What i think could be very, very bullish this year, um be im gon na stop waffling and get straight into todays video. If you guys see yeah today, im telling you guys all about bank now, as you guys can see here, boom bam bank, the little uh slogan at the front of the website. You guys probably wondering okay tommy. Why are you bringing me this video today why my bank interests me now its something a little bit different? What ive been looking at recently um? Obviously, the xerox pad uh ive, looked at xerox pad in the past um. Definitely something that i liked um and obviously with the xerox pad id uh rdo coming with bank as well and thats something im going to touch on as well in this video, but a little explanation right now, bank is a blockchain company that are set in sale On creating the next decentralized financial platform by bridging the gap between existing technologies with blockchain possibilities – and i also do at the end of this video um – have an interview with a couple of the guys from bank, which is very, very very you know, very, very cool. If you guys are interested in bank, then i definitely recommend you guys sticking all the way to the end of this video. So you guys are probably wondering okay, what does bank have to offer? So you guys can see here three years in the making. You know bank is not just a project.

Thats been whipped up overnight. Uh bank is a whole ecosystem, looking to really expand uh in the coming years. Um, you guys can see here. The global and cryptocurrency uh market are limited to financial options that are expensive and slow to use, leaving a huge market left untouched being short for better alternatives, thats what weve been stuck with until now? Obviously um you can see here, money, transfers, finance and trading debit cards um and marketplace obviously pay your own debit credit, a bank card or paid directly with a cryptocurrency wallet, so thats a touching on a few things that ill get more into detail in later. In the video, if you come down here, you can see um bank uh products. You can obviously uh see upcoming products with the products right now. Um you see right at the top. You got the bank decks uh. The bank staking the bank, dao and bank solutions. As well so just a few things that they already have uh ive released, you can see you can launch the app uh and check out the documents there im going to go into detail a little bit later in the video on them as well about the upcoming Products as well um, you see bank centralized exchange, um bank account. You see bank nft as well quarter quarter three 2022, so it will be an exclusive and limited portion of nfts for users to get their hands on which will have a different set of design characteristics for each specific nft.

The features will be between the lines of pre order of the upcoming debit cards. To no fees for trading, so then features could be very, very valuable in the future. Um. Depending on how bank go about things, you can see bank pay as well the payment gateway for fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, so theyre really helping bridge the gap between um. You know fiat currency and cryptocurrency, which is a very, very, very big thing that im im a fan of uh. You can see a bank merchant as well. Bank merchant is a fully fledged point of sale system to offer flexibility and easy scalability for any merchant to accept and start selling their products services in the world, both online and offline. So again, another product that you know is very, very, very bullish. In my opinion, you can see the bank chain a big big, big thing, um about bank here, and i do touch on the validators later in the interview as well. So if you guys are interested in becoming a validator thats, another thing id make sure you stick around, for you can see, obviously with a bank chain here, transactions enlightening speed and up to 10 000 transactions. A second very, very quick speeds, and we see validated as well on bank by running a bank chain, uh validator. You can see um, uh, obviously interoperable as well um sort of over a hundred assets cross chain. A very, very big thing that i um do think bank have, you know, really hit the net on the head with um.

You can see down here as well. Why bank? You know why? Why is banks so special? You know. Why should you check out bank um? Obviously guys its not financial advice always invested in this research, guys, especially obviously research im telling you guys about the project. So i like to investigate research, especially when was doing research guys, you guys can see here. One of our main beliefs is that every crypto coin token should have utility a lot of projects miss that part, but we dont bank uh. We used our platform to solve a real world problem and thats. What makes us different, as you can see, fiat user automatically buys bank and then bank, the user sends the board bank to the desired user. Um your users receive bank and can exchange to any theater or crypto. They prefer manually or automatically so its very, very, very friendly to people from the you know, fiat world crypto world and its really bridging that gap, as i mentioned earlier, which is something that im a big big fan of. Obviously, you can see it dates all the way back to 2019, where the idea was um created. You know the people behind the product are very, very, very enthusiastic about crypto um about obviously bridging the gap. I keep mentioning it, but the people behind the project are very passionate and thats. One thing you always want to see: you see 50k seed round. We succeeded with a 50k seed round and got some money start development of the platform in 2021.

Obviously, 2022. um weve got uh. You know huge marketing campaign on going um. You see all the things completed as well. Obviously i mentioned earlier bank decks. Uh bank dow bank stake in you see quarter two um youve got the bank centralized exchange bank chain ethereum virtual machine compatibility cross chain swap as well. Um bank swap bank yield bank account um. Then you go quarter three and were looking at the marketplace: um payment gateway bank shaw and quarter four bank merchant as well and then obviously in uh 2023, we got the final platform release um, which is obviously very, very, very, very cool. You see the team behind the products as well. I always mention in my videos i, like a very via you, know, very diverse team, a team that is very experienced in their individual segments of what theyre doing, and in this case i do feel like bank have a team of people um who, basically just all Know their desired roles. You know we talk about this, a lot on my channel, where we see maybe a team of two people for a project, its not great its, not a great look when, when im looking in terms of you know how professional um a project is the professionalism we See a team of two people on a project. It really does push me away a lot of the time um, but with what bank have here and they have a uh, you know they have a team of people uh all in their desired roles, helping um the company in in their individual ways.

I definitely do think that that will help them succeed, um moving on into the future, obviously as well um theres, a few frequently asked questions that i touch on later in the interview as well, obviously in terms of the xerox pad ido uh, the participation. Obviously, if you guys want to participate in this, you can head over to xerox pad very, very, very simply. Let me see, obviously, the cell bank um over here, which is very, very, very, very cool. If you guys didnt know about xerox pad already, i will be leaving the link down below in the description about my video uh over on xerox pad, i think, its a great great, great, great, great um platform um. You can see down here as well. Uh all the different um um pieces of information, the cell details, um and again i wanted to let you guys know that this is not financial advice. Always most of us do guys, im telling you guys about the projects that i like, so my guys lets see. Obviously, research investing in this candy and research, guys yeah. I want to show you a couple of the apps as well so already theyve got the bank stake in you guys to see now: um 500 ap. Why, 365 days, minimum 90 withdrawal fee um weve got omega as well omega stake in um. You got alpha staking as well and beta staking all the different apys and different lock in times, which is very, very, very cool.

In my opinion, obviously you got the bank decks as well um i touched on that briefly earlier earlier in the video um. You can obviously see lots of easy ways to exchange um over on the bank. Decks again, you guys should know the decentralized exchanges, but its very, very, very cool theyve got going on here and we got the bank dao as well, which is very, very, very cool and obviously, if youre interested in collaborations, um theyre always open to hearing what ideas You have, which i think again is very, very, very cool, so im here with the guys from bank now, and the first question i really have to ask is: what is bank for the viewers out there? Who may not know already what is bank? How would you guys describe it yeah, so uh bank is essentially a cryptocurrency digital platform which is trying to bridge the gap between you know traditional uh financial solutions with blockchains possibilities, uh in in really short terms, so were trying to be that platform for different uh Helmet solutions thats very, very nice. How would how would you say, youre different from other crypto projects in general, then, if you were to compare, if people were to compare you to another crypto project, what makes you stand out in particular, i would say, like the the biggest uh, the biggest difference between Us and other projects is that were actually first of all were a company, so i would call us like a crypto company uh, but also uh.

I would say something that stands out. Uh is the way that we build everything around our coin compared to a lot of our competitors where they build all these fancy. Centralized exchange launch pads stuff like that, but they we kind of forget that, like their own coin, is what its, what its about? 100 percent and just to add on to benjamin, i i think one of the like most unique things is that we have a really good good understanding of how the cryptocurrency market works and not only the cryptocurrency market. But you know the real world use. Cases of you know different things, so we have a good understanding on like whats the problem for people in third world countries. Why cant they access different assets or funds when sending money worldwide so were basically, you know, providing solutions to not only uh and have direct usage with cryptocurrency, basically but uh real world people as well, who perhaps havent even interfered with cryptocurrency before definitely yeah, so that That sort of leads me onto my next question as well, so a lot of projects have obviously tried making their own payment system before. Obviously, a lot of them have failed um, but what makes you different and what makes you think you know this is really a lot better than the others um out there. I mean if you take a look on the history. I think if we had a pretty good run in like 2017, if im not remembering wrong with all of these kind of payment solutions.

New this uh kind of systems – and our approach is rather that we dont want to you know, be the blockchain who rules them all or do the one blockchain, because we we really do believe that we can co exist with different companies, so were not trying to You know overtake different markets or whatever its just taking these kind of solutions and connecting them uh together and for my understanding and for our point of view its like. Why would we try to defeat a market when we can join the market and join forces? You know providing solutions not only for cryptocurrency payments, but also for fiat settlements, so people can buy with debit cards or send fiat currencies instantaneously, yeah, so basically its nice uh easily accessible for everyone. Is there anything you wanted to add to there um but yeah yeah? Please so i would say, and just started off this conversation with that uh theres, a lot of good like uh, i would say probably crypto.com – has the best solution right now. If you want to pay with crypto uh, i have one crypto.com card myself, so i mean for me it works fantastic, but also what i said is that, like were building our payment solution on our coin, thats, something that were trying to be different yeah. How? How can we make people use our our own cryptocoin instead of the stable coin, yeah thats? Definitely yeah. It sounds obviously youve already released your own decks as well um what its dow and stake in um, but exactly what products are you planning to bring in the future as well? And what does the future of blank look like yeah? So we have uh.

I would say one of the closest, like biggest products that we have to be released, is the back bank chain and its essentially like the backbone uh of all of the products that we will delivery in the future uh. Then we have a bank yield which is like a yid farming, uh platform uh and back swap, which is essentially a uh uni, swap pancakes for a similar solution to the app but, of course in in, in a short amount of time, uh we have debit cards. We have payment uh processing, so people can accept debit debit cards like this mastercard, american, express cryptocurrencies for payments and then point of sale terminals and also a marketplace as well. So, in a short period of time we have a lot of different products, but the first one was the closest one, a little bit about the blockchain um, apparently theres possibilities um for viewers or anyone watching this video to become a validator as well um. So talk to me a little bit about about that yeah, i think, like the validator part is uh. Perhaps one of the most different approaches that we have in in the business model of the ecosystem is that we want to make it easy and accessible for perhaps non tech, savvy people uh, i mean you dont, let our cashier in the in the supermarket fly on Airplane and vice versa, so you need to have a specific kind of mindset and we want to or skill sets, sorry and we want to make it more accessible for people to get invested in the technology without perhaps needing to do so much on the technology front.

Uh yeah, so the technology, the validator, is basically the uh identity on the blockchain, which confirms all of these uh transactions. So again going back to what i previously touched on earlier. What do you guys think is the biggest problem with the crypto markets in general. Right now, um, i would, i would say that the biggest problem in crypto right now is that its not really connected to uh to the real world in, in short term, like we have all these amazing projects, people are coming up theres a lot of talk. Yeah were gon na. Do this yeah were gon na. Do that and stuff like that, but, like crypto projects in general need to be like better at implementing the project in the real world uh technical perspective. What we have seen the last 10 years is basically the backbone of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. So, as as a blockchain enthusiast, i would say like the next few coming years, we can already see how the cryptocurrency market is starting to.