The link in my description for patreon only a few spots available and again make sure you download the patreon and the discord application to your cell phone. So you can follow along with that 10k. 100K challenge. Semitone screenshots for the for polio reviews and just talk to me as well and make sure you stay to the end of the video. Well, go over my top five stocks and top five cryptos that can easily double also giving out free, bitcoins right, hashtag bitcoin in the comment section down below and dont forget to smash that like button. And if you want to follow me on twitter or buy a cryptocurrency miner, you can use the links in my description down below all right lets. Talk about why amazon at the current price could potentially make a lot of people into millionaires. Lets also talk about why a crash like this in 2022 that we havent seen in over 40 years, could be a once in a lifetime. Buy opportunity lets also talk about why warren buffett keeps buying and buying and buying right now he started all the way up. In id say well, march 14th and hes never stopped lets also talk about the real possibility of bitcoin going to 19 000 and yes, it is possible, but solana could go to 18 or 19 and lets also talk about which coins can also crash to zero. Just like tara luna did now if youre brand new to my channel consider subscribing down below as long as youre subscribed, and you have that bell notification icon turn on youll get daily updates, seven days a week on the stockhand crypto market and again, if you want To get your portfolio reviewed, talk to me via audio or video chat or even get access to my private discord group chat.

Send me a screenshot to your portfolio to get it reviewed and sign up for that. 10K. 200K challenge. All of that, via patreon, very first link in my description, all right lets get into it all right. Well, lets take a look at whats happening with kryptos terra, yes, terra usd is down 48 in less than one day, thats thats insanity again dont be buying. This garbage youre gon na lose all your money. Please be very careful, dont be buying into luna theyll, be buying it to terra usd be very careful again. I know people say: oh all, cryptos eventually recovered. No, if youve said that, then you pretty much are somebody thats invested, maybe for the last year, maybe two years, because you have no clue what youre talking about the last eight years of me, investing into crypto on 99 yeah out of like 100 coins invested. One is still alive today: theyre all dead and gone literally got de listed and theyve never existed since so be very, very careful. That is not true at all now apecoin down another eight percent today to seven bucks. Remember when this thing went up to almost thirty dollars and people were going 200 300 and i said dont buy into new projects, theyre not proven they havent proven themselves yet so lets go by market cap here, bitcoin down to 29 251. We do have ethereum holding on for dear life at 2. 000. Still again, i really do want to pick up ethereum around 1700 bucks, so im still waiting patiently and i do want to pick up cardano in that 45 cent range, another 10 cents and ill be loading the boat so lana, you know its probably going to dip Somewhere between 18 19, okay, that 20 range to 40 dollar range im, not gon na wait.

I never try to time the market perfectly thats just impossible. So, if were getting anywhere in that 40 to 45 dollar range ill start loading, the boat right now still a little too pricey for me, especially with the sell off continuing so dogecoin again in that cell zone, we do have a very strong support line at 5.4 Cents, so i could still see us dropping another, these three cents, possibly all right – bitcoin, 30, 200. Yesterday, 29, 400, so lost about 800 bucks. All right sell alert right here on bitcoin and we do have from trading view another seller developing for ethereum, which is clear. The market is still in fear mode, ripple 42 cents yesterday holding on very well for dear life into this very, very low, very low 40 cent range. And if you go back the last seven days, we can take a look. You can see that we dipped to about 35 cents, so we do actually have at 32.8 cents. Is our next strong support line so im probably going to hold up once we get close to that 32. 33. 34 range ill start loading up a little bit on ripple. Where do i get my ripple kucoin cool coin? If you want to know cardano 57 cents yesterday gave 55 cents today, holding on for dear life, polka dot 11 yesterday down to 10.56. Again, if you want to get 12 percent interest rate and 25 of free bitcoin on cryptocurrencies, like polka dot, use the link in my description, its that second link use that link for yep youre going to use it for which the app that i use voyager.

Actually, i cant show you on my phone right here, but i use voyager use, voyager or use their referral code, and the voyagers can give you that 12 year over year, interest, which is incredible, unheard of probably got maddex 70 cents. Yesterday, okay, dipped about three cents. Still, holding on for dear life, like the rest of the crypto market, solana, 55 bucks. Yesterday again, it held a lot of its gains pretty well, because if we go back last seven days and we take a look at solana here – we did dump two wow were 37 bucks, so wow wow it dumped a lot. So nice nice little recovery there. So could amzn could that stock be a millionaire maker stock? And honestly, i think if you start investing now and you slowly add on to amazon over the next 10 years, you will absolutely be a millionaire and one of the best companies in the world. So why stock market crash could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, and let me just kind of explain that to you: if you buy a stock, thats dropped 80 or 90 percent okay thats stuck now just to get back to where i was at needs to Go up four: five: six: seven, eight nine hundred percent okay, which is kind of unbelievable. So with that in mind, you have a ten thousand dollar investment, and now you go up, you know 900 or a thousand percent.

Now you turn that 10k to 100 000. Now, if this 1 000 grows just at 20 or 30 percent per year right, you go safe after that, the year after that, so youre talking about that 100 000 now becomes 130. 000. Okay. So you take that 130 000 on that second year. Can you do nothing with that money? You just leave it in that account right that brokerage account so youre, not a hundred thirty thousand dollars, and now you grow another. Thirty percent now youre a hundred sixty nine thousand dollars that second year. Okay – and you know that lets go over here so that third year times, 1.3 youre re at pretty close to a quarter million dollars by the third year, okay, that fourth year youre at over a quarter million dollars by that fifth year. Okay, youre 371 thousand dollars by that sixth year, youre, almost half a million dollars; okay by that seventh year, youre getting close now right by that eighth year. Okay, now youre eight hundred thousand dollars by that ninth year, youre at well over a million dollars. So by year nine. This is kind of insane by your nine. You have one million sixty thousand four hundred forty nine dollars thats just saying: youre gon na grow 30 percent weve had insane years where, like we grew 250 percent, we grew like 600 percent. Just my tesla stock uh two years ago went up one thousand six hundred percent.

This is saying super conservative boom boom boom. Just thirty percent right – and you know some of those stocks like paypal and what now theyre all like. Well, four or five hundred percent right, but literally by year, nine youre, a millionaire leaving that 10k that you bought stocks right now at these massive dips. And if you took that – and this is literally considering you never added any money which would be really stupid because you should add at least a hundred dollars from a paycheck five hundred dollars, whatever you can afford. But imagine if you added a hundred bucks from his paycheck, it wouldnt take you nine years to get to a million dollars, youd, be there like three or four at the most so pretty incredible again so yep once in a lifetime opportunities there, you know some little Math, there kind of shows you how quickly you can become very, very rich just by consistency, but the key here that i just have to stress to brand new investors. You have to add money, but never take it out. Theres a lot of foolish people to add, and then theyll take out a little bit, maybe one thousand five hundred dollars for that brand new iphone or some other nonsense. Dont. Do it once you start investing that money never exists anymore, its in there forever until you retire all right, at least until you reach million dollar status, so warren buffett spends big as stock market sells off hes now, almost at 60 billion.

Let me let me repeat this again: 60 billion dollars in the market and, oh goodness, gracious. So what i see him doing. Theyre gon na be buying into commodities he hasnt yet, but he will. I promise you that hes going to buy into commodities – probably something like wheat or other and hes continue uh. I forget the oil company its not cardinal or something like that that hes continuing to add – let me see over here if it actually doesnt, know im, not even logged into uh wsj here, but yep uh ill go over that in another video, so bitcoin is slipping Under 30k were at oh boy, its not looking too good, five buns bouncing around 25 for 25.5. Again, we could really really could dump down to about 20 000. Be ready for that. So i will not be waiting for that. I will bind that 24 to 25. 000 range all day every day, so ethereum hashrate taps an all time high. Amid this weeks, crypto market meltdown – and this is honestly probably the best time you should be mining cryptocurrency ever in your life and again, if you dont, have a cryptocurrency miner, whether you want to set up a payment plan put in a credit card by using your Cryptocurrencies right now you could do all of that. Using the links down below you can send me bitcoin or ethereum to pay for using crypto. You can go to patreon.

You can pay with your credit card or debit card, but right now is the best opportunity. I think i have like six or seven left make sure you click on the link in description down below if you want a crypto miner, so the next luna and usd crypto market now braced for another earthquake. After bitcoin ethereum, binance coin b, b, ripples, solana, cardano avalanche and polka dot are having massive price crashes, so be very careful only invest into coins that are going to survive. This massive sell off so stock market struggle as fear over economy grows. We might see a couple more sell off days, all right, amazon. 22. 17. This morning, okay, 22, 21 right now still a great buy opportunity. We do have tesla at 735 earlier today. Okay, now its 728 a steal of a deal, we do have ark innovation. 4146. Earlier, okay, now up about 50 cents, still steel of a deal really good output buying opportunity. We do have overstock at 28 bucks, okay, up about 10 cents, still a great buying opportunity, and then we have teledoc 31.72 earlier today gets slightly back to 32. Still great deals for all of these stocks. Okay, thank you for watching. If you want you get your portfolio reviewed, i can do that. All you got ta do send me screenshots, but make sure you sign up for patreon once you do sign up for patreon youll. Be in that 10k 200k challenge youll be able to talk to me.