What is going on with tara luna just take a look if you invested in this coin just two days ago, when it halted, you invested right after that haul. You were up nearly 60 000 in just two days. So what is going on with this? This is absolutely pumping. Why is luna pumping? What is the recovery plan for tara luna and what would it take for luna to reach 100 again, and what i was talking about with this chart was up 60 thousand percent. If youre up 49 percent, if you put a thousand bucks in this right after that haul, that a thousand bucks is five hundred thousand dollars right now, thats just absolutely just mind, boggling and just on april. Third luna was 113 bucks and its currently sitting at 0.0004. But people are making incredible money on this in the short term after this crash, my heart goes out to everybody that lost money on this. I made a video about that already, but i mean people are literally raking in a bank. The stable coin is still currently sitting at 19 cents. They have talked about. They want to get this back to a dollar. I think its going to be very hard, but tara luna is number one trending. On coin market cap number two top gainer on coin market cap, its number three most viewed cryptocurrency in coin market cap is number one trending on corn market cap on stock twitch number one trending number one most active number one most new watches in the past 24 Hours number one trending on yahoo finance its all over the place right now.

It even got to the point where a stock publicly traded on the stock market, not the crypto market on the nasdaq luna innovations incorporated, is trending because of this hype around luna its hype and its not a good hype. At the same time, because a lot of people lost money, but right now, in the short term, a lot of people are making money. Now, if you invest any money into this right now, im telling you right now theres a good chance. You can lose all of it, so if youre investing in this for the long term, i dont suggest that thats, not financial advice, thats just my opinion, but if youre trying to make a trade i mean, even if you are trying to trade, you are still risking Losing every dollar you put into tara luna right now, even just yesterday, if you decided to wake up yesterday and put money into tara, luna youre, currently up 200 already right now. But what is the reason for this pump lets? Go into it. Now the ceo of tara luna, he put out a terra ecosystem revival plan, so i just want to go over the key points: im not going to bore you to death with this. The events that unfolded in the last few days have deeply affected all of us in a few weeks. Everyone will talk about how obvious this event was, but in truth, it was very hard to see coming the reason hes saying this might become very obvious, because there was several videos talking about undeniable proof that luna is actually a ponzi scheme.

If so, is ust coinsider posted this video on march 17th, saying undeniable proof that this is a ponzi, so thats kind of why hes saying you know it might be obvious, everybody will be talking about it that it was kind of obvious, but at the same time It wasnt i mean it had a 20 billion dollar market cap, so you cant really say that a lot of people expected this to happen, because if they did, a lot of people would have pulled that money out already. It is clear that luna cannot be salvaged and will be used as exit liquidity to retain some of usts peg, which is its purpose anyway. At some level, terraform labs and the luna foundation guard have a responsibility to get ust as close to a dollar as possible. This will be a tough task, given the sheer amount of money thats left to repay. We should put the small trader first, someone i know in my circle committed suicide last night due to the luna crash. This is very sad – and i was talking about in one of my previous videos that there was a lot of traders out there that were considering suicide because of this crash. They lost their life savings, they lost their house, they lost a lot in their life because of this crash, its really really sad and my heart goes out for all the those people. Many people are suicidal and im sure weve seen all the posts online.

Yes, go on the tara luna subreddit is all over theyre very sad. I believe we should prioritize paying them heres what they propose to help these people out take a snapshot of all usg holders on the tara blockchain at the time of the dpeg happen, calculate the amount of money needed to pay out the bottom 75 percent of users. In full, it shouldnt be more than 1 billion or 1.5 billion. These addresses can be added to a redemption whitelist on the whitelist page addresses that are on the list should be allowed to swap their amount of aust or ust directly for either usdc or usdt. At a one to one ratio trying to get their money back, if theyre, holding ust, maybe theyre going to be able to get another stable coin sitting at actually a dollar like usdc, and this was an update today may 14th that they updated the proposal. Only initial deposits made into the anchor will be eligible for the refund not yield. All forms of usc ontario would count in the first refund batch, including ust. Instead of paying out just small wallet, we will pay out all wallets, including whale wallets up to a set cap per address, so theyre, basically trying to one one refund all ust holders with usdc and usd coin is paid to the dollar currently, so they would be Getting their money back if they can do this successfully, but they are going to be favoring small wallets.

Another reason for this pump is really really scammy and its really weird. So this is the official twitter account for tara, luna, tara, underscore money, and you see the verified check mark on twitter right there, but you also – and this account has 859 000 followers but theres another account. That is not the real terra luna count just so you guys know so. You dont fall for this is luna terra underscore calm at 8′, 000 followers looking kind of similar to the main profile. Yes, it has a different profile picture picture, and but it has the same header, but they have the same amount of followers. I mean it has almost 1 million followers im sure that there was an account that changed their name. That already had a ton of followers, and they were already getting some sort of you know interaction with with their community that changed their name for some reason just to get in on this hype on luna its, not good at all and theyre putting out you know, Pretty much fake tweets when should luna publish its recovery plan. Well, this luna terra underscore com account, has no real association with the real terra luna coins. Who keep this in mind and theyre posting all this stuff, like big announcement tomorrow just four hours ago, get ready to get ready to share this big news coming soon? Are you ready retweet if you hold luna until the next pump? No official account is going to be talking about the next pump on their coin and they posted this.

Breaking news about luna will be posted on this group soon and its cryptic trading, and this group is what theyre talking about for this big announcement tomorrow. At 4 pm gmt – and this is what you see when you get into the telegram tomorrow – we will be posting a signal that will help the whole crypto world recover from what happened to luna. Our signal will be heavily trending on twitter, as we already have been doing some preparations for this occasion. So this twitter account is not out to help luna. They are out to pump some cryptocurrency that theyre going to announce tomorrow. So please do not fall for this scam because its its not real. This is a whole pump and up scheme and whoevers running. This account is just trying to pump up their crypto. Now. Will tara luna be able to ever hit 100 again lets get into it? I mean you probably already know the answer, but luna falls 100 as supply increases to trillions in a few days now there is this website called fcd.terror.dev, slash v1 circulating supply, slash, luna and ill put that in the description below this is the circulating supply of tara. Luna you got six and then you got one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine ten, eleven twelve numbers after the six and twelve zeros is a trillion. So we take that into account that the circulating supply of tara luna is 6.

5 trillion. We got to look into it on april 3rd, the price was 113 at a ‘ billion dollar market cap. This is why it is so important to look at the market cap and not the price, because if it was able to get back to all time highs at ‘ billion dollar market cap, tara luna would only be sitting at .006 per coin, which would be an Incredible gain if it somehow got to ‘ billion market cap, i personally dont think it will. I think this hype will die down. I think it will start coming down a little bit. It could pop pop pop like crazy. I dont think its going to last for very long. I dont think its a good long term play in my personal opinion. You might be able to make some money off a trade with tara luna, but just be prepared to lose any money you put into this, but for it to get back to all time highs, the price would be sitting at point: zero, zero, six, not a hundred Dollars per share so for it to get back to a hundred dollars per share im, not even going to type it in, because it would be a six trillion market cap for to get to a hundred dollars per share.