Defiance ETFs' Sylvia Jablonski on what's next for crypto prices as bitcoin retreats from rally

I think what do you make of that pause? I remain completely bullish on bitcoin and i think that the short term activity is is sort of just noise, but um. It looks as though you know in terms of like what weve seen for the last six months to a year, or so is […]

La Météo Bitcoin FR – Vendredi 1er avril 2022 – Analyse Crypto Fanta

Je me dis, bon peut tre y en aurait, un petit peu, plus dans le ventre pour ce type en sachant quun retracement des plus basiques ce sera, 1, 0 382 1 pour nous donner une ide de techniques, sur un retracement potentiel donc, il y aurait encore un Petit peu de la marche, a […]

WARNING ⚠️ Crypto Crackdown in EU Heats Up || Bitcoin SPOT ETF Update

Okay, but before i begin please like and subscribe and check us out below for our ct club, where you get our trade alerts, our portfolio updates and you get to see what were doing in the market. All right eu vote passed to prevent anonymous transactions from private crypto wallets. So essentially, there was […]