Weve seen everything going on with russia and ukraine really promote decentralized finance, moving people away from traditional banking weve seen major companies start investing heavily into d5 as well. In todays video. I wanted to talk about one project in particular, that is solely focused on building a dedicated blockchain, specifically for decentralized finance. The project is called d5 chain its around to the number 200 crypto in terms of market cap right around a billion dollars. So it is by no means a small project, it is actually fairly large and their ecosystem is very expensive. So i want to talk about everything from their dexes to decentralized wrapping of tokens to stock tokens and everything else that there is on their platform. So lets start off with that. First thing is, d5chain, is symbol is dfi right now, its trading around 3.65 cents per coin and since the beginning of 2022, it has been relatively flat up slightly over the la for like year to date. But the important thing about this project is exactly what they do: theyre trying to solve some of the biggest problems with financial services and that have become increasingly obvious over the last six to 12 months, especially with rising tensions in russia and ukraine, and as more people Push into crypto the first is that theyre trying to solve compounded costs due to middlemen, slow transactions, delays for cross border transactions and in accessibility to many sectors of the population. If you look at their website right here, you can see they have a number of different products and services that they offer.

The first is going to be their decentralized trading exchange their decks. You can see that they have liquidity mining for up to 100 returns, decentralized, swapping arbitrage more. You can see everything on their platform. They even have an ios app and they have something for mobile as well, so they have mobile and desktop apps that you can use for their decks. Second thing is going to be liquidity: mining um with liquidity mining. You could see, it says, earn more with liquidity. Mining liquidity, mine for incredibly high yields with the app you can see. This is the dashboard for desktop version right here: supply liquidity to btc, eth, usdt and many other pool pairs to power. Their decentralized exchange moving on lets talk a little bit about staking decentralized loans and synthetic stocks, because one of the things that i find very exciting about this platform is synthetic stocks. One thing about synthetic stocks is what they actually are. So a synthetic synthetic stock is a token on blockchain that reflects the value of the stock, its not tied to the company. You dont get access to dividends, but the cool thing about this is that it is completely decentralized its a way to get like exposure to lets, say tesla or any stock. You want but completely decentralized, and you can see they talk a little bit about it on their website. We could go more into that in a minute so with the uh synthetic stocks um, the thing that they are trying to build is that, in order for stocks to be truly decentralized, they must not be created or distributed solely by the company.

They must be created by the users and like investors in the project themselves. So the way it works is um. In order to give this self created stock token, a value um other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum or stable coins must be deposited beforehand and once they are deposited, then the this transfers, the purchasing power or value of the deposited tokens to the synthetic stock and ill Put all the links down below so you can see about that. They talk about asset tokenization and everything all the other features of their platform. Last couple things i want to talk about is going to be why someone would want to buy like some of these synthetic stock tokens, because this is something that i think is one of the most exciting aspects of d5 chain. One reason that you would want to buy a synthetic stock token like a token that mimics the price of like the token for tesla stock, would be that um theres much higher returns for providing liquidity to these different synthetic stock tokens you get very attractive returns. You can see it talks a little bit about how um you look at different pools on d5 chain. You can see that you can get around 50 to 60 percent apr um of the btc to d5 liquidity pool. You see that right here, btc dfi, 60.8 percent. East to dfi 52.5: you can see all these other ones, tesla tsla to dusd 97.

9 apr, and you can see all of these not only for stock tokens like gme, tesla, google and alibaba, but also just for providing liquidity um in terms of like d5. Last couple things i want to talk about is going to be some big announcements that have come out recently. The first is going to be with their decks. You can see that their decks has recently been listed on coin gecko, and you can see it has over 25 million dollars in 24 hour trading volume. You can see it lists all of their different trading pairs on coin gecko, and this is a pretty big deal. You can see on twitter, they talk about how their token for tesla and amazon and apple are now all listed on. The coin get go and you could track everything right here. So, in my opinion, this is pretty cool because you can invest in the stock market. Um not like directly, but you can get exposure to tokenized stocks without actually having to transfer money to a traditional um stock brokerage account you could just use it with your crypto. So this is something that is pretty cool in my opinion, and the last thing is going to be the benefits with d5 dfi token, some of the benefits of dfi coin. Their actual token is that current supplies right around 600 million uh. You can see that the foundation issued roughly 600 million dfi tokens on may 11. 2020 um.

You can see that current supply is right around right now, total dfi minted is 775 million out of 1.2 billion. Circulating supplies right around 502 million. So you know numbers have changed over time since that first um, since it first rolled out with 600 million in 2020, but some of the benefits of dfi coin and why weve seen it increase in value. As of recently, why its the number 200 ranked crypto right around there in terms of market cap is because of the benefits it offers so d5 coin utility. Some of the utility features of it is that you pay for transactions, smart contracts and other d5 activities on the entire d5 ecosystem, the d5 chain ecosystem. Second thing is: you can see theres staking nodes, loan, collaterals liquidity, pools, budget proposals and the custom tokens which we have talked about. So you can see everything right here is really that by simply acquiring d5 coins you can have benefits not only for their decks, but also through staking and providing liquidity. So anytime theres transactions on the platform um. You need to have this dfi native currency for d5chain. So theres a lot of exciting stuff about this platform. I would check out their native desktop app and also their ios and android app. If you are interested, but theyve been doing a lot in terms of tokenized stocks and also been doing a lot in terms of liquidity, um and making big moves and liquidity pools and big moves in terms of their decks so check out this project.

Let me know your thoughts i am invested in this ive been invested in it for a while, since about january 2022, so right around there, but want to wait a little bit to show you what is going on whats going on with coingecko and some big announcements That have come out with it.