Now ive managed to do this within the last year, uh two year and a half, i managed to do it before any of the banter. Before any of these things, um and im planning on doing it again, and i want to teach you guys a very valuable lesson in this episode. This episode is not about charts its not about anything else um, but making a million dollars in the crypto market. I will be on rancho later to do. Updates on our trading show its something ill chat about a little bit in the episode as well um, as well as where we sitting in the market. But for now i want to teach you the main basis of making money in this market and im talking about literally starting from nothing from starting to, as a very, very, very little amount. I think its the best way to do it to start off with tons of money in the market always get you wrecked by starting off with a little bit im going to teach you the key little secrets that i have learned and how i plan on doing It again and how i plan on doing it, live on the internet. No more like you know, people people talk right. People talk live on the internet guys, so this will be a great show for you guys to always fall back on get used to this content. Im gon na be giving you guys the best library of crypto content in the world, which means, when im learning these lessons and im building these structures.

Youre gon na have these content videos that you can always fall back on, so you can realize the strength of focusing on money, not just crypto, and coins and fundamentals focusing on actual money, no more wasting time lets get into the show Music, so banterfam, if you Are brand new to the channel smash the like button smash, the subscribe button make sure youre on all of our social medias, make sure youre on our website make sure youre following myself, sheldon underscore sniper as thats, where im gon na update you guys on twitter uh When, whenever were going live, when anything big is happening on the market, its a way, i can communicate with you guys, as well as the telegram group below uh. I have a telegram group to update you guys when things are moving on the market. So what is the big question here? The big question is lets actually get it up. Here is how the hull can we make a million dollars now? Are we talking from you got ta have a hundred thousand dollars to make a million dollars? Do you have to have these um? Let me just move this over here. Give me two secs: do you have to have tons of money for you to do it like you know, whats the full structure? How do i make a million dollars in crypto now it started off with the basis uh. You know a lot of you know my story.

A lot of you know. A lot of you know that i started off a little bit of capital and these sort of things thats great um. I started with 400. I managed to build up to a million dollars um before any of this stuff actually happened. I first had to lose tons of at first i had literally built it up to ten thousand dollars lost it all back to four four hundred uh built it up again, two to twenty thirty thousand dollars and i lost it all again. I got addicted to leverage. I got addicted to margin um. I got depressed in life like this. This market wiped me and didnt, give a about me in the beginning, and i kind of feel thats how you all feeling right now and i kind of feel that that will always be the intro for every single person that comes into crypto. Is the market works? Your ass first and then separates the strong from the weak, the strong guys that remain in uh a bull market later this may be a four year. It may be. You know thats thats, usually when we get in the bull markets, the guys that stay through all that whiplash and through all that that beating in that time, theyre the guys that reap the rewards, which usually comes like. I said four years later on these sort of things, but what happens if we can actually start doing it a little bit different? Now i had to learn this over the last two years or so that ive been in crypto um.

Was these bull cycles? I thought the only way to make bull cycles uh to make a lot of money is through bull cycles. You know we need these things to go absolutely crazy. The problem is if youve got a hundred dollars or 400 or a thousand dollar account. You know how do you, how do you get there, even if ethereum 10 xs, you know it, takes my account to five thousand dollars it takes to ten thousand dollars. So that means, if i hold this thing and it does incredible amounts of growth over the next five ten years. You know its still not changing my life, its still not making me a dollar millionaire, its still not moving to the fact. So i wanted to teach you guys, the simplicity of money today and understanding what is the hardest part to crack through, and how do you then start building this thing into absolute monster? First thing i want you to do, and this was the biggest lesson that i learned is you need to have a portfolio that is set to only make money. You know, so you got a portfolio right, whats. The biggest problem we do right now is we keep building this huddled portfolio. We keep buying these coins and putting them into huddle, putting them into huddle and let them ride through everything out. But you never have a portfolio thats there to only make you money like a direct portfolio to make you that million dollars or make it that so thats.

The first thing is to get one account to make you that money now remember guys i am doing it live with you guys. I am doing the live trading show, so the link below is in the description, open. Your accounts on by bits on crew coin, on maxi im gon na go into a little bit more depth of this just now. Uh, because i want to do this live in front of you guys, i want you to be a part of the whole journey um, but jumping back the concept of making money now the hardest part ive showed you guys. I did this in the lab trading and i wanted to separate it from my lab trading as well, so you guys can always fall back on it. Look at this now. You basically put it on a a metered sort of base of you know. Looking at the hardest to the easiest right, you can see at the top here. If you start with a hundred dollar account to build it to a thousand dollar account, is a thousand percent means you got a 10x or money. You need bitcoin to go from where it is right now to 300 000. You know were all looking at that as as crazy amounts for bitcoin but thats what you needed to do just to get to a thousand dollars, then you need the market for bitcoin to go to 300. 000. Then, to go to three million to take your account to to ten thousand.

So do you see how hard it is in the beginning? You literally need a 10x, then you need another 10x and then you can see from that to take my account from 10k. Now to 50k, i only need a 5x from getting my account from 50 to 100k ive. I then only need a hundred percent from 100 to 200 100 from 200 to 363., 66 to 400k. 35. 25. 20. 17. Now, what does that show, and i can, can you see what i mean by that lets? Get me off here. Do you see the simplicity first, the hardest part is the beginning right. The hardest part is the the beginning point. As soon as you get your account to a certain level, the percentage will start getting a lot less and these sort of things now what happens in that time as well is ill. Get you guys up another. I will make another one for you guys as well, but in the beginning there, the difference in crypto is youre not going to make that on bitcoin youre not going to make it on ethereum youre not going to make on these coins. Because you know look at the amounts that you need them to do and its just not possible with the amount of money thats in the market right now, its unrealistic. So on that as well, is you got your your your gram, thats, basically saying you from hardest to easiest right? Okay, but then you also got another one thats next to it to say: if you want to do it in crypto, you actually got a risk bar and you got a high risk in the beginning and you got a low risk at the bottom, and that basically Means that you start off on higher risk sort of assets or these sort of things.

This is the the way we think right. We got to get into coins, we got him to get into these coins because you know were going to have another shibu and shibu is going to now turn my hundred dollars into a million dollars. So you see what the concept already does to you. It already turns you to the point of view that the only way that i can make a ton of money in crypto is through coins its through shibu its through dark coins, its through all of these sort of things that get it. So you also have the higher risk point of view now the way ive done it, and this is why ive started the live trading show with you guys. Let me actually show it in here. We did take our first trade over the weekend um our first trade. We started off with four hundred dollars. I want to turn 400 into a million dollars. I want to do it live as you can see, it is getting documented everywhere. I have cameras all around me that documents me 24 7 of me actually doing this because im showing you guys the tricks in the trade of how we actually do it, and you could see that our first trade over the weekend shout out to the guys nine Hours together we worked our asses off um, but we turned it into 680, so there we go thats. The first step now remember before we saw the first step of turning from 100 into a thousand dollars thats.

The part now whats the valuable, very big, valuable lesson that i want to teach you guys through this is we keep focusing on a coin that has that can change everything that can take us to this big amount, but we dont actually start setting our portfolios into A set structure of what it needs to do next, we have no idea when we put that money in what we actually put that money in for and what its going to make us. We have no road map or no structure and thats. Why you are doing this in the crypto market because theres one thing we cannot deny in this market is we have one of the most volatile markets on the planet and it moves insane. It literally moves crazy, crazy, crazy amounts. I dont care about just the bear leg were talking about now in this last. You know few weeks, um especially a few months as well, but if you look in between everything, you literally have a market that ranges. 50. 100. You know you got a market that gives you access to money. Someone has to to like you know, someone has to buy for someone to sell its very simple. So if the markets going down, people are buying the guys that are selling off there and theyre the ones that are losing money and its the same thing when the markets going up so either way, theres always a guy that is buying the other side.

When you bearish, you think the markets going down someones going to buy your coins from you, thats how you get your usdt right, um thats, how you get the basic view, but we are in a super super volatile market. The problem is, we have absolutely no structure on where we go next, so this is why im starting this whole new trading journey with you guys, because for us i want to get my four hundred dollars to a thousand dollars. First, what does that mean? It means i do have to go a little bit of higher risk, but im not getting into higher risk asset tokens im getting into a splitting system which splits between between spot margin and leverage. Now this stuff seems oh leverage and all these sort of things leverage for me was an absolute amazing thing when it first ripped my life apart and completely destroyed me and then i finally determined and finally figured out what the aim of leverage was, and it was For very short term basis, for me to just expand my portfolio now it means you got ta. You got ta get into uncomfortable points where you dont have enough money to make you a millionaire right now. If you dont have a hundred thousand or five hundred thousand dollars, you dont have enough money right now, thats going to make you millions of dollars face it. Its the sad truth of it, but thats the truth of it its not so how else are you going to basically do it? It means we got to now get into the bar.

Remember. I was saying that that first from a thousand dollars to the ten thousand dollar mark, your risk is higher, and this is why youre doing it through a way of slower and moving these ways through. But we got ta get our first step from four hundred dollars. Get it to a thousand dollars? Okay, that gives me a target point, which means when i jump into the market, i want to work out the calculation of whats going to get me from my 400 dollars to my thousand dollar. What move is it? What coin will do it for me, and and and where is my entry and extra point of it, its very very simple, so i want to find a token that will move that exact percentage that i moved and thats what we did on the show on saturday. We literally look for a token okay solana. Salad is going to give us a 15 move. We can see it, we can see it in a short time frame. We can do a 15 move thats great now, if we put in 300 – and we put it in on a on a 5x and we trade, this move and we get out im so proud of the community for getting out. We will have 600 to 700, which would already double our account size, which is absolutely incredible now were on the next one. So now, what i do is i let the market settle down and i look for the next one.

How do i get it from 700? How do i get it to a thousand and then i go from a thousand to a thousand five hundred from a thousand five hundred to three thousand and i start to move. But then the difference is is when my account starts getting to five thousand and starts getting to ten thousand. I start de risking because, ultimately i dont want to rely on these. These high risk tools and these high risk things theyre going to get me, but all that i needed is i needed to get my account to 10 to 50 000 so that i no longer need any of those assets and then i will never do them again Because it got me from the step that i needed to get into the the uh. The next step now remember guys just jump on here, so im gon na be doing this live in front of you, but i want you to take this format here. Think about it if i take 400 and i double it its 800. If i take eight hundred dollars and i double its a thousand six hundred dollars, if i take a thousand six hundred – and i make it three thousand two hundred and then i make it uh – seven thousand uh, four hundred or seven thousand two hundred, do you see How much easier it gets as you start to it sounds simple right, uh, not even simple. It sounds like a lot of work, its not! Actually you will see how quickly we will move now.

Im willing to do this live with you guys, im willing to start this whole account live with you guys. So i need you to jump on. I need to catch all my live trading shows that im hitting. I then need you to open an account. That is only for money. This is not about how much bitcoin i can stack its. Not you have a long term. You have a thing that thats there for that its about how much money, okay its about. I want an account thats going to make me only money so guys if you dont, have account look to load up on maxi, look to load up on kucoin um, looked a lot up and barbit im using barbers a lot. I personally love the platform. I love mexi as well and kucoin. I think theyve all got beautiful ways of doing it and if youve got a problem with the us, not vpn dont, just copy guys learn from the sniper and thats the purpose of this. I want to run this with you. So my next trade that im looking at here is, i want to get the 680 to a thousand. So i already know the hardest part for me is to get to that 10. 000 mark. Once i get to the 10 000 mark, i can then start slowing down, and i can start jumping onto the next ones and youll see how you actually slow down to speed up and thats the whole beautiful part of by sort of moving to the next levels.

Then i teach you how to open wallets for expenses. I teach you how to open wallet for salary for cars, for debt, for all these little things, because you need way less um debt every month, because thats whats sticking you in the system and the thing is guys no point you starting off with 50 000 now And getting wrecked in the market lets start off with four hundred dollars. Lets start with a hundred dollars, because if you can learn how to make a hundred dollars into ten thousand dollars, you can make a hundred thousand dollars into ten million dollars and, firstly, youve learned how to do it from step, one which means whenever in your life, You know one thing that im very proud of is: i can go back to 500 tomorrow net worth and i know i can do it again. The fact that i did it was a beautiful part of it so guys i want you to join this journey on me. This is gon na, be the biggest show on the damn planet. Its gon na be biggest crypto show on the planet. Why? Because you have a person here that believes in you and tells you that you can damn do it and im willing to even put my own name on the line and do it live with you guys every single day, because its actually not that hard and what Im doing as well is im going to be having intro courses on everything for you guys, so i have to answer silly questions on the streams.

The streams will get a lot shorter as well, and we can start this beautiful journey together, but i want you to put into the concept that you have a few months now, where the whole market is literally tanked down so much. There is volatility in the markets and we start this new structure right now and we start building this right now. It takes a little bit of time in the beginning, but we know what the hardest part is, and then we know how naturally how quickly it starts to speed up after that, so guys i wanted to bring this to you guys. I wanted to inspire you guys again. I want to get it lifted up again, and i want you to know that we can do it and um were going to do it its actually a lot simpler than what we think and you can be very proud of yourself, so get an account set. It up make sure you sign up with the links that supports the channel, get them ready and the big part guys of making sure youre on these is when im giving calls and im giving things on the show, if youre, using another exchange that im not using Here and ill give you a stop loss and ill. Give you a bar zone, your buzzer may not get hit. The prices are different on every exchange. Your cell zones might not get hit. Your stop. Losses might not get hit so make sure you are part of what were doing so.

I can do a dam in front of you and we can kick ass together. Im, proud of you guys, the the the inspiration is up, the the feeling is up um, so guys always fall back on this. We got this ill see you guys all on the next episode. I am live in the next two hours on rancho, then ill update.