We have a liftoff Music, hey everybody. This is the digital asset. Investor and ive been talking a lot lately about how right now what ive been doing is is im buying xrp, xlm, gold and im making sure i have a good cash cushion theres two other things that im that im doing and its not for everybody, but im Doing one is im investing in masterworks artwork, and that, for me, is a is a kind of like a hedge, its a its a way to get myself exposure to another asset that ive not been able to be exposed to, because masterworks is token theyre going and Buying artwork and then theyre turning around and turning them into shares, and you can do a 500 minimum investment and so ill put a link in the top of this description. To that, i wanted to show you theyve just added this feature on their on their website. Where they have every time that when they add a new painting, they do a little promo video thats, really cool. Watch this im just going to show you the beginning of it, hello, everyone, im ellis reese and i work as a specialist on the masterworks art acquisitions team. I am pleased to share our most recent, offering gleaners by provocative british street artist. Banksy banksy has been featured in time: magazines top 100 influential people as well as nominated for an academy award of best documentary feature for his film exit through the gift shop in 2021, banksy ranked eighth among all artists, but i think thats so cool that theyre giving You a promo video because, as im investing im learning about the art ive never been exposed to anything like this, but i know um just because ive always read and heard is that artwork does not necessarily just so when you have a like youre having these market Crashes in the s p, 500 artwork does not move with that stuff and thats uh that its a what im trying to think back to my when i used to be a financial advisor uh, its call its its asset allocation and and it it goes uh counter To other investments and thats the way to diversify for me um now the market has been crushed now.

If, if youre listening to me and youve been around, you know that ive been in this game since 2013.. I have seen so many of these now and i know you cant, imagine it, but when i see this because i prepared myself for im always prepared for these things. Now, when i was younger, i was not, but having a cash cushion, not just to protect yourself but to hopefully buy the dips is, is the way i do it. Okay, so this market was up over 2 trillion. Just a few days ago now were at 1.2 trillion remember. I was here when this thing went down to a hundred billion okay, but the things. No, no, let me say something else. Theres no question in my mind, this is one of two things and i lean towards the more dark thing this is either government created. This collapse was either intentionally initiated by the government as a plan or if they had the plan on the shelf – and they were just waiting for this collapse to happen and knew it would happen as a result of raising interest rates and other things either way. This you, you can see it right in front of you that the government is now theyve taken that plan off the shelf, and now all of the the gary getzlers and youll see the elizabeth warrens theyre all coming out and theyre gon na say see. We you need the government, see we told you so and theyre going to say see: we need wall street.

These guys have been doing this. Remember the gary getzler tim draper video. What is it that they can do that jp, morgan and goldman sachs cant? Do better. Remember that video yeah now youre going to get to see that in real life, because that was the plan all along and what what do they need to do within that? No, no, so so heres whats happening first ust collapsed. Dont! Be surprised if you dont see them see someone behind the scenes go after us, dt tether, okay, because this one this has is whats, been whats propped up bitcoin for years, all right now, so this was from tether this morning. In a few minutes, tether will coordinate with a third party to perform a chain swap, and all of this is greek to me, and this person, sir ben lloyd, says sir bit lord says i dont understand this. Just tell me simply: are we getting? Are we being rugged? The tether total supply will not change, in other words, all eyes on tether. Now, last night i backed up the freaking truck on xrp, but i did it. I did it because i did not spend more than i could afford to lose on anything and i kept a good cash cushion folks young people out there, even old people, if you dont, learn any lesson from whats going on right now. Youve got to learn that always never ever spend more money than you can afford to lose, but always keep a cash cushion and its not just for safety its for buying when the blood is in the streets and thats whats going on and but but heres.

The other thing weve heard this will be the second time ive heard this, and you need to listen closely. Yesterday i played you a video where jack mcdonald mcdonald from polysun said that hes already got the institutional investors lining up and telling him theyre about ready to enter this and hes the one that said that unquestionably late 2022 is going to be great in the crypto Markets now you got michael sonnenson whos from grayscale. These people know folks listen to what he says on cnbc today. Youve talked a lot about how institutions are trying to get into crypto bitcoin, specifically and theres, been a lot that have been waiting, uh trying to think about how to build that, and while youre watching this dont forget all cnbc is theyre set up men. They throw the ball up so that all of these guys that want to make money off the backs of all you, retail people, people can dunk it their friends are the institutional guys, not you and me, so they do set ups for the government and wall street Institutional players, that is what cnbc does, if it wasnt what they do, then you wouldnt see them coming out after the market. Their whole play is after the market has already gone up. Then they come out and tell you how to buy an xrp or whatever they dont come out and tell you how to buy it. If they were doing you, a favor theyd be coming out today and telling you how to buy xrp, but they dont do that.

They come out and they tell you how to buy xrp after its hit its all time, high and thats. How you know thats the tell these guys are set up men thats, why they wont tell you the truth about jay clayton. Instead, they hire him as a contributor. Folio. Are you hearing? Are you getting calls from people saying im buying right now i mean i. I would hope if this is as real as as we talked about that, there should be buyers left and right, and there dont appear to be. I think that some investors are likely waiting for things to settle down um. You know the usp or terra um. You know events certainly send some shockwaves through the system and obviously were looking at. You know, tether and other stable coins as well. At the moment, i do think when things settle down and crypto does bind to footing. You will see some of those more institutional buyers, starting to step in, and some have already indicated that they are in fact you know starting to take bites at these levels. Oh, you better write it down theyre behind the scenes over the counter, so that it doesnt show in the markets. These guys are scooping up, like the digital asset. Investor is doing now check this out. If this is if, if these people, if they are not throwing the ball up for the regulators and wall street, to dunk it, and do this all over again, then listen to this thats, exactly what theyre doing folks but jay.

What does that mean? Because coinbase itself is the one that came out and said that customers might be maybe lining up as creditors. In this they now say: dont worry your moneys safe. We have no risk of a bankruptcy, but you know how this happens when a bank runs starts thats. What creates bigger problems down the road look at this folks theyre trying to scare people away from coinbase? Why would they do that theyre, trying to and and look im, not saying that you that you shouldnt uh, listen to this? For that reason, and put something on a ledger nano s which, by the way, is going to be in the top of the description. I am saying that you should do that, because we dont know what these government actors and the manipulators and, when i say, manipulators, im not talking about some retail guy im talking about these institutional players. Im talking about the george soross that are that are friends of elizabeth warren and gary gentzler and who theyre on the phone with those people you dont know what theyre capable of, and i know gary gensler has warned about this in the past. I still dont know that a lot of investors even realized that and thats why you see the sort of bank run like this isnt, this a call for this immediately being regulated, uh look becky um gary uh, chair gensler, and i very much uh agree on this.

That that you need to have uh the rigor of uh, our time tested system for securities trading, when you have something thats like a security, and you know, i think that this, to the extent that this is a wake up, call for people to understand that we Need that kind of rigor in this space, thats good, i dont – i dont – know the particulars of the coinbase situation, so im not going to comment on that, but but we do need that kind of rigor, particularly in retail financial products, all right so um. Now, all of this reminds me of this remember this article. This is chris giancarlo whos, the c at the cftc. Okay, this is an article uh trump administration, popped 2017 bitcoin bubble. All right! Look at! Let just listen to this part right here, the cft. This is a quote from chris giancarlo, the cftc staff handled it strictly on procedural grounds, but at a leadership level i communicated with treasury secretary, steve mnuchin and any uh nec director gary cohn, and we believed that should bitcoin futures go forward, it would allow institutional money To bring discipline to the value to the value of the cash market, he told coindesk and thats exactly what happened: bring discipline to the to the cash market. Folks whats that code for thats code for crash this market, because the government said so now. This i literally woke up in bed and i said, wait a minute.

I remember that gary gentzler video from april 29th uh just a little over a week ago. I think remember when gary getzler was put this video out and remember. We all know what we do know on this channel, for a fact is gary gary getzler only does interviews with people that are to tee up the issues that he wants to address like msnbc, these kind of people. So this is a tia one of his tea up interviews, but listen to what he says, because i remember when he said it when he brought up this warren buffett saying when he brought this up. I was like, oh so hes talking about market crashes now almost like he thinks theres going to be one. You know. Warren buffett has this famous line he he said years ago, one of his admiral reports. When the tide goes out, you see whos been swimming with their trunks off, and so yes stephanie, that were in a transitional period. Right now. The war in ukraine covet is still here and changing some of the economics, but were also in somewhat of a transitioning time where central banks around the globe are transitioning as well. So but our job at the sec is to be that cop, on the beat to look out for investors and to ensure that the markets are free of fraud and manipulation in theory, or it only refers to fraud and manipulation when its someone else doing it.

Not the government or their buddies, their wall street buddies, getting a phone call when the tide goes out and we can see whos been swimming without their shorts on. How worried are you that again were going to see a whole bunch of individual investors who wanted to get in the game really get screwed here and realize they didnt know what they were getting involved with im particularly concerned in something called the crypto token crypto. This two trillion dollar crypto asset space and a whole lot of people who have gotten mind blowingly rich well, have they have they? What i remember seeing that and saying wait what what is he talking about there? You know for a moment, and is it really for a moment, your listeners, or is it a few people at hedge funds and family offices? I dont know go down to miami and youre going to see a lot more lamborghinis driving around today than you did three years ago. One word crypto, so i do think that the securities and exchange commission is an important agency looking out for regular investors and they dont all have those lamborghinis right. Some people would have if you had not sued xrp gary now. Listen to this folks. This right here is um and then ill have to close this video out. This one right here is brian brooks who was the head of the occ, listen to what he says about whats, going on behind the scenes in congress.

The way the congress works, as i learned when i was in government – is its not actually 100 senators and 435 congressmen voting on things, its really six or eight members of leadership deciding what gets to come for a vote, and regrettably there there are a couple of People mostly in the senate, not the house, but there are a couple of very senior democrats in the senate who have decided that cryptos a problem, its a problem, and i have a theory of why that is – and i dont think its an ideological theory. But its just my observation of what the animating principles of the two sides are heres the way i describe it so for the last 100 years, but really 500 years, all of finance in the west has been dominated by banks, banks intermediated between governments which authorized the Money, yeah and consumers who use the money – and there was this unstable, unholy sort of balance where this thing called a bank sat in the middle of, and that was always unstable persisted for a while. But you know it was like the aggregator of money. Like the post office, all letters went to a central repository before they got farmed out. There is now now that we dont need that technologically, because you dont need to aggregate all the letters you can send emails. You also need to aggregate all the dollars, so there is now a significant fight over whether were going to leave the banking model in favor of a government model or leave the banking model in favor of a user controlled model.

Yeah. There are some people who are mostly one generation older than you and me democrats and its not very many of them. I think most democrats are on our side, okay, but there are a couple of people of an older generation whose belief is. Governments are more trustworthy than people its a risky world. People are fraudsters or people are not sophisticated to make their own decisions and theyre trying very very hard to push for central bank. Digital currencies and fed accounts. Pulsa, banking, postal banking, whereas everybody here in miami, is trying to move toward a user controlled financial system where we make our own determinations its a war. Folks, it is a war between these government hacks and people who want to be in control of their own financial future, instead of being at the behest of all these cnbc clowns thats. What were talking about folks, im, the digital asset investor im, not an investment advisor. This is for entertainment purposes. Only please subscribe hit the like button button and tell your friends and family that the digital asset investor is buying dips and trying to and does not want to have a future thats dictated by a bunch of cnbc.