It is my mission to empower you to find financial freedom through crypto assets. If that sounds good hit. The subscribe button also dont forget to hit the bell for a notification guys. We got another big video for you guys tonight, so weird, all of a sudden just news everywhere after weeks of absolutely nothing lets start with the markets bitcoin coming in 42, 638. Quite a tumble today, uh ethereum at 3200 mining, its coin 478 solana, 146 cardano 124 and xrp 77 cents biggest movers of the day. We have secret and near both have been pumping over the last couple of weeks, um or the last couple of months doing well. 10.8 and fourteen point three percent, respectively monero doge and phantom and harmony all over five percent gains. Just a quick look at the chart here. This is the daily chart for bitcoin um. Nothing super sexy to show you guys were still right in the middle of this range. We talked about on the live stream this morning, um. You know the last time we bounced off of the support line. We got a little more uh oomph. If you will, uh today were having a drawback, a retracement um. We want this to look more like this and get up here and break out so well see what it does um, but guys. We got so much big news going on right now. First xrp army, where are you at if you are in the xrp army, make sure to throw up the x and, like this video huge judge, says ripple, can access emails about sec, ethereum speech now this is a speech from william hinman im going to show you How the sdz shot themselves in the foot here, william hitman, said that bitcoin and ethereum are not securities.

He used to work for the sec. He was, commissioner, i believe, or whatever his job was um and what he said is that these are pretty much. You know good to go and flourish now. Sec has now said that xrp is a security. That is, of course their accusation, and the question is what did ethereum have that xrp didnt have, in their token sale really? The strongest argument is ethereum. Just had more time to advance than ripple did so it got more decentralized thats what they say. However, the sec said that william henmans uh, you know views are his personal views and thats not actually the sec position. The bitcoin and ethereum are not securities. Okay, so judge netburn in the case said: oh, so you believe that that is his personal opinion and these emails regarding the speech construct a personal opinion, not an sec opinion. Well, you cant protect that theres no precedent for protecting a personal opinion. So now ripple is going to get access to all the emails that went around in the days previous to that statement. That could show the sec reasoning and logic on why that william hinman believed ethereum should not be a security. This could be a devastating blow to the case for the sec uh payments giant block to build open source. Bitcoin mining system rather fly through these stories, but theyre very important. Uh jack dorsey behind block, formerly square hes good hes, getting into bitcoin mining.

They are officially building um a bitcoin mining system now whats important about this jack dorsey was just on the record saying web 3 sucks and its all vc money you starting to figure out its because hes so into bitcoin cash, app and square their number one money Maker was bitcoin now hes getting into bitcoin mining. He doesnt want anything else to succeed because it affects his pocketbook. We got mark cuban here saying that 80 of his investments are in crypto. He said this with jon stewart on a podcast today, and he says that you know people right now should really be looking at. This asset class is similar to the internet in 1995. Gives me chills um now, keep in mind. We were bullish on bitcoin back when mark cuban was saying: bitcoin was as good as bananas. Speaking of bananas, china launching a state backed crypto list, nft platform heres. Why it matters. Basically, they are saying you can trade, these digital collectibles, but there wont be price speculation because its not going to be decentralized its not going to be peer to peer its almost like when you get your kid, a phone, but you dont connect it to the internet. So youre like oh yeah, you got a phone, but they dont have the full access and capabilities thats. What china is doing it to its citizens and no surprise that nfts, which enable digital ownership would get tried, would be shut down by china creating and a centralized alternative, because, of course, china wants their people to have zero ownership.

So it makes sense all right.