So this video is for informational and educational purposes. Only so without further ado lets begin and by competing friends and sports celebrities, ai based computer vision, programming with blockchain integration, competition, wage earning move to earn move to earn, allows you to earn passive revenue. The dollar mnz coin is awarded for counting steps, while walking or jogging on your phone get fit. While earning with menzi. You can become the finest version of yourself, your every step counts and the outcome is passive: income active and passive with menzie, you may earn mnz prizes, both passively and actively by recording yourself in a dance motion or something else on your mobile app menzi makes it Simple to earn money fitfees future has here its also amazing. This ai driven revenue production initiative is designed to keep you and your pocketbook in tip top shape, move to earn menzi move, recognizes and rewards your bodily motions, dribbling dancing push ups squats yoga boxing skipping and other hobbies are only a few examples: eye computer vision, menses Ai based posture assessment, precisely detects an individual users. Joints menzie has created a unique reward structure based on the joints and their motions classification of activities. Mensis activity categorization allows users to just switch on their app camera and begin earning money through movement without any hassles, and this is the roadmap of menzie 2022.03 website. Whitepaper socials and audit plus kyc released initiation of technical development of the wallet app integration with marketplaces.

Ai computer vision, software development for measuring mensa move completion of facial biometric software for in app wallet, security formulation of pose estimation, rewards mensa, step development commenced for all mensians dollar, mens, ed private sale, plus public sale. 2022.06 menzi received strategic investments from specialized ideo platforms. Complete technical development of mensa step dash rollout of menzi app giveaway quarter. Fitbit is fully integratable with menziestep and menzie move collaboration with crossfit and professional athletes from all over the world. Further anti cheat systems implemented ml and vision based both menzi move development, trialled for all menzians release of compete, 2 earn within menzi move 2022.09 release of digital avatars, plus nfts, with specialties in the menzi ecosystem. Completion of menzi in app marketplace, research commenced to improve ai activity; classification, algorithms, with human, pose object and environment context, roll out of menzi in app wallet with various unique features and functionalities, such as facial recognition based transaction authorization in the blockchain space bug, fixes plus testing Gps, inaccuracies and system cheating for move to earn partnership with global gym, franchises for acceptance of membership through menzi platform, jims incentivizing, menzi 2022.12 integration on binance and dapps login protocol collaboration with other wallet apps for subscription of runtime facial biometric and kyc solutions. Integration of swapping and trading upgrade in app wallet to multi chain upgrade in app marketplace to multi chain community event expected date. The 21st of december 2022 2023.03, the npl development dash by now pay later dfi for menzi holders.

Anyone holding mnz tokens may avail bnpl services for products on all marketplaces in the blockchain space, touch tap and pay for easy transfers, hosting a hackathon for welcoming users to spoof, mendy, move or menzi step social fi element commenced for all menzians. Given that the community consists of more than 50k members 2023.03 enabling all features of the menzi ecosystem, including but not limited to wealth management, module and mensas, very own metaverse focused on well being and fitness of all holders out of mens averse dash, menses very own metaverse. For virtual training, fitness and social competitions between users, embedding vr based fitness competitions and much more. How can you get into the mens verse pick a pair of sneakers a headband, a coin or a dumbbell by simply moving around? Only when you wear your nft during gps sessions, do you earn the menzi group co founder hamza, azim business development and operations, a successful computer vision, biometric suites, managing director economics, degree, holder, university of british columbia, graduate co, founder, amma, kershid technical lead. Cambridge university has six plus years of research experience self driving cars, micro simulation modelling and smart cities where all projects are worked on. Python is my primary programming language engineering degree, holder, co founders, ishin jilani, lead designer five plus years of experience in blockchain web development, nfd artistry, web 3, wallets, metaverse and mouveto, and projects web design and project management. Graduate co, founder, abdullah, technical lead, computer vision, expert and certified data scientist solidity, rust, javascript, web3, js, node.

js, python, rstudio and power. Bi are some of my specialties: mechatronics engineering, graduate advisors, romero, porter, jordan, engineer software at coinbase, ios developer with seven plus years of experience. University of british columbia graduate tan jason developer of business act coin, currently working as a business development executive. After five years as a community relations manager, templeton simon bloctopias, leader, blockpad, bloctopia blockpad, is led by simon templeton. At its peak, blocktopia was a metaverse project with over 800 million mcap and lets take a look in menzies social media updates. Menzie invites our growing community to join us for this ama with crypto coin coach. They are excited to see you there. Menzie joined twitter back on march 2022 and now have 16.1 k followers, so thats all for come visit.