As always, it is nick here back to daily crypto news and analysis, and today were going to be talking about ripple and xrp, so sit back, relax and before we fully jump on into this video. I just want to ask you guys: could please leave a like on this video? It does help the channel grow immensely, and i do greatly appreciate it also, if you guys, can uh definitely subscribe and turn notifications on, if you guys do, find any information in this video, valuable or useful in any way. So, overall, when were talking about bitcoin, it has been rejecting off of the 44k mark, its been a very hard mark for it to actually break over uh. We are also seeing dominance break down a little bit below 40 today, um as the market kind of stays. A little bit stable, weve been sitting on about a 78 cent xrp for quite some time now. Weve just been kind of ranging on hitting resistance on xrp as well were going to be talking about that and addressing that in this video uh for xrp, though you know, volume is still, you know, settling down a little bit. Still kind of you know pretty much ranging sideways if you will, as we are pretty much ranging around the 77 to 78 cent zone, its pretty much a sideways trading, as you guys do see on the one month, uh pretty much hitting these nice low time frames.

Uh prices, but you know overall, you can see the volume is a little bit negative. You can see the price a little bit negative overall, its nothing too. Concerning uh right now we are rejecting off of the 786 over here, which is essentially almost 80 cents. As you guys do see these two daily candles im hoping for a break above that, eventually, of course, we do see, you know, in terms of the volume pretty much kind of staying stable for the most part. I know that were looking at a macro basis here on the one day, i dont really like to look at the four hour and stuff like that, unless im trying to do like you know certain trades im, also looking at the macro time base, because i am Macro bullish micro, sort of bearish on bitcoin, as you guys are probably all aware, im expecting us to have one last sweep of those lows which will essentially bring us down to about 37.5 k and, of course it will probably bring xrp down to test these levels. Down here, pretty much at around 60 cents, so thats, what im waiting for honestly uh, which you know in terms of the volume to rsi ratio, looks like that is something that is probably going to be happening. Of course, i will accept any sort of price action that does happen or occur before then aka, probably us breaking above the 786, maybe cl reclaiming 85 cents and flipping bullish on xrp.

That would be very good um, but im not really expecting anything. You know too great to to be honest with you guys, but of course let me know what you guys think down in the comments below on what you believe is going to happen. But of course, in my mind, that is what i am seeing im seeing a lot of volume, pretty much kind of staying stable, a little bit, nothing too crazy, nothing too bullish or bearish kind of just sitting neutral and usually when we see something like that kind Of flat line we even get you know we either get a major impulse to the upside or a downside, and the reason why im pointing at the downside is because bitcoin is continuously rejecting off of 44k and its very weak. Now i will talk to you guys. A little bit about you know overall whats been happening with ripple and ripple net in general. So, as you are probably all aware by now and im sure that a lot of you guys are probably tired of seeing this article. But you know we have been seeing ripple net. You know in terms of 2021, have spectacular growth ripple, not using them as a massive network and of course odl in general is a major use. Case have been growing and growing and growing in demand every single day. Uh, in fact, we do see our odlcs record growth and traction in 2021. You know we are seeing you know.

Ripple was the first company to leverage crypto to tackle the trillion dollar challenges associated with cross border payments. We know that this is a very large area. 155, trillion dollar plus market thats, something to not disregard at all and, of course, with them getting into you know the sme business with you know, line of credit and stuff, of course, theyre pretty much captured in almost all the market, but i dont think that they Will capture all the market ive always told you guys, im, not biased on you know, xrp being the only one, the chosen one im, not biased, like that. I always think that theres enough money for a lot of these dlt technologies in the space to really kind of eat, because a lot of them do provide a lot more value than just you know on demand liquidity. But i do think that this is ripples pretty much golden gate bridge. I think that this is the major point for ripple and xrp value to really increase greatly, so i think that thats great um, but, of course, in terms of growth and scale in 2021, we do see massive growth uh quarter over quarter heroes. You guys do see even going back as far as you know, july 2021, to now you know its been skyrocketing in use in terms of odl volume, so this is huge and when were talking about on demand liquidity, you know they basically have to utilize xrp.

In that instance, especially on demand liquidity, so i think that this is great to see, because this is also great for xrp, and i know exactly what the question is gon na be in the comments why hasnt xrp skyrocketed during this entire time? Well, you know to simply put the question to you know answer you know what kind of market are we in right now? Are we in a utility market or are we in a bitcoin market, because right now, bitcoin still has almost 40 dominance. So you know were not in a utility driven market just yet thats. Why a lot of people still think you know that crypto itself, you know as a pyramid scheme or something like theyre like xrp isnt, going up in value, even though its being utilized all the time so whats the case right, but in general we do see that Answered here as well, you know for added flexibility. Odl customers today can choose to send xrp for crossover payments directly through a crypto wallet or through a local crypto exchange. So just so, you all understand they do not need to utilize xrp. The reason why they are going to utilize xrp is first off. We see, while customers are free to source xrp through third parties. More are choosing to source x or p on demand directly from ripple, resulting in more flexibility and choice, while reducing friction in the payment flow, so xrp is actually offering them a lot better efficiency in terms of cross border payments.

Of course. Yes, they do have the choice im just going to be 100. You know clear on that and transparent, but when were talking about the choice between utilizing, xrp or just doing cross border payments in direct on on demand, liquidity xrp is offering them a lot better rates. A lot faster settlement time and, of course, a lot better scalability, so its a no brainer situation. If youre a corporate you know office, maybe a financial institution, whatever the case may be, and you want to save as much money as possible. Guess what youre youre utilizing x, r p? So in general i think that this is great and of course, debunking incentives. This is odl volume, uh incentives cost, so the cost has gone down drastically in just one year alone, as you guys do see here, uh. It has decreased over 90 since 2019, so thats awesome. Also. I do see them. You know talking more so about managing fx nostro accounts, thats, actually pretty cool, because we do see here on demand. Liquidity means more capital to scale core business operations and less time focused on managing fx, inaudible accounts and, of course they are talking about. Extending a line of credit gives customers access to capital instantly as well. That line of credit is something to definitely look forward to also we are seeing. You know right now were really kind of looking for more deployment more adoption. We even see here you know um.

In quarter three, we announced our first wdl deployment in japan and sbi, and earlier this week, our first audio deployment in the middle east, looking ahead, were also exploring new solutions to more easily enable bringing the benefits of odl to our customers in the us, and i Think that this is funny in terms of a quote because in the us were seeing innovation being stifled greatly, so who knows what is up their sleeve im very excited for that? Also, we do see here march 2021, the world bank released a report regarding the interledger protocol, which acts as a bridge, slash gateway between the xrp ledger and ethereum. Intellectual was developed by stefan thomas former ripple, cto and mini mentor to vitilik and of course we do see this massive gateway between xrp and you know ethereum, as you guys do see in terms of the intelligent protocol, and of course we do see here. You know the interledger project working team claims to create an internet of value. This is a very promising for the payment domain. The interledger team already developed several settlement, uh engines for different types of non crypto payments such as paypal and mobile money. So this is pretty big and, of course, the world bank on the test of the interledger protocol under the heading working group investigations and lessons learn the world bank. Pretty much says it enables the exchange of value across different payment networks. Using interledge of the xrp can be sent to someone who wants to receive ethereum or usd, and of course, of course this is like vice versa.

I mean this is a massive bridge currency in general, so this is awesome to see and, of course we do here, it enables the exchange. You know, blah blah you know can be sent to someone who wants to receive euro interledger roots packets of value. In the same way as the internet roots, packets of information – and we do see the examples down here, uh so in my mind you know when were talking about the inter ledger protocol like thats, a huge you know, update, you can even see the interledger protocol being Utilized even on um uphold, so i think that thats awesome also just so. You guys know uh world economic forum talking all about cryptocurrencies back in september 2021. I just want you to all realize that ripple is so much bigger than what people are actually really seeing. I i see the question come up all the time you know if xrp and ripple is so great, why are they in an sec lawsuit whats going on with that? You know its never going to amount to anything because of the sec lawsuit first off. Just understand that brad garthinghouse, which is the ceo of ripple, is literally a co author of guess what an article written about crypto regulations and crypto adoption in general. We even see her navigating cryptocurrency regulation, an industry perspective on the insights and tools needed to shape balance. Crypto regulation i mean listen ripple – is literally bringing regulations into this space.

I think that this sec, you know case, was a huge plan along the entire way. I think a lot of individuals who are getting shaken out right now will definitely miss out on some life changing gains, but also, i do believe that this was all one massive stage set to bring regulations to a space that is much needed them for a very Long time now and im sure, a lot of individuals will also agree with me on that. I think that regulations are a good thing. Ive always said this. I think that it allows a lot more recognition in this space. I think that it allows a lot more adoption and acceptance as well and im very excited to be in an asset. That, in my mind, is a clear winner because we see the ceos working with some very high tier names and their names are literally on the world economic forum. You know this is a huge pdf file on regulations in general, so understand what you hold now. I do also want to talk to you guys a little bit about this, so ive talked to you guys a little bit about this overall update. Now this is coming from im sure you guys are all aware of this exploring tokenized assets. You know collaborative innovation in action. We already know that this is going to be happening in quarter one of 2022, so its going to be happening. You know in this month next month and so forth, um.

But of course you know, theyre talking about volumes could reach. You know some of 24 trillion dollars by 2027.. Weve talked about this now the interesting thing about you know this overall major update right first off theyre, talking more so about clear stream, northern trust settle and other industry participants are exploring the feasibility and benefits of swift. As an interconnector talking about cbdcs talking about pretty much, you know swift being so good in my mind, theres so much better out there than swift, and i do believe that that market, you know, will pretty much be noticed and that market is crypto once regulations are Here now in terms of tokenization, i look at you know some things in the past, specifically this article. So here are some of the reasons why the market is shifting towards tokenization. I do believe that tokenization is going to be huge for crypto, but this is pretty much all of the benefits here. Im not going to read it. You guys, could you know, pause the video, real, quick and read this? I just want you guys to understand the benefits behind it and if you guys did pause it and there you guys have it. I want you to understand what can be tokenized ive always said that everything will be tokenized. Physical goods, private equity shares commodities real estate. There is so much out there that has still left to be even touched by tokenization, and i believe that this is going to really spark up in 2022.

I think that were going to see the the match being lit and i think that its going to spread like a wildfire throughout these many massive markets, especially real estate. We know that that is a huge global market were talking about a hundred a trillion dollars, plus its huge so definitely pay attention to tokenization, especially on the xrp ledger, because i dont know if you guys knew this, but listen closely to this video hi, stable coins Or other forms of value, anything from us dollars to euros, gold stocks and other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or ethereum, and even non fungible tokens that might represent valuable items like pieces of art or cinema tickets. Tokens are often called issued, assets or ious on the xrp ledger. This terminology comes from the fact that these assets do not physically live on the ledger. The iou represents those items of value outside the ledger, its. What somebody will owe the holder of the token. So if a token is issued on the ledger, that represents say a piece of art, the person who acquires that token is then owed the art, thats represented and any token on. The ledger, including tokens for art, fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies and more can all be traded directly. On the decentralized exchange or decks which we cover in depth in another episode, anybody can create a token on the ledger and they dont need a smart contract to do so. Its a native function built into the xrp, ledger its also fairly simple to tokenize an asset.

It only takes a few lines of code or the use of a web interface that walks the creator through the process, step by step, to learn more about the fundamentals of the xrp ledger. Please watch the and the the reason why i bring this up is because we do see xrp ledger tokenization. This includes stable coins or other forms of value, anything from us dollars to euros, gold stocks and other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or ethereum, and even non fungible tokens. And of course, we do see that laid out down here. Uh, you guys can go check out this video thanks bank xrp for this um. The reason why i bring this up is because, when were talking about you know pretty much everyday life were talking like first off take into accountability the stock market. Okay. How long do you honestly believe the stock markets going to be around before it becomes digital? In my mind when were talking about you know the stock market being fully tokenized, you know were pretty much already there. You know you could buy stocks digitally. You could pretty much trade stocks digitally when were talking about tokenization. I think its going to revolutionize a lot of these major asset classes, specifically even stocks as well. I think a lot of businesses a lot of companies. You know, i think almost every day life will be affected fully by tokenization. I think that thats exactly why swift has seen such massive numbers for tokenization by already 2027 and in fact i think that these estimates are actually a little bit.

You know, conservative. I think that 24 trillion dollars by 2027 is very conservative. I honestly see tokenization already flowing into many of these markets. We know real estate, we talked about a few real estate, tokenization use cases on hedera. You know we also see commodities. You know we see tokenization moving very closely into the commodities era. We even know securities are being tokenized on a day to day basis, especially with lcx and stuff like that, and of course, private equity shares physical goods, which we know physical goods are being tokenized on a day to day basis as well on hedera and many other. You know assets in the space im very excited for tokenization, because not only are we focused on, you know, ripple xrp payment. You know volume like yeah on demand, liquidity line of credit. You know payments in general, thats huge its great, but what about tokenization? Okay? What about digitization of almost everyday life were talking about tokenizing, you know, rolexs tokenizing, you know rings. Tokenizing jewelry in general, were talking about tokenization of nearly every single piece of life. I think that this is so big. Let me know what you guys think down in the comments below, but i do believe that things are. You know unfolding rapidly between regulations between ripple. I think that ripple is a clear cut and dry winner um. I im very excited for the future and im actually very excited you know short term and even long term, uh for xrp and even ripple.

So let me know what you guys think down in the comments below. Of course, i hope that you all enjoyed this video. If you guys did definitely leave a like subscribe to notifications on, if you guys want more free content, you guys are more than welcome to follow me on twitter and join us for discord down in the description below, as always update.