Video on my channel now today were back here with an oracle project and an honor awesome review. Now today the project were actually looking at is one of the biggest projects i worked with and see for a video. You will actually realize how big this project is, and you actually believe me is probably the most advanced project you will ever see and ill show you that really really soon. Now, just before we start todays video, this is not an investment advice. You are joining your own risk, but yo its on my channel. So please do check it out. Novik talking well talking the website. The project will be concentrating on todays called, and this is another world now here you can buy crypto. You can actually fast trade. P2P so its obviously bank transfer and 20 other options. Third party youve got markets. You can even do trading spot trading margin, trading trading, bot, theres, always different opportunities there for you to play about with youve, also got the diverties if thats, how you even see it. If your futures, classic future light, etc, you can earn and youve also got the massive nft launch platform. Everything that you need to know ill be mentioning todays video and look how insane this is now, first and foremost, find the next cryptogem on kucoin. That is the truth. Now you can download their own application, which is currently available on android google play and app store and, as you can see, when you move on to your on to this section with your mouse, you will get a qr code.

How do you search up that is really simple and easy to do all you do is open your camera on your phone press on the camera as soon as youre, showing it and showing the qr code, and it will pop up directly take you to the store And show you the download link right, one out of four crypto holders worldwide is with kucoin. You can trade now etc. Youve got a hot list here. Youve got the new coins that have actually just went on the market. So by looking that, i can also contact them and say yo, i can advertise your project boost your little bit up, show you some new investors, etc. You know how it is and thats how you can also gain some new um. I would say some new features. Some new projects to work with and also gain some new profits. Look at already this talking boba, look how much i went up by ten percent. Imagine youre invested right now and waited about a year. How insane would that be how high it could actually go? Youve also got the top gainers, etc. So you can get your first coin and minutes. All you have to do is create the cue coin account it took me literally 20 seconds. You can create that either with a phone number or with an email its entirely up to you, you verify your code put in your password and voila straight away. Youve got that account made.

You can buy coins with a credit card bank transfer, apple pay or other options, whatever is suitable for yourself and for your country that youre currently, and you can also connect to chrome so already by me, showing you the first obviously official site. You can already see the number of options that this project is actually allowing you to uh to get to do now, top point out: coin exchange, so over 600 coins, 800 billion accumulated trading volume and usd largest social trading platform, so interact with global crypto investors and Gain access to a timely and trusted crypto news: 1 million news, feed posted and 10 million global investors – 10 million – that is insane honestly as crazy. The peoples exchange so 20 plus global and you get to over 200 countries covered trade anytime and anyway, like ive said you have got the option to download it on your phone on all of applications. Well, all of this software, so youve got google ios, obviously android, etc, etc. So all the options are also here now: youve got coin by your site, so youve got 27 24 7 customer service. Youve got the community covers 205 countries and 19 languages and thats. Why? I was saying its the biggest project that we have been working with on my channel and ill show you how if you look under twitter, whoa ill show you that just in a second youve got a qcoin news, youve got what media is saying, etc.

Youve got all the questions. Well, my most questions. Actually i asked by people who join into the project and but look at that so say you do. Have all the social media to join the community stay updated with any brand new updates. Any awesome new features if youd have any questions, also especially the telegram group, all the admins and muzzles here as fast as possible, but youve got the option to join all of those telegram groups and different languages. Not only that, but they also offer you all of those twitter pages in different languages obviously well be looking at the english one like this one right here – and this is remember only the english coin and twitter account setting at nearly 2 million followers two freaking million Followers and its already verified the platform is just insane they joined in september 2017. As you can see right here here, you have obviously all the updates – and you are some features – giveaways partnerships, anything coming into the project, etc will be here. So i do highly recommend clicking that follow button and the notifications button to be notified because thats what you should be looking for insane platform as it is now come back to the top left right hand, side youve got the main account trading account et cetera. You can swap that accounts obviously and go between them to check your balances as soon as you make an account now, you do have buy cryptos.

If you get fast trade, for example, it should load in seconds and you can buy crypto right here now. You can choose the currency, you want to buy it with like usd thb, try, etc. All of those tokens are actually available on the site and also um what you want to buy. So obviously you pick what you want to buy down at boom and what you want to spend at the top. You can also sell it as as simple as that. You should sell it and cash it out, etc. So you can sell it for usd balance. Paypal, xl and many other options. Look at the amount of options you actually have here: revolut paypal, youve, even got bank transfer pk wechat a lot of awesome awesome options that is really easy to do. Register verify your identity, and that is absolutely correct. You do need to verify your identity, make sure you are over 18. You are a hundred percent who you say you are and as soon as that happens, boom bind your cap as simple as that. Also another bit of questions about this platform, or this section should i say right here: next and foremost, we do have the p2p option, so you can buy, sell my orders postings and everything is here, shows you the limit available and of that um thing. Is that also, it shows you where its powered by so youve got usdt, btc, ethereum, qc, and s and usdc? All of this is here all the pages, so you can have an interest and have a look.

Youve also got a third party, so lets have a look at that. You see how much you want to spend and buy youve. Given me, visa mastered card simplex, a bank tab, youve got apple, pay, youve got a disclaimer. Also. The website is just so much explained. Like it explains everything so well that you literally cannot go wrong now, youve got markets, youve got spot and features new listings. All obviously you get bitcoin ethereum be one of the biggest, and it shows you how much it has changed in the last 24 hours. As you can about, as you can tell you should already know, the market right now is really jumping. This website actually allows you to stay updated with all of the live, chats, etc, and then voila boom press on trade, and it will take you here. You can also do the trading if youre interested its an awesome, advanced platform to start trading. Youve got spots. Youve got future bonuses grids. Now me personally, ive never traded im, not sure how to do it, but if youre a trader its a platform. Definitely you should be looking at now. Next and foremost, let me show you, you have new listings, youve got trades, so if you spot trading and merging trading trading bots you get all of those awesome features you can earn. You can even answer. Youve got crypto lending, you get good coin and youve got coin, pools good coin man theres just so much to go through that theres no chance of mission in this one video.

But you know what next and last, but not least, part you do want to check out is the nfts, and if these are so massive right now that you dont even understand how much money is in this, if youre one of those people that want to invest Once again a lot throughout the years there you go so youve got x, rays, genesis, mystery books, so obviously you can buy the mystery box and gain an nft, so youve got obviously x rush, limited x rays or mystery box or youve got extras. Genesis mystery books that is not limited, and you can literally out auction that or you can buy it and, as you can see about x rays, so extras are developed by you and unity 3d and theres also compatible with web free wallets. Now exercise aims to form a great gaming community, letting players not only enjoy the fun of the game, but also be part of a contribute and, of course, earn the rewards. So, as you can see, this platform is massive. Its really easy to make your account theres. Also, this article so earn with and origami so buy and learn to share 50 000 and ply. Obviously, i will also mention this link to this article down in the description. Helps you a lot theres a lot of giveaways, as you can see a lot of prizes that you can actually win with this platform? It should be insane and interesting.

Youve also got all the instructions here. I need to be followed if you do want to join the link to this will also be down in the description just to make it much more easier. Now hopefully, youve enjoyed todays video, maybe ill get a chance to do another one for them, just so its obviously more advanced of each section etc but join the platform.