NO TO CRYPTO Says Ripple Customer Bank of America

You today, bank of america, ceo, dismisses krypto. Now this is particularly interesting to me, because bank of america has been a customer of ripple since 2016.. Now, of course, its also commonplace to see all sorts of firms, uh deny crypto, say uh, it doesnt make any sense, its a scam, its a ponzi, […]


Un peu part justement qui leur permet davoir derrire des transactions, excessivement courte on est sur une finalit de transactions en faire un deux secondes avec une scalabilit de 4500, scalabilit qui va augmenter qui augmentent rgulirement, notamment par plusieurs choses la premire chose cest le lancement des soldes Nets: qui a t lanc qui […]

Top Crypto Influencers To Follow – 2022 // Community-Driven Crypto Learning – powered by IXFI

Stay tuned follow these crypto influencers to learn more about cryptocurrencies and remain connected to the amazing potential of blockchain one vitalik butarian theres, no better way to start this list than one of the most prominent crypto currencies. Ethereum uterus core technology enables most nft transactions today. Uterine is one of the newest crypto […]

BITCOIN: ALLEZ-VOUS (encore) VOUS FAIRE AVOIR? 🥕 Psychologie inversée 🙃

Linformation et on va directement lessentiel, simple efficace, je vois que a vous plat donc; merci tous ceux, qui soutiennent la chane bien entendu on dbute directement avec le bitcoin comme dhabitude le bitcoin dans la dernire vido youtube pour rappel on en tait arriv au 29, mille dollars On lisait la chose, suivante il […]


The overall crypto market is rallying really really nicely. Okay, so ive got a good video for you here. Stick around uh. Give me just a few minutes of your day. Gon na walk you around the park and tell you some stuff that im seeing some opportunities that i see et cetera. As always, […]


Um super projetar se que o pioneiro a na sua categoria que o drive, cripto t bom estarei apresentando e mostrando todas as informaes aqui para vocs, sobre esse, projeto, nesse, vdeo, Ento, vamos, l, j, estou, aqui no site oficial do projeto t bom logo, aqui, no incio, Ele j do algumas informaes da […]

Tin tức Crypto 24h: Toàn cảnh thị trường ngày 30-05-2022

U t th! 5 thng qua mt h, thng s s, mang n, trng, ngi, dn c hi, trng, cp, police, c88, 100 v, 128, nhn, dn, t ca, nm, sao Qung Chu, cho bit hm th, t tun trc, dng, h s, pht 10 triu bao l x, k, thut s; Nhn dn t […]

Ripple XRP News – XRP Price Targets + XRP Breakout Coming Crypto Legislation + Regulations coming!

This day is all about you and we want to thank you deeply from our hearts. Listen ive been away. I dont know a day, maybe two days i feel like ive, been out of the crypto space for like three three four months: the amount of messages, the dms its insanity folks, but im […]

How To Turn $400 into $1,000,000 In Crypto! (In 12 Months)

Now ive managed to do this within the last year, uh two year and a half, i managed to do it before any of the banter. Before any of these things, um and im planning on doing it again, and i want to teach you guys a very valuable lesson in this episode. This episode […]

Piston Token | Piston Token Crypto | Piston Token Review

You know how it goes. Disclaimer im, not a financial advisor. I do this for educational purposes. Only i do it so i can get on here. Hang out with you. Have some fun hopefully make some money but get the projects on your radar be for everyone else lets get straight in so here […]