This is a message for you guys if you are going through this storm, that we are having right now and its probably going to get very very worse, but i want to give you some hope. Not hope yum, but what im doing and how i maneuver my way around this market, and hopefully this can help you for you guys at home, because i know guys its so so tough, especially if you are holding altcoins and well talk about later on. In this video, all coins playing against bitcoin bitcoin is bleeding, and all coins are bleeding two three. You know if youre luna holder, as you know, im super super sorry for you hopefully can come back, but i dont i hopefully eat those words, but i doubt it because its looking pretty pretty bad. So i want to jump in the screen and i want to show you what im talking about and lets go so its like decision time dudes. What are you going to do? Are you going to sell if you havent already, because i know a lot of people have sold and if you arent going to sell, are you buying this well stacking cash? This is what im doing im potentially going to buy more. If we keep going down, because i want to get cheaper bitcoin, i want to get cheaper ethereum. I want to get cheaper h bar because its not the dollar value its. How many coins you get because, when youre selling and taking profit, how many coins that you accumulate so lets get those dcs super cheap dudes? If you were buying super super high? This is what you were asking for.

I wish i could get ethereum under 2000 bucks. Well, now you can, i wish i could get bitcoin under 30 grand well now you can. I wish i could get h bar for under 10 cents, 11 cents. Well now you can. So why are you selling and why are you not saying what you said you were going to do because its decision time these are the times where you can make it or you cant, take it anymore and its finished. So i just want to show you the portfolio behind me, this isnt everything. So what im going to show you im actually down pretty much 2x this, if not more, because this has safer coins like bitcoin ethereum. My fuel portfolio is down way way more because thats got a lot h bar its got a lot of other altcoins that are bleeding so much more than ethereum and bitcoin. So im showing you this guys, because nobody else will show you this, like even the top top influencers. They wont show you this, but im on your guys side, im here for a little guys and theres the portfolio dudes like you, can look in the last 24 hours. I am down 37 000 and, like i said for my fuel crypto portfolio with everything its down easily six figures, minimum minimum minimum, and if you look at all time ever since i started tracking this yeah, this portfolio, like i said, was 493 000.

I almost was a millionaire with everything with the other portfolio at the peak of the peak of the peak, but you know im still up, because this was absolute minuscule and then i started tracking it. I call this wave changing money, its not really a way of changing money anymore, its obviously a joke. But the point is, you know: this has been cut in half and its probably going to get cut in half again and yes, i could sell and try and time the market and be cute with it, but im not here to do that. Dudes, because i understand that these are long term plays you can see, i am still up 61 000 on the ethereum i sold some for the h bar. I mean that h, part trade dudes. If you were following the channel im down 14 grand already the celsius trade im down 22 thousand dollars, the x are pretty trade, although its tiny and i do have more xrp on another account im down 3 000., the slan i got for free so ignore that Number, it was completely free. It was a sponsored video, so yes, thats free money, um yeah bitcoin himself, but regardless man um im fully fully prepared for this to get cut in half again and thats when im going to be going heavy like a mofo. So i wanted to show you that, because nobody else will show you that and lets move on so anthony pompano.

Although i dont really watch him that much. I do like what he has to say and it says good morning. This is the power in having cam. In mind and long term horizon when chaos and fear everywhere lets get after it relentless today, so i want to keep going down the spiral and kind of help you out at the end of this video with charts etc. What im doing so? I cant help you here: dudes philly. I can only tell you what im doing if youre on the selling side, because trust me my portfolio like i showed you is down hundreds of thousands of dollars and it can either be sad and have a decent amount down and get out, and that can be It i will never return or i can get down and dirty start accumulating cash flow and accumulating coins. I believe in and like i said, dudes im almost interested in buying the theorem. I think its going to go down below the 1500 bucks heck. Even a thousand bucks im going to be accumulating ethereum because i know i know i know where its going in the future, and i know what its true potential is and if you guys are human altcoins, like theyre, going to be so cheap at that price. Even bitcoin is going to get cheap. I think so you guys at home. You have to ask yourself these questions. Can you stomach another 50 haircut, okay, youre already, probably down 50, if not more, because i know a lot of you.

Guys are all coin junkies and i am too, but i still have a lot of bitcoin ethereum and what are you doing? If that happens, are you buying? Are you selling or what are you doing so thats? A super super important question, so i want to go over a couple of things. This is welcome to crypto. This is exactly what you are like. I said theres no disrespect towards luna, but its been a big big whoopsie dupes and its super super sad to see this, like you know, youve been absolutely wrecked and obviously another 1 billion has been liquidated from the crypto markets in the past 24 hours just teaching You guys do not use leverage, because, if youre using leverage thats, what happens you borrow money you dont have and yes, it can be lucrative if you want to do a 10x, 100x or 50x, whatever the maximum you can do nowadays is you know, i recommend just Dont touch it at all. If you havent got money, go and work on yourself, get that cash and start doing dc asm, because everybodys putting leverage trade on now. Even if youre only doing 2x, 4x 5x leverage considered low leverage, chances are youve, probably already been stopped out and guess what you cant pay back. So you get liquidate, you lose the cash you lose, the crypto, its a lose lose, lose so bitcoin right now, 20. 000, like i said, we lost to 29k of support and a message for you guys is to keep aware this is going down.

This is probably going down, i dont think were going to go down below the previous. All time highs, like i said in the earlier video today, that would be the 20 grand mark round about here. We are now sorry around, but here the all time highs we should never technically go below that. But theres, like i said anything is possible and especially with you know how much it went up in like when i was buying this thing september october august december, whatever you want to call it it just wasnt a super super super bill run, and that was the Bill run, we were all expecting 2021 to be the four year cycle. Everything was phenomenal and, yes, we had it in 2020 and 2021, but in my opinion this is gone and anybody says that still we are bearish or sorry bullish. How are we bullish? Dude, like weve, had so much money, and this is just you know – bitcoin look at through them right now, its under 2 grand quite comfortably – and this is going. This has got no no, no support when i was buying this four or five 600 bucks around about this range, like i said its on an absolute tour, its got a little bit of support here at 18 1700, if youre losing that dude. This is a fallen wedge and its a full knife going to be half to making up your minds up what youre doing, because i know a lot of people have sold, but if you havent sold yet, can you stomach ethereum if you are holding the theorem bitcoin? If youre holding a bitcoin aid, a coin 46 cents now this is jesus christ, man, aida holders, loads of loads of people telling to buy it three dollars: two dollars: 2.

50. Yes, these prices will potentially be good, but if youre a hundred percent in these coins, dudes like look at this man compared to the garden gauge its gone. Most of these, all coins are gone, avecs gone like it is gone and avex is supposed to be a good coin. This coin was up blooming, 146 from all time, high. Ah 80 percent. This is insane. You know what the sad thing that i mean celsius. Man before i even tell you what i was going to say, there are celsius, like i said, im down 22 000 in this trade im. Only putting 30 grand you know and ive got basically nothing left all the time hi. I didnt buy all time high about 5.79, which is so high same again. You know whats funny everythings around about the 88 72 to 80 percent, if not 90 percent, except from tear luna, obviously thats. What were seeing in most all coins right now. If we look at whats this one out right now, if im recording yeah same again, its all around the same bitcoins, obviously slightly less um about 50 percent, maybe 55, since the all time high egld whats this one at scary, scary times, theres all about the Same its so so interesting when youre looking at this, so quite technically, if its a good coin, i mean h bar got worked on four cents, so i dont know if you can really count that one, because its like a one minute: wick 91.

Ah man yeah, you got to ask yourself selena last one before i really 87 scariest game. Xrp is the same, so youve got to ask yourself dudes as youre maneuvering through this market. What are you interested in? Were you interested in picking up a lot of people? Are getting excited about less than 30k bitcoin, so why dont you buy the blooming! Hang right, although i dont think its a good buy right now because, like i said its probably going to keep going and you probably shouldnt buy any bitcoin. If you have a lot of money yet if this gets to, like you know, 15k 10k sub 20k, maybe then i think you should start accumulating 0.1 bitcoin, 0.2 bitcoin. If you have enough, it just depends how much you have, because i think that will be very. Very, very good long term, quite potentially, i do think bitcoin in the long term finish term its a million dollar asset. So if you can accumulate under 15 000 bucks, if we get cut in half again im interested in that im super super interested thats. When i was accumulating 19 20 21k ill start buying bitcoin again, because i know its safe. I know i can get pretty crappy yield on right now in celsius. Lets be honest, its pretty crap its like its like one, two percent, whatever it is over. Three bitcoins im already accumulating that as absolute garbage, but when theres pumps again, this will go back up six, seven percent like ethereum.

Where are you going to buy this? Sir? Im interested in this sub 1k, like i said i would love to get more ethereum at 500 or 600 bucks a lot of people. This is what i keep repeating on if im repeating myself im super sorry, but it just blows my mind that a lot of people were saying they were interested ethereum at you know: minus two grand minus 2.5 even 3k, when it was at 4.9 k, but still Nobodys buying this plumbing thing and, like i said i dont think you should be buying it right now, but a lot of people said they were going to do it, theyre not doing it and what theyre doing theyre selling their coins instead of accumulating. This is just it just shows. You are really about 90 of people win and ten percent or sorry. Ninety percent people losing ten percent people win because when youre selling your coins im not buying but smarter people are buying and – and i wish i was behind but like i said – im – only not bad, because i literally have zero cash like to be 100 on its. Not zero cash but im trying to stack a decent amount of position and im very interested in that. If we get sub 10 cents, i do think its coming down there new protocol, i mean near pro dude 50 off the face in a week like this. Is cryptocurrency man this is this: is cryptocurrency stellar xlm getting interested in that five cents ill, probably be in, but probably more interested in h, part of that price, like i said, um a lot a lot, a lot of decentralized mana.

Your engine coins, your sandbox coins. These are all getting sub sub cheap. Remember when these were pumping and everybody says: oh, we missed it. We missed it. We missed it well dude youre, right before the pump prices, although i think this is still going to get wrecked, and these are the prices that you guys were crying for when you said ah, two gone, no, its five dollars forty hours, you know its already gone Its probably going ten dollars its not really worth the 2x well dudes youre, now looking at 15 20 x at 70 cents. So why dont you start buying the thing when you said you were going to buy it like. I said this is not a direct message to anybody out there. I just see the comments so many times and im im the same i get fearful as well. When i see these person – oh, i said i was gon na buy that price, so this is really just comes down to you know: have it written down if youre, not writing it down, have a limit order. Set limit. Orders are so so crucial go and put some cheeky little limit orders go and put some one, two three cents on each bar. If you put a four cents h bar limit order on any exchange yesterday, most exchanges – i dont – know if it showed up in every exchange, but you got ta wick to four cents. You would have had to fill it.

You know h bar and you could have doubled your money in like one minute. Two minutes immediately sold not saying do that, because i believe in long term dc investing. But you know these are buys man put some limit orders on them. Galley games is gone. Exact same thing again remember when people were saying: oh, you know i wish i could have bought it at nine cents because it went up. You know what that much amount: 70 cents, not almost a dollar but 80 cents, maybe a wick youre. Now, back at these prices, when people are saying, oh, if i could only buy sub 10 cents, youre probably going to be able to get this by the time this video was posted sub 5 cents. So why are you not buying what you said you were going to buy now those these are risky because some of these coins, i personally believe, are not going to survive and i think gala games have accepted well, i think hbar, i think, even xrp, even though Its having a big one to do so, i think its going to survive, but some of these coins, obviously luna lynn, is gone. Um tusd is 50 cents right now its gone. Is it coming back, maybe im seeing a lot of ust on the on the twitter page or trying to fix it, but you know where even is luna right now, if we have a look at it on them on the list, its 130 so lets say 1200.

I mean this is cryptocurrency guys. This is what you said like its gone. This is the point. Weve been 100 in um yeah, its its sad to see a lot of people lost their life savings, but the cryptocurrency get what you signed up for so big ramble. Whole point of this video is, if you are selling you might want to reconfig rethink about it. Yes, you can try and be cute about it and try and time the bottom double your coins, etc, etc. But i dont think this is the time of doing that. I think this is the time to get your head down stack. Your good alt coins stack some bitcoin, like i said, im interested in bitcoin, not right now, but i will be soon, but ethereum is what im probably going to be picking up, maybe some more hbar. Although i have a lot of hbar, so i dont want to get exposed too much im, not going to say its going to be a lunar situation, but you know i dont want to be too exposed to an altcoin, even though ethereum is an altcoin. I dont really class as an altcoin just because its just so strong that thats in my opinion and yeah thats. What im doing let me know what youre doing in the comments below. But the whole point of this message is: keep candids theres, no point being fearful, because if youre fearful now, you know what is the point when its going to be 50 lower before so.