My name is carl and im going to bring you this cryptocurrency video. The question is: am i stupid, or am i a genius? I am right now sitting with 3 million luna tokens, but 3 million lunar tokens means nothing if its worth zero. But i am a lunar whale and the question is: maybe luna is not dead, because weve seen many different exchanges re listing luna. Yesterday we saw binance by bit and who will be all of these different exchanges. I think ftx everyone d listed luna so just went even closer to zero, but now most of these exchanges are re listing uh luna im, not sure why theyre relisting luna right now um, but most of them seem to be doing it. Probably luna is falling back into the criteria of uh of being listed, maybe its volume, its the spread or something else which is the criteria and if a coin fulfills the criteria, then they will relist it. So thats, probably what happened uh. So the question is: is there a future for luna or not and im gon na, be very, very frank with you guys? I dont know i dont know, but but it seems like binance and bibit, and these exchanges may think there is a future for luna because they are re listing luna. But honestly, i i have to ask them directly and check for a um, an explanation. Im gon na actually ask private directly and see if i can get an answer and then i will tweet that immediately as soon as i know so guys uh go right now below this video follow me on twitter, because when i get updates about it, i will Always post it on twitter link down below and speaking of, buy bit.

If you want to claim 4 000 bonus right now, just click the link at the top of the description, my buy bit link. If you click it, you can get 4 000 bonus into your account and it takes only 20 seconds to sign up. This is only for experienced traders all right, so maybe luna is not dead. You tell me guys: im a luna whale im ready to go to zero or to uh to millions. I really dont care its its a gamble. Uh. I already lost 1.9 million dollars approximately, and today i was in cnbc. Actually, uh live cnbc talking about luna talking about bitcoin everything, so good, stuff, good stuff. I will put the clip online as soon as i have it. Lets go to the bitcoin chart. So bitcoin is right now trying to go back above 30k. We did actually go above 30k, but we still dont have a daily close. Like i said earlier today, we need a daily close above 30k right now. We dont right now were at 29.9. I would love to see some follow through here for bitcoin in the intermediate short term, but we do have this bullish candlestick here, which is amazing to see um. Let me know in the comments. What do you guys think will the 30k support now become resistance and were gon na get rejected? Currently we have, we have not seen a positive break above 30k just yet the bears are still in control.

Just so, you know guys uh but, like i said yesterday, um if we do see a clean break above then im gon na put in a long position on buybit. As you can see, we have a wick on the weekly down to 25k, but the weekly close is still potentially going to close above 30k, and that would be good, of course, just like back here. We saw some wicks below 30k, but we never closed below 30k. Very very important uh, going back to the one daily like i said. If we get a week daily, close above 30k, then im gon na put in a massive multi million dollar long position over on bybit right here, and if you also want to put a long position on buybit link down below um right now. Four thousand dollar bonus for you. Let me go back, so i want to know what you guys think is luna dead or not. Leave your comment down below right now, im very excited to hear your thoughts, um and also leave a thumbs up. If you like these quick videos and are you a lunatic, are you a genius? Are you uh whatever you are? Let me know down below guys. I love you guys. Um, we all lost money in the past in the past few days were all in it together. Who cares guys? Life goes on um. We can make a lot of money in the future. Remember that dont dont dwell on yesterdays losses instead get inspired and motivated by the future gains.

You will make guys we will make tens of millions tens of billions together its gon na be amazing, good stuff guys the future is bright. Crypto is the future. Having amazing days uh, i love you guys. You love me thats over here together every single day leave a thumbs up share this video with someone.