I already mentioned it briefly in my previous video that i was a bit concerned about usdt and there seem to be. There seems to be some fear around um potential. A potential usdt collapse now, personally, i dont know enough about it. I havent really had a chance to look into it too much, but i already mentioned in the previous video when we saw usdt at 99 cents that something was going on potentially and just to just to say something about that. I personally find usdc is the safest stablecoin it gets audited and so on usdt. There is quite a lot of background information which, when you dig into it, tells you that not everything might be as nice as it seems on the surface yeah. Even though usdt is the most popular stablecoin, but if that thing collapses, that takes the whole crypto market with it and the bitcoin price as well um. One aspect of it is that a lot of usdt has been used to pump the bitcoin price in the past. Um, so a lot of capital has been pumped into the crypto market, potentially not backed, and i cant prove that, and i only heard about it, so i cant really say enough about it, but that is why, also and again its been months now, ive made a Video at some point where i mentioned my concerns about usdt, but of course you cant cover the entire crypto market, but that is a potential black swan event.

That is a potential lehman brothers of crypto, compared to which the usd team ust meltdown would not really be um too too significant. In my opinion, um we can continue to see lower prices here, bitcoin has dropped. Once more. I told you that i think we see at least one more dip that happens were going to take a look at the bitcoin price. I think terra is yeah, it is going down polygon reached my target area, but lets lets go to bitcoin. This is bitcoin video and again, we have now come further into the target area that area that ive highlighted um so many times before consistently since the end of november. We have finally reached it. It was a long journey, very interestingly, very interestingly um we have re. We have reacted strongly to that area. I think was it the price i mentioned earlier. To be honest, i cant remember, lets take a look at what the fibonacci levels say by the way. There will be another live stream this evening like yesterday, because we did in that live stream. Reach um, we reached 1 000 likes. So thank you all for that, and i had a lot of positive feedback about that live stream. So lets take a look at the target for the blue wave 3 here about which we talked about in the previous video, so lets go there lets go to the peak here. Wonderful, take a look! The wave 3 here in blue blue green, whatever color it is reached perfectly the 1.

786 fib level yeah um 25.5 k. I think we dropped 100 lower, but that might also because i didnt do it 100 accurately. Here um we reached that 1.786 fibonacci extension, which is one possible target area for a wave three here, strong reaction to it and weve already left the target area again. This could now be the completion of the wave three, and i told you that the next low could be the last one. Didnt mean that negatively. I meant that positively in a sense that now every low, because we are in the bitcoin target area. From my point of view, every low could now be the last one, but of course the downtrend is at play until it is broken, and as long as we dont see an impulsive move to the upside, we cannot be sure that the downtrend is over. So im. Personally, continuing to dollar cost average into bitcoin in line with my buy orders and im quite happy about it and yeah any channel member has access to my buy and sell orders on discord. But more importantly, is that we have come down to that 1.786 question is what do we do now so on the chart here i have still. My primary expectation would be that we have one more drop and that is just based on the wave count. I have on the chart the elite wave count which suggests that here we have like the short term move, has been completed with this fifth wave in yellow but sort of the medium term.

Uh. What you see here in blue the higher level degree wave which we see here, has not yet been complete, so it could theoretically be that we finish the overall correction from here, but my primary expectation would be that we see one more drop. That will be like a capitalization drop yeah. What we have at the moment going on here, fears are already like the capitulation. I think we have already amazing prices for bitcoin. I think we are quite close to the low, especially compared to where we are coming from, and so far everything has worked out here perfectly for bitcoin. What can we now expect in this wave 4? How high could this wave 4 go so lets? Take a look – and we take here the fibonacci retracement tool and start it from the beginning of the wave 3 to the end of the wave 3 and lets take a look at where that wave 4 could end here this one here, and we have here again The minimum retracement level four away four here, for example, in this yellow wave four we came to the minimum. We only did the minimum and the minimum here for this wave would be again the 23.6 fibonacci level retracement level, and that would come to 29 and a half k. The most likely fibonacci retracement level is at 32.1 k. A wave 4 could also go all the way up to the 0.5 if we go above the 0.

5 fib level which actually isnt the fifth level, but i just caught it like that um. If we go above that it would not necessarily be away four anymore. Until then, we have to assume its a wave four. So what do we do here? Draw that target area. Primarily, i think we are going to land somewhere between 29 and a half k to 32.1 in this movement. If the wave 3 is already complete, that counter reaction makes it very likely that the wave 3 is now complete that we could now see some gains some profits in that direction of the way, far f4. That could, as i said, take us to 29 and a half 32.1, maybe 34.2 k from here. Then i would expect another move down a last move down the final correction and that could fill out the entire target area here all the way down to 20k. I think 20k will be massive support. It is the high of the previous bull market im already at 22k, that is the 200 week oops the 200 week moving average headed on the chart before. Where is it here? That will provide massive support and that is currently sitting at 22k, so it will be continuous to be a bit of a bumpy ride. Ideally, we want to see when the dust is settled that bitcoin finally catches itself. I think the downside potential is now limited, but we could still drop to that 22k level.

Again, the oppo, the chances that the low is now already in these chances are there. Personally, i dont think it is already and as soon as i see enough bullish sickness on the chart, i will of course make you aware. Maybe we see – or maybe we already know more later today, uh when i do the live stream later today, around um. What did we do yesterday, six oclock utc, which is around seven oclock utah uk time where i am um? It is around eight oclock german time, so i will make you aware when that live stream starts yesterday a lot of positive feedback. The livestream yesterday was geared towards which altcoins that i cover could actually die or in which aisle coins do. I see more risk compared to others, so overall, really interesting, im quite pleased that we hit the target area. What im not so happy with is that a lot of the altcoins came down more than i even expected so thats a bit critical, but it seems like bitcoin uh. Sorry, it seems like solana and cardano they are holding like like brothers in the storm. They are standing there like rocks here in the water and holding their target areas as well, which is great so yeah, interesting times, um. We, it feels very much like a capitulation already. I just have to say that had a few comments about im giving up, that is what we need to see to see a potential reversal coming.

It is when the people are giving up. That is, then, when people are coming in – and i had a few questions about – oh yeah, could this be related to all the quantitative easing and everything? Well, what we see here, probably at the moment, is a meltdown of all these vouchers that were given up during given out during covet markets here themselves. So all this additional money that did go in its not being erased its going wet its going away, its done, people are selling, money is lost and um markets are healing themselves. So someone said there are no retail investors left down here? Well, its not. I think there will be a lot of retail investors still here. A lot of people burnt their fingers, but this is the moment when the institutions are coming in and are going to drive the price up again yeah and the problem is always that a lot of people give up they stay away from crypto or any financial market. For a few months, then, we see new highs, new all time highs, and that is when they buy in again they burn their fingers again, so just be aware of it yeah so its interesting times ill. Definitely keep you awake and aware about bitcoin. I keep you updated if you like the update, then please hit the like button and leave a comment as well. Please subscribe, maybe even check out my trading course on my website and maybe even join as a channel member a lot of new channel members.

I will soon stop accepting new members. I have to tell you that getting um too fast too too many. I would have to slow it down or stop it entirely and then well need to think about how we carry on but need to be manageable, and i really appreciate all your support, but i want to grow the community too much so at the moment there are Still spaces, but i will honestly limit it very very shortly. Um maybe think about it more closely on the weekend because it its not just you know i dont – want to have too many people to to you know it all needs to be manageable and needs to remain a really really nice and healthy community.