My name is carl and im going to bring you this cryptocurrency video. It is a sunny day here in dubai and i am pretty close to the moon here, as you can see um, but off topic. What i want to talk about here is bitcoin and luna, so im gon na go into the bitcoin chart in just a minute, because something incredibly bearish, just uh, got confirmed on the weekly time frame. Im going to talk about that uh. But first i want to talk about whoa. There was like a bug. I dont even know how this bug got up here, because its like 60 floors, high thats, a challenge, thats crazy, okay, um luna. I think luna has confirmed a bear market now for crypto um thats, just how it is um im gon na go into the bitcoin chart, because bitcoin will show you exactly whats gon na happen in the next few weeks, probably because uh yeah the weekly time frame Just printed a big signal and by the way guys, if you want a short bitcoin long, bitcoin, buy or sell luna, you have the link down below to buy bit. If you click my buy bit link you get 4 000 bonus into your buybit account, but you need to be signed up with my link thats. The big thing so do that um and its only for experienced traders, but okay, so luna has definitely died. Now. I think its quite obvious.

I lost all my money, it is what it is. I lost 1.9 million dollars in luna and uh many people lost way. More than that. I have a friend who lost five million dollars and i know projects out there that lost millions of dollars because they held ust, and i think this is a big issue, because many projects held ust in order to run business and now they cant pay their employees. So these are the are the kind of things that can trigger a bear market, because now they cant pay their employees, pay salaries, its hard um and yeah its just. You know i think luna has created started a bear market, whether its a few months or a couple of years. That remains to be seen, but because of luna we will see bearish price action now, but lets go into the bitcoin chart, because there is something there confirming that view so lets go into bitcoin here. This is bitcoin on the weekly time frame. You can see that we have a very, very clear downtrend here and you can see that you have. We have this bear flag right and were getting closer and closer and closer to the targets down at 13 000. I still dont think were gon na reach. 13. 000, but anything is possible now. What the signal we saw today was the fact that we we just saw another bearish weekly candle, which means that we now have one two, three, four, five, six seven bearish weekly candle closes in a row.

That is, of course, a very bad signal, because last time that happened was way back in a in a deep, deep bear market that led to a three year bear market a three year bear cycle. So this is definitely time to pay attention and we have to understand that this is most likely going to result in some type of a bear market right now. Uh will we see a bounce soon? Yes, we were gon na see bounce at some point, but we are in a bear market for sure. So so, right now, bitcoin is in a bear market on every single time frame. Uh, arguably weekly, daily um, four hourly every single time frame is looking incredibly bearish. So should i sell all my bitcoin no im not selling my bitcoin, i always keep my bitcoin. I actually i make money with my bitcoin. I use my bitcoin to make more money um. That is something that is very important to me. So um i have my different strategies to to multiply my bitcoin. I will let you know more about that soon, guys because i think um. The idea is that i want to allow you guys to invest with me in in those kind of things its not really public yet, but i will. I will make sure that you guys can do that um, but my all coins. However, those ive been liquidating more and more now uh, taking some profits and putting back into bitcoin or into stable coins, and if you want to put into stables, i would prefer usdc, not usdt and not ust um usdc us dc yeah, or is it usd yeah? Usdc thats the most secure one, i think in my opinion, but uh you tell me guys tell me down below what stable corner.

Are you using right now and uh? When are you guys coming to dubai? Look at this. Dubai is just absolutely incredible. Im chilling up here, 60 floors high its uh, its a magnificent place, guys its really. It really is mind. Blowing i love dubai. Over there i can play some golf and uh over there. You can swim over there. You see the wheel there thats the biggest wheel in the world actually, but they closed it now, because, apparently the wheel is sinking yep, so the island you see down there, they built this island from nothing and the wheel is too heavy, so apparently the whole island Over there is actually sinking which is crazy, but look at this guys dubai its just so crazy. Its incredible look at this when im doing this, it feels like im floating in the air. This is insane. I love dubai and i do love bitcoin and crypto. Oh by the way, did you see my t shirt of course, of course, so im sitting here drinking coffee, i lost 1.9 million dollars, but guys worst things have happened. Some people in the past few weeks. They probably had the news that maybe their their parents died. Maybe they have a severe disease, maybe um, maybe someone maybe someones girlfriend broke up with them, and that was the love of their life uh. What else you know, maybe maybe someones child got very, very sick. You know things happen out there that are way worse than just losing.

Some stupid money is important, but money is first of all, something that can be easily be made again. You know money is abundant. If you look out in the world, there is an abundance of money out there. There theres money enough for everyone um. So if you have a scarcity mindset, then of course youre not going to make money. But if you have an abundance mindset, then you will attract some money. I mean some people. They think that money is scarce, but it clearly is not scarce um, like literally they can just print it out of nothing but thats, not really the point. The point is that there is a abundance of wealth out there, its just that right now its distributed mostly to a very select few people, but its because those select few people have an abundance mindset and everyone else does not. So i believe that the universe has enough abundance for everyone and enough wealth for everyone to be wealthy and healthy, uh its just that governments and society have kind of you know, taught us to uh to be close minded in our little um scarcity mindset. And then you will not attract any uh any wealth. So if you lost money, just like me realize that its just a smaller loss in a bigger um in a bigger adventure of wealth accumulation in the future right youre gon na attract millions, if not billions, thats. What youre gon na do, but its up to you its you and your mindset, abundance mindset.

I have an abundance mindset. I have im, i feel so abundant all the time that money just flows to me and business deals just flow to me and uh friends. Everything, just i everything comes to me, everyone. You know, i never have to chase anything and thats the state of mind. You want to be in thats the the state, the flow state you want to be in everything comes to you, dont chase things, and sometimes i will lose money. I lost 1.9 million dollars. Do i care? Well, yes, of course, i care a little bit because 1.9 million could have gotten me uh nice things i could have bought um a high mileage ferrari enzo, maybe or or maybe like a company somewhere i could do. But, however, i know that 1.9 million dollars is just a small part of the money i will make in the next few months and years, its just a um, its just a minor setback on a bigger journey. Okay and also mistakes are only mistakes, if you repeat them. Otherwise, there are lessons. This was a 1.9 million dollar lesson dont be greedy. I found these lunas on my binance account. I was like wow thats a lot of money. I thought lets take profits, but then i then i decided im not going to take profits for some reason. Um. Actually i wanted to uh to sell, but buyness required me to do some kyc or something to do it, and i i was too lazy uh in hindsight i should have just sat down done the kyc and and executed on my idea to sell.

I wanted to sell at like uh 60 or something well. I didnt, because i was too lazy and the next day, the very next day luna crashed to like five dollars and then, as you know, it went down to zero but yeah its a lesson. Dont be greedy next time, im gon na take profits. It is what it is guys and actually in the next video im gon na talk about why. I think that luna was manipulated. Yep. You heard that right. I think it was pure manipulation. I think it was a huge um. I think it was deliberate. I have my reasons to believe so so please subscribe to my channel right now, so that you will see my next video when i talk about luna being manipulated, uh, please, and by the way, if you want to know more about abundance mindset how to become incredibly Wealthy without working hard go and watch my new youtube channel carl runefeldt, just google, my name and you will find my new youtube channel over there. I show people my my lifestyle and i talk to people also how i got my lifestyle. I talked to people how my mindset changed everything. Three and a half years ago i was working in a grocery store in sweden. Now im running around in dubai having fun driving my beautiful bugatti. You know its abundance. Mindset go and watch that channel. If you want to accumulate wealth by using the laws of the universe in your favor, very important stuff, but yeah guys thats off topic, i love you guys.

Youre amazing um were gon na get through this together. Theres gon na be a bear market now, but im gon na keep making videos for you because i love you guys. You are very, very important to me incredibly important uh. We lost money together in the past few days and weeks, but hey money comes around.