He clearly knows a thing or two about making money. Now, back in 2017, jordan was actually against bitcoin and crypto, as he compared it to something like penny stocks, which also promised huge returns, but without anything, really substantial behind it. However, recently jordan gave a presentation called from bearish to bullish and hes, yet another finance expert. That has done a. U turn on crypto, so in this video well be looking at from bear to bull what changed for the wolf of wall street, and why is he now saying fortunes will be made. He then explains about the big money coming into the crypto market, which will explode prices higher and then well finish up with the wolf of wall streets advice to all investors, as always, if you do enjoy anything in the video, then drop a like always appreciated. Okay, so the wolf of wall street himself, multi, millionaire jordan belfort used to be a crypto bear, but now hes a raging crypto bull. So what exactly changed ready lets? Do this from bearish to bullish on blockchain and bitcoin right, meaning that i used to hate it and now i love it and think its got a huge future and going higher just to understand. I. I really believe – and i say this from the bottom of my heart and after im done making my case about blockchain. I think youll see why i feel this way. But i really believe that for people who are looking to become massively successful, that being in the blockchain space is probably one of the best routes, one of the best vehicles to get there its, not the only vehicle.

But certainly i believe that fortunes will be made and that you know when you get into a certain industry or a certain sector, you can either get into an industry that has what we call headwinds where youre like fighting against the tide, or it gives you tailwinds Everything is going in your direction, youre in an expanding market kind of you know, the general wave is going in the same direction that youre swimming, and i will tell you, in my experience in life id much rather be in an industry where i have tailwinds than When you have headwinds its like the last guy, you want to be, is the person you know, selling horse and buggies in 1900, when they just invented the automobile and in some level where we are right now with blockchain is very much like that. You know you dont really see it happen that often in human history, when an entire industry is being created, and in this case the financial industry is being recreated in a way that allows people no matter where they are in the world to participate in a banking System so he mentions about being in an industry that has tailwinds as opposed to headwinds and coming from a marketing background myself. I can attest to that. My job was to grow the sales of the businesses that i work for and whenever i was in a business where the market itself was growing, it was so much easier.

You could grow 10 to 20 percent, and all you had to do was just be there and on the flip side, when youre in a shrinking market, its really difficult to grow the business and make money and remember, crypto is currently growing faster than the internet did. So we have the major benefit of tailwinds. He says fortunes will be made and its not common that an entire industry is being recreated in a brand new way, referring to, of course, finance. Okay. Moving on, he now tells a great story about what used to be a safe haven. Offshore bank accounts in switzerland, and this then leads us on to the big money coming into crypto. So back in 2016, this was a few years after switzerland had just given up all of its investors that had won secret accounts today, because the u.s had put so much pressure on switzerland. Because – and i went listen, you know i went to jail, not for stocks. I went to jail for money laundering for smuggling money to switzerland. You remember the movie all the money thats, what i went to jail for so im saying to myself how on earth why on earth would the united states of america allow something like this to take hold when they spent the last 20 years, putting pressure on switzerland And they finally got it to the point now, where you cant even open up an account in switzerland, if youre u.

s citizen they finally sort of won the war and what theyre just going to back off and allow bitcoin to take over it. So you could so from my perspective, like its not its impossible now in truth to this day, i still dont understand why, but they didnt do anything and its too late, and i i really believe theyre not going to at this point. I believe – and i very strongly believe that the chances of the us becoming a negative factor in bitcoin are close: theyre, not zero, but theyre close to zero. Do i think theyre going to try to regulate blockchain and crypto? Yes, and i think thats a great thing and for anyone that really knows the financial markets. Well, what you can do is look back in history. Every time the government regulates something an asset, it doesnt go down in value. It goes up massively in value case. In point, when i was first getting down to wall street in the late 80s, it was junk bombs and when junk bonds finally became regular, it was like, ah thats it its over the partys over the governments regulating job on sell. You guess what happened. The market went up a hundred fold a hundred fold. Why? Because, once the regulations are in place, institutional money will pour into an asset class right now the amount of institutional money yeah theyve started to adopt, but its nothing. When institutional money really starts to pour into bitcoin – and i believe they will because theyre going to have to once, regulations are in place, theyre going to have to they almost have a fiduciary responsibility to at least have some small portion in bitcoin and that small portion Shouldnt be enough to move the market dramatically higher, so he said the u.

s has just spent the last 10 years. Closing the loophole of offshore bank accounts in switzerland. So why would the us suddenly let people move money all across the world via bitcoin, and that was why he was a crypto bear anyway. Over the last few years, the us has decided to do absolutely nothing and now he says its too late, and he said we do not have to fear regulation, because if you look back in history every time the us has regulated something its always been beneficial to The price – and he mentioned about when junk bonds were first getting regulated. Everybody was saying: okay, junk bonds is now over, junk bonds are dead and what happened? The market 100 x, 100 x, nice, okay, and to finish up the wolf of wall street, now says where he thinks the market is headed and gives advice to investors. My journey from being a bear to a bull was really more about bitcoin and if you want to know where i think bitcoin is going right now, i think its going higher, but i think it might go lower first too, and i dont. I hope it goes lower like for me. I i i pray. I wake up in the morning and pray that bitcoin goes to ten thousand. You know why, because im going to take almost every dollar, i have and buy it because i missed out the last time. Okay, i missed out, i dont marry, but every dollar, but also i make a lot of money each week.

So i can afford to replace my losses, but, figuratively speaking, i would urge you to really start looking at this stuff and within your own limits, starting very small, its time to accept that this is going to be the 21st century. Its going to be on the blockchain sooner rather than later, all these big institutions are going to embrace it fully once more laws are passed and thats going to create the most bullish use case of all, which means massive adoption across the world in countries that were Formally unbanked or under banked or did not have stable currencies youre going to see massive benefits to them and for all of you in first world countries. Most of you are virtually all of you. You can use this as a great way to diversify your portfolios. Protect your assets against inflation and generally secure the lives of yourselves, your family, your communities, people that you love, i believe, its an amazing asset for that multi, millionaire jordan, belfort known as the wolf of wall street, has done a u turn and is now a raging. Crypto bull, he says its now too late for the us to stop crypto and when regulation comes in its going to be explosive for the crypto market. Regulation gives institutions the green light to begin allocating and when they do, he believes it will send the market to new all time highs. He recommends to start small and within your own limits, but he says its time to recognize that the future will be on the blockchain and that crypto is a great way to diversify your portfolio, protect against inflation and secure the lives for yourself and your families.

So there you are guys hope you enjoyed yet another crypto bull joining the party.