the charts that were looking at today, plus update ckb as well on the daily. We have overcome the 2.07 trillion. It is just above there at the moment, so we need to see more closes above the level.

Then our next level is 2.17 thats, basically the 50 level from the low to the high and then the major point here is a 2.5. This is a kadano video, but we need to understand where the market is 2.5. Trillion is one of the next big targets to overcome. So keep that in mind, if youre looking to invest or trade in anything, if were beneath the strong levels, then its going to be much more difficult for the market, so were just getting above the first one. Now our second ones at the moment 2.17. Then we go for 2.5 trillion for bitcoin. Remember those levels 45 and a half thousand need to get above that this is the previous support which broke down which may become resistance thats. Why? It doesnt, really matter what happens in the market? We need to see bitcoin grow get above that level and then the next 50 is around that 49. 000. Looking not too bad at the moment, weve had a couple of good days. Up. Eth as well is starting to see that growth, so, as we can see, bitcoin goes up. A lot of the market is going up as well, so this could be an intermediate low, which is why weve moved our 50 levels to this low point across the charts. 2900 34 thats, the low 3400 is where were targeting next for eth. It has gotten above the 3300, which is the major 50 level, so things are looking strong across the board.

We bring this up at the beginning. As i said, total market cap bitcoin eth. We want to see the big players start to gain some strength. Money comes back into the market and then guess what people start to throw their money into other cryptocurrencies to start gambling or speculating on those cryptos as well were finally starting to see some defy growth. On the cardano ecosystem, its good to get a little bit of an update about this stuff nervous is getting to all of this with the layer ones, the layer, twos and the project of yo k swap. We can see it 175 about 100 million in total value. Locked which still puts it higher than a few of the other popular projects here like ramp, injective protocol and staffy so to the price chart of ckb nervous network. Remember our 50 levels again. The idea here is that we want to get it. We want to see the project get above the strong level. For me, that is right here, .027, so basically 2.7 u.s cents thats above the high here you can see the yellow line as well thats, pretty much the resistance levels that we want to see the project get above its just under both 50 levels. Now putting in several higher lows, which of course is more of a bullish picture and ckb against the bitcoin value, which is also going up. Its had a pretty long accumulation period back from 2020 and were starting to see higher lows, which is a good sign and breaking above and closing above the 50 levels and the downtrend the downtrend, which was from the all time high down to the march top.

So you can see the market just start to break this downtrend, so its looking much healthier than what it has done since its been out on the market over to cadano now, and we have more points to note the crucial critical support levels for ada support levels. Typically, you can see them right here on the chart. This is the low, a dollar and seven cents that has now been put in taking a closer look, the yellow line. So this is the area that we want to see ada reach to match the previous up range, so its basically looking looking at cogs in a market. We want to see the market at least get to or extend the up ranges that it has done in the downtrend so that you can get an idea of what the smart money is doing. You can see that more people be buying. The ranges are increasing. Therefore, you could almost assume – or you can assume, that the market should be going up from that point, because the strength is coming back into the market, youre getting longer up ranges, and so that price point for ada against the us dollar is at about a dollar. Forty now so really what ive done here is look at this range. This is the longest range you could see in the previous section of the downtrend measure that copy and paste that you guys can do this on your charts as well.

You can find links to this in the description. Your trading view so check that out so its getting close to our 50 level, which is at 1.60 and then the top that was put in before it crashed, which is around 1.64, so theres. A lot of these little levels on the way up, which will give, will potentially give little short term reversals. If that happens, then you can be pretty satisfied that the market is still strong, provided the lows dont break down. So this is how you can be very confident and at peace with your investments. If you see them move up and then you get a day down, maybe its a few percent loss. But then you get a movement back up and you start to see these levels get taken out. This is how the market continues to respond to support and resistance levels on the way up, so that the smart money can start to get a sense of what is strong and what is weak. Is there supply coming into the market, or are we starting to see more demand come into the market thats, how they continue to test the price level so that you can know early on which is pretty close to this low? If were going to continue to go up or go down, so recap on those numbers for ada on the us dollar pair. The first level is around dollar forty and then to keep it nice and simple.

I want to see it go above. A dollar sixty, ideally 164, but a dollar sixty would get us uh halfway there to that halfway: point of the major uh again fifty percent level. As you can see here, this was a sunday swap announcement. So, as ive talked about in the video as well got absolutely slammed by people, it doesnt matter about news announcements, news announcements are interesting, keep an abreast of them, so you know whats going on, but personally i dont look to trade off them because we can see Now, from over a months worth of data that a news announcement didnt do to the market, it pumped you and then dumped you sure the rest of the market dropped. We get that. We know that now, but if we want to transition from amateur to professional youre, not going to see professionals trading long term off these news announcements, theyre going to use them as liquidity events, as you can very clearly see here on the chart, look at the volume Compared to what happened in the previous few weeks, it was some of the highest volume exit, liquidity, dump and then youre, probably thinking. Why was i holding this thing all the way down buying in on some news with that said, the next level we want to see is the downtrend all right, so thats pretty much the last level i have here downtrend. It should line up pretty well with around that dollar sixty, maybe a little higher level, and then the last level up here is around that 210.

All right, so 140 160. lets take a look at the bitcoin in the eth chart as well. Now weve got the bitcoin chart here, but i will just mention. I know i stress a lot about these other levels and looking at news, i dont mean to take it out on anyone, so i should use my words a little more carefully. However, i see it as a very important point to make if were looking to transition from amateur to professional or at least get a little bit more sensible and less emotional with our investments. So enough said there enough of my little rant. Cardano btc critical point here need to get above our downtrend and, of course, our 50 level. So i see that as around 3 400 satoshis thats the first critical, very critical level. Next critical level is way up at the 50 percent levels at around 4 600 satoshis. Now this is part of our investment. We want it to improve its value against bitcoin and eth. So the little thing to note here is: if we see the market trend up hit, the major 50 percent around that 33 3400 start to reverse and then break this level. Its probably not a good sign, long term for further investing in ada within this cycle. Thats. Something that ill continue to repeat in other cardano videos. This is hopi and free. I know we are ada holders here watching this video staking with the tia staking pool, and it is in my interest to continue to blow hopium up your ass but honestly thats.

What i see in the charts thats how i say it so if it is a long term investment, then youre not too concerned with what what might happen over the next several months to couple of years potentially. But you definitely want to see your investment grow against bitcoin and ethereum value. So just before we move over to ethereum those levels again around 3400. We want to see this market move up and break, and then the 4600 and, of course, the downtrend as well. The major downtrend here, which is in from the all time, high to the current high that was put in so you we need to see this, get back above that and start to close higher ada eth same sort of story. I have this on the weekly chart. Already you can see the downtrend and the 50 levels, so the next major level is at around im. Gon na use the numbers here. Four thousand, then we have the fifty percents at six thousand and then the downtrend as well. So the down the the market needs to get above that downtrend wherever that may form. So, even if we start to head up break theres the downtrend, you want to see that break above and then start to consolidate and move higher again. If it doesnt and ada starts to trend down, then its a weaker investment than eath and bitcoin, regardless of what happens on the us dollar chart now, the critical support levels here on the canando eth chart are below the current major lows.

Major low here is at around 3000 and then the previous levels that you can see are around 2 000.. If you havent already staked your ada go check out the link down below im, only going to give you hoping free stuff with ada. I know majority of ada armies love to just blow hopium all the time, pretending that this market has to always go up and you just have to wait and wait and wait. But if the chart is telling you no do what the smart money is doing. Theyre telling you that, on the chart, thats what were going to follow here on the channel so make sure youre subscribed bell notification icon. So you get the updates, like the video up, helps it out in the algorithm and ill see you guys at the next video or in patreon, with our other members check out the links in the description dont get scanned out. There see the next one until then have more fun to get more done.