My name is jordan, and this is the that martini guy channel. Welcome back. If you are already subscribed and if youre not subscribed, please slap that like button and subscribe were trying to get as many likes on every single video as possible. Todays light goal is 2 000 likes lets, get it. I dont think its possible at all, but we can at least try cant we uh youtube. Algorithm has not been favoring the channel for a long time now, so were trying to fix that by uploading every day and being a good boy anyway, in todays video were going to be discussing, the price of bitcoin were going to be analyzing. It were going to be looking at the todays cryptocurrency news and, of course, checking up on the altcoin portfolio challenge as well as looking at a bunch of other things to do with cryptocurrency, and if that does tickle your pickle, please do like a like on todays Video make sure you are subscribed to the channel turn on channel notifications and lets crack yall right. So starting out, todays video by looking at bitcoins price bitcoin on the 15 minute chart has been darting around like crazy. The past 24 hours ever since i made yesterdays video it went down and up then down then up today. Bitcoin is actually up around one one and a half percent from the lows a few minutes ago, two and a half percent from the laws, but the only people losing money in a market like this are the people trading on more than 30x leverage, because theyre getting Panicked in and out of their positions and theyre getting bounced around, and i would encourage anybody right now, trading with very high leverage, just stop um its, not its, not a good way to make sustainable long term gains.

I use high leverage on the channel when im right and im very confident that ill continue to be right. I increase the size of my trade and use much higher leverage. I never open a position with high leverage, so i just want to point that out. So when it comes to bitcoins price right now, what are we looking at? Well, if we drop below this support level that currently sits at 46 900, that is very bad news for bitcoin bitcoin will likely drop again to the downside, and where will the drop stop in this particular case? Well, lets just move this support level, its pretty likely. The bitcoin would drop all the way down to around 46 000 if we lost that 46 900 level. However, to the upside, we can read the exact same thing into bitcoins price right now. The current price level of bitcoin to break to the upside is only like. We literally just got rejected from it. Forty seven thousand seven hundred dollars next time around itll be around forty seven thousand six hundred dollars. So if bitcoin can break above forty seven thousand six hundred dollars, it seems very likely at that point in time it will rise up to around forty eight thousand five hundred dollars. However, bitcoin analysis aside, what is going on in the overall cryptocurrency market? Why buying bitcoin directly is better than investing in crypto mining stocks based on this valuation model. Very interesting is this, because this is a story posted in market watch.

A very mainstream kind of media outlet that is currently saying look buying bitcoin is better than buying stocks, and this is a very good story to be seen, and i would say the fundamental reason and the answer to this whole article is, if you buy bitcoin, there Are no costs associated with ownership? There are no running costs, whereas with bitcoin mining stocks you can have hardware increasing in prices, you can have mining hardware breaking you can have struggles with electrical supply. You can have gas increasing in price for us pushing up your energy bills. It makes complete sense that actually just buying bitcoin is more sensible than buying any kind of stock associated with bitcoin, which is why currently im unwavering im, not changing my current positions open on bitcoin. If i show you all of my current open positions right now, weve got about 200 000 of profit on the board, its looking very, very nice right now i mean that, can all it can change like that. I mean we are using not a huge amount of leverage but a fairly good amount of leverage, but we are in a significant amount of profits, so that is quite forgivable at this point in time i would normally say: dont go near it, but the way that Im trading is different, hopefully in the way that youre trading, but, of course, if you are interested in trading, then youll find a link today in todays video description to buy bit where theyre currently offering up to 4 800 on your first deposit.

It will only work on todays video link in the description, but im also currently trading on primexpt again youll find a link for primexpt in todays video description use, code, tmg and youll get up to seven thousand dollars for free. When you make your first deposit, its. Basically, a seven percent addition to whatever you make your first deposit. So if you deposit a thousand dollars, you get 70 for absolutely free now. One thing that has changed over the course of the past 24 hours has been bitcoins funding rate. The funding rate for bitcoin was quite negative in yesterdays video. It showed that there was still a lot of short positions open on bitcoin. However, a lot of those short positions right now are closing, with only three exchanges having negative funding rates. However, one of those is ftx an ftx well for some reason, everyone fdx is sure i dont personally understand it, but you never know they might be right. Ultimately, binance is the exchange on here that i pay the most attention to and currently binance is long. Uh binance tends to be the most correct out of all of them. You can see if we scroll back through the history here. Finance tends to be more right than wrong in most cases here, with finance being pretty much long throughout the course of the past few weeks now finance has been a mostly long exchange and the traders on there have been mostly correct.

So when coming back to bitcoins price right now and analyzing on a more macro time frame like the five minutes from my perspective, as long as we hold these levels here at 46 900, which i feel is quite likely, i feel like a break to the upside – Is more likely than a break to the downside, given the current fundamental place, the bitcoin sits in, i feel like it keeps trying to wick people out of their trades. I feel like it keeps trying to scare people out of the trades, because its been a while since bitcoin has been this high in price. But of course this all has a huge knock on effect on the old coin market, like not even a small effect. A huge knock on effect, look at the old coin market. Today. This is bitcoin dominance. Bitcoin dominance has been dropping pretty severely today. Actually, the old coin market has been making some significant gains, which is why were going to check up on the altcoin portfolio? Channel challenge? Sorry in just a second, if you look at what bitcoin was doing, i pointed out in yesterdays video. We had this textbook bear flag situation now. A bear flag situation basically is a stick down followed by kind of pen and flagging upwards and then dropping to the downside. Again now weve dropped to the downside again on bitcoin dominance. Bitcoin dominance is clearly bearish. This is very bullish for the all coin space.

So lets not waste any more time and go straight over to all coins whereby one of the old coins that we purchased in the old coin portfolio trading channel a challenge. I keep saying channel challenge. One of the old coins is daffy and that altcoin is doing really well right now were above 100 in profit on daffy. In fact, if we go over to the challenge portfolio right now and hit refresh to see how we are getting along, you can see that, since we bought into daffy were 137 in profit, and not only that were making money from staking daffy at the same time. So were getting paid, one thousand daffy pretty much every single day for just holding daffy, and i was taking that i want to point out through daffys, staking v2, not v1. V2 v2 is paying around 500 interest, meaning that every two months you get to double your account essentially and not only that its compound interest. So as long as you take your interest out and then put it back in, you can keep cycling around making compound interest and multiply your balance of daffy significantly. However, scrolling through here not a single im, really proud of this by the way really really proud of this, you dont know how difficult it is, on my end, to keep picking winners, its really difficult. I have one or two in mind for the next old coin: video theyre, looking pretty good right now and im just kind of making my minds about.

I kind of a short list of the next five im, just kind of making my minds up right now as to which ones, i think are gon na perform best. So tomorrow, youll see another old coin challenge video so again make sure you are subscribed to the channel because it tends to be that soon. As i announce what coin it is, everyone goes and buys it. So just subscribe turn on notifications very, very important. You have notifications on because, as soon as i post those videos, you want to watch it right away its very important that you do, but anyway, since starting this challenge now were up about 55 60 in total yeah sixty percent. Actually, we started ten thousand dollars. Currently, sixteen thousand dollars profit so were up sixty percent very nice profit. Hopefully we can continue this trend because, even though today has not necessarily been a bullish day, our portfolio is up. In fact, one of the top performers today has been three were talking. If we look at the 24 hour column and sort by top gainers today, you can see that three were talking again. 15.8 percent. As i said in the pre, like one of the previous old coin challenge videos, look theyve got a lot of things coming up this week and theyre just starting to announce them – and i pointed this all out in the altcoin challenge, video and now 15 21.65. Up on our investment, its gone up 15.

8 percent today, if we scroll down today, our worst coin today has been ajah mo currently down 10 for the day, but since we invested its been up 15 overall, so thats great and another coin thats down today, oh you Can see whats down today to be honest things arent going down that rapidly and im pretty pleased with that its been a mostly balanced day, but there is a big reshuffle coming to the old coin challenge portfolio im going to sell some of the coins entirely, not Because i think they wont continue to go up, because i need to free up some liquidity in order to keep buying more coins. I have to take profits on some of the ones that are doing well in order to cycle them into ones that are doing badly. So that those ones are doing badly start doing well again, because we buy the bottoms and were doing a really good job of buying all the problems. One thing i did want to point out in todays video about one of the coins that we are invested in, which is katana katana, is kind of trading at three dollars: 25 cents. Look at this chart this chart couldnt, possibly get any lower. It is doing absolutely abysmal in terms of its price performance, but for me that makes it very attractive with like the recent highs for daffy being around 12. Thats puts it at a 4x from where it is, and the old time highs for daffy putting it around a 10x from where it is now so.

For me, i think that with the market changing with everything heading towards a more decentralized landscape and the fact that you can place limited market orders on all the different platforms like binance chain, like uh polygon anywhere, where there is a dex listed, you can place an Order on that dex, because what katana is is its a dex aggregator, allowing you to basically pick the best place and have the most liquidity on buying any old coin on earth. I think this platform is going to gain adoption over the course of the next few months, and thus i expect the coins price to increase. If you look at when investing in really small capped cryptocurrencies, how typically well it has gone, i mean their market cap right now is currently sitting at 6.7 million dollars. It is a tiny bean of a project in, from my perspective, can only grow because it is so in the toilet. It cant get any deeper into the toilet, its already been flushed its already in the sewer its already covered in brown, its not getting any worse. I mean it probably can get worse, but you know theres somebody who, as somebody thats, been holding onto this coin, since it was twenty dollars a coin um yeah, i genuinely dont think from a long term, investors perspective. It can get much worse than this. I know people like me are not selling right now i was an early investor into katana.

Dont get me wrong. My initial investment is probably around break even right now, but i held all the way up all the way back down again and right now. I think that were on the cusp of something major happening being that i know that theyre trying to basically market the product a little bit more so now back over to bitcoins price, where the price of bitcoin is dropping, it im im skeptical, i dont think its Gon na break – but i know i know you shouldnt say those things on videos, uncertainties but im skeptical that itll break below forty six thousand nine hundred. If it does break below five six thousand nine hundred, i will probably close all of, but now going back over to the current price of bitcoin. It just had another attempt at forty six thousand nine hundred dollars. I am skeptical that we break below forty. Six thousand. Nine hundred dollars, if we do end up breaking below forty six thousand nine hundred dollars, i will probably close some of my positions right now and then look to short and ill be shorting on primex bt. The reason ill be shorting on primaxpt is sometimes its better to hedge, your positions on a different exchange and, if youre hedging a position. Basically it stops you from losing money and neutralizes what you already have on the board, meaning that on one position, youll lose money. But on the other, one youll make money to the same amount that youre losing money, and this is a way that i can stop myself losing money in the past, basically by neutralizing myself, by taking the exact opposite position to what i have currently open.

So dont forget check out primax bt youll find a link for that in todays video description, but overall guys what all coins do. You think i should be adding to the challenge, because i have a good few in mind. Honestly, ive got a good few in mind, but im always welcome to take suggestions, and i do always read the comments of the comment section.