Um interesting people that were speaking, but what i like about events, is you get to meet a lot of people that are like minded people that believe in crypto people that love crypto people that are building on top of it, and at least for today i met A lot of people, but from the speakers that were there i mean you had charles hoskinson of cardano, as you all know about what cardano is doing, and he said something very interesting that, in my opinion, was was very very profound. He said that if youre in crypto, just because you want to make a quick flip or you want to make money, it will be very very, very hard because i believe in that i always say this – that money earning is just a by product of the amount Of effort that you put in what youve built and how much value you add to the marketplace, when people talk about cryptocurrencies, they would always see it in a way that okay, theres a possibility for this to have large moves up. People always talk about bumps people always talk about exponential moves when it comes to different tokens and coins. But in reality not a lot of tokens and points. You do well a lot flop. A lot dont go anywhere. A lot – maybe 10 15 years from now might even go to zero, its the ones that are amazing, its the ones that have put a lot of work.

That are the ones that will somehow some way the ones that are making a difference in this world and changing the world for the better are the ones that will actually stay. The reason why im saying this is when you analyze tokens when you analyze coins dont, just look at it as something that whats the one that will possibly go up, but look at it. What is it changing? Whats, the utility that it actually has, because in its utility, in what it does and how it changes the world and how it makes the world a better place, thats, where the value of it gets unlocked over the long term. What i wanted to share also for the second part of this video, is that i had the ability, also right after his talk right after the forum to talk to one of the co founders of polygon and matic, sandeep, naiwal and whats. Interesting about that is backstage. So there were people there, we had the chance to take pictures, but when it was my shot already, i asked him one question and i asked him for people who are interested or for people who are new to the space or for people who want to learn More about crypto, what would be your words of wisdom for them and i would have expected it to say a lot of interesting things. I would have expected him to see a lot of nice things profound things, but he said something very distinct.

He said dont just study, crypto live it. My mentality over the past year, when it comes to crypto, has totally changed as well. Ive mentioned similar to what i talked about with charles hoskinson. I dont see crypto as a flip. Of course it can go up. Of course it can push up, but i see crypto as freedom i see. Crypto is something that people can build on top of that theres. So much that could be done its something that you live and breathe every single day, its something that you push forward to its something that you learn and whats nice about that is cryptos. So new theres, a lot of development that will go on theres. A lot of things that will possibly happen, theres a lot of things that over the next few years will evolve and when you live it, when it becomes a part of your very being your life, it becomes a part of how you do things. Then it becomes revolutionary heres. Another quote that i heard over the years being precedes doing that in my life right now, im not doing crypto as something that i need to do. I do it because its something that i wanted its something that i want to learn being here in dubai, attending and also mimicking what ive learned and sharing it with all of you. Those are all amazing things. Those are all incredible. Those are stuff that its not just something that i would learn from or for personal growth as well, but these are things that take a lot of effort to do.

These are things where you have to sacrifice also your time. You have to sacrifice also a lot of things to be able to be here, im gon na, be in this for the long term. This will be something that will be part of not just me. Looking at its an asset class or an investment but its something that i can build towards, because i really believe that theres so much foundation theres. So much that will go on over the next few years and uh crypto will be part and parcel of everything, and people have been changing the narrative already its not just any more crypto its web 3 and when people package it that way from web 2 to Web3 and also the metaverse, then it becomes digestible. Then it becomes palatable. Then it becomes something that a lot of people get to understand more. What im saying to all of you is, i guess, to sum this all up its not getting rich, quick, its, not something that you do overnight its something that you learn, something that you get better on its something that you build over and over and over and Its something that every single day you devote your life to learning, because, as you start learning and also executing and being part of what it is, it allows you to be part of an ecosystem, thats bigger than me. One of the reasons why im double downing on this is that for my kids for my childrens children, that when we look back at this, i want to say that i wasnt just a spectator when all of this happened.

I wasnt just an investor, but i was part of it. I was right smack in the middle of one of the greatest technological movements that weve ever seen happen right in front of her very eyes, and i want to be part of it and thats. What the exciting thing towards it so catch this over the next few days, im just going to share, give more and more of the things that ive learned here, and i do hope that this gives you value. I do hope that this is something that will empower you as well, uh, wherever you may be in life and if youre not yet into crypto, start studying start to build a foundation if youre into crypto start building and start growing in it as well. So if you want to know more about it, ill put links in the description below our investment 101 marketplace, the videos that ive made and if you want to open an account or at least want to start buying crypto check out binance its one of the largest Crypto exchanges in the world so thats it for now this is marvin grimo from dubai trade.