Is this something to rely on? We are talking about traditional markets and i will talk about why i decided to buy a couple of billion terra luna. So today we got a lot of things to talk about guys, so welcome back everybody. My name is christiana, bringing you cryptocurrency videos every day, teaching you how to make money in this market. If you are new to the channel to make sure to subscribe and activate the bell right now, okay, guys so lets begin by talking about bitcoin. Here on the long term chart here on on this chart, so what you can see is that we are right now, of course, still below this red line, but you can see that we are having a quite significant pump here. You can see that down here at 25k we did uh dip all the way to 25k, but we still have three days left on this week and if we can see a rally above this red line, which is currently at 33 000, well call it 34 000. Well, that means that were just seeing a wick below this level, which you know is something that has happened previously a couple of times, so i mean this level can still hold up the bitcoin price on a closing basis, so theres still hope left for that. So if we do see that things are much more bullish for bitcoin, of course, but just like ive been saying overall, every buy below 30 000 is, in my opinion, quite a good.

Buy now im prepared for some volatility. We might come down to these levels. Still even we might come down and and have some fails here, but nonetheless i think that at this level, below 30 000 in general, i think that this is going to be strong support. Now bitcoin has actually been holding up pretty well here during the entirety of the chaos weve been seeing recently, bitcoin hasnt, really, you know been collapsing or anything like that. In fact we went down yes, but then we went up. We had some resistance here on the way up, you know. First, we had support big support. Of course, at 30k boom bounced a couple of times went down resistance trying to get into it right now. We are, in fact above not only doris box, but two of this red line, so i mean this is important for bitcoin if we can stay above this level. That is very, very important for bitcoin, but if we do see a drop, i am going to continue to buy here, just like ive been saying there previously. When it comes to my trade of course, uh i did buy some some bitcoin below that red line. So right now the trade is uh. You know minus 35k, so thats not fun at all, but yesterday was like minus 60k, so at least you know its going in the right direction for now, so we will see if i will be able to turn this around into a profit or if i am Going to get wrecked on that trade, but traditional markets also saw a nice bounce, so you can see that it went down to my very important thirty.

Eight thousand fifty seven dollar level on the traditional markets on the daily time frame did see a bounce from that level and now lets wait and see. Can we continue to the upside, or are we going to consolidate for a bit? I would not be surprised to see a little bit of consolidation in the traditional markets and in bitcoin the only thing i am fearful of right now or not fearful thats, not the right word, but i am cautious about the regulatory effects. The tara luna collapse is going to have so you are within the next couple of months, going to see major regulation being pushed. I am 100 certain about that. So what is that going to do with the crypto space? What of an effect? Is that going to have well? That is what we will be able to see. Now i did buy a couple of billion worth of terra now pay attention to this because ive been saying, as you know, terra went down from dollars to forty five dollars. I was always saying like look: this is going to go down to literally zero when people were telling you to buy terra at ten dollars. I was saying look. This is designed to go down to zero, so i mean even right here when it was at zero. I said look even though this is you know below zero right now. This is still going to drop very, very, very much.

I mean its down 98 from this point, its gon na drop an additional 97 percent and after that, an additional 98 percent. So you know this is what happened and tara right now is at a very, very low level, to say the least, its crazy to think that this was actually, you know at well. What was it like, 120 dollars just one month ago? Absolutely insane, but look at this. The market cap right now is at six uh million dollars. So this is where i start to pay attention guys now the terra usd peg is still very far from being at one dollar eventually now its gon na take time guys its gon na take, i dont know months, maybe even years i dont know, but eventually i Think this is going to find you know uh the one dollar peg just strictly, because this is what we have seen with failed projects previously, if you look at iron finance, this had a similar meltdown as terra and its still at one dollar right now. Okay, it took a while, but it is at one dollar. Okay, so i mean this is still being traded. You can trade it for usdc right at this point, not with high volume, but i mean its been a while, since this actually crashed so um. You know, i think, eventually just for the memes sake of of this reaching one dollar, maybe just for, for the sake of it being a meme um, but nonetheless i think its gon na reach close to one dollar eventually, and at that point you know what is The tara luna price gon na do well for me, it was worth throwing you know a couple of thousand dollars on this and then lets see guys lets see whats going to happen, but i would not consider buying this at like one dollar.

I would not consider this uh, you know buying this at even one cent or so right now, maybe okay, so its its very low. Now the market cap is very low uh. Of course, the circulation is completely insane, but we will see taking a gamble here, throwing a couple of the thousand dollars on it. Maybe i mean it only takes if it just goes back to the price it was yesterday, thats, still like a 1000x or or whatever so i mean its insane, its insane um. So you know weve seen things like this before youve seen verge, which was a cryptocurrency that also crashed from 2000 and crashed very low, but even this one saw a massive pump. Although its a dead project, it saw massive pump in 2021, something like red coin, also boom massive pump in 2018.. They saw a decent pump also in 2021, so i mean these dead coins. They, usually still, you know, have nice bounces in a bull market and just you know the factor of the largest ones largest d5 protocol right. You know, having crashed, entirely well im, taking a gamble on this guys, theres still 1.8 billion ust – you, you know on anchor right now. These are probably not going to be redeemed at a you know, fair valuation at all. We will see what happens guys but yeah im taking that gamble. I am waiting to see if that is going to pay off or not and guys dont forget.

If you want to trade and get a nice bonus, you can get a bonus on femix and on buy bits and make sure to take advantage of these just be careful with leverage right now guys, because the markets are still very volatile. Im expecting them to continue to be volatile moving into the next couple of months. Okay, guys! Thank you so much for watching this video.