You know how it goes. Disclaimer im, not a financial advisor. I do this for educational purposes. Only i do it so i can get on here. Hang out with you. Have some fun hopefully make some money but get the projects on your radar be for everyone else lets get straight in so here we go guys its that youre going to go on to now. As soon as you click on its going to ask you to connect your wallet, you can connect whichever you want. I do recommend im, not a financial advisor, but metamask is the one that i use very, very good and all the links will be down below. So please only use trusted links so lets click, meta mask so ive connected my wallet now and its asking me to connect the bsc main net. If you dont know how to do that, please look up the youtube video on how to get the bsc mainnet im going to do that now. So there i have ive connected it to the bsc mainnet. Here we go so the website. We have the start button. The swap by the race, the airdrop super cool, its going to start telling you about the piston token, so its a binance bsc token built on the best in class decentralized technology. Piston was designed to run an ecosystem, earn rewards by depositing your tokens in the piston race, dashboard app. You can see here the piston value going down its been going down for a little bit now, but crypto right now is in a complete bear market.

So do not worry, i do believe everythings gon na start climbing very soon heres your contract address, so you can put that into anything youd like to click the copy button, so you dont get it wrong and we have the white paper now going down. We have token race, the road map, statistics and the team were going to talk about a little bit now. So lets talk about the token and the race so its built to run an ecosystem like we said its fully tradable and available to everyone. Okay, you get 10 tax on buy exchange only 10 tax on sale. The total supply is one million pstn the buy, sell fees, one percent marketing, two percent of the quality, which pancake swap seven percent, two contract balance, and there is a referral reward system. Okay, its the pit crew boost it locks, tokens out of circulation as long term deflationary measures, and you can look more into the white paper. Please do that. Do your own research talking about the race now! This is the really fun bit so the dashboard app for depositing your piston tokens. You can reinvest to maximize your apy max the payout 365 of your deposited amount. Its one percent a day for the year earn one set day, like i just said, withdraw initial investment. Our five percent direct referral reward system so youre also getting paid to share this opportunity. Okay, so deposit fees, five cents up line round robin five percent contract balance, the claim field will be ten percent to the contract.

Balance super super cool. They do have a disclaimer there. Please note that, take a picture screenshot if you need to the contract locked so at state of the art tech provider, its our responsibility to efficiently deliver improvements and patches to the dapp, which is the decentralized apps. Okay, as needed, mid race and our proxy smart contract makes this possible. You can see here the d5 hack along. We take this security seriously. Theyve got a munified unifieds massive in the space, so you can be sure that everything is going to be put to the protocol that they need and now theyre roadmap. Theyve done it in this kind of racing scenario, its really cool, so autopilot may 1st 2022. Then we go into the lottery side, which is june, the 30th 2022. Then test drive same year in august, which is the alpha. Then we have the nft marketplace september. I am super excited for that. I cant wait for the marketplace to be ready: claimable, nft avatar. So youre gon na get your avatar in october 2022.. Test drive the beta at the end of the year, so just before christmas in december and the game marketing place is open in february 2023 thats, my birthday so were going to be super excited about that. The game better march is in 2023. The game, launch and merchandise is undefined right now, but you can imagine just like f1 merchandise, shops and things like that. This is going to be very, very cool.

A little bit about the statistics here. Weve got a piston marking car, like i said, weve got that many pstn race deposited 723 million, already okay holders, 6 629, 98 of race users, and we have six thousand five hundred and ten race users. Now the team theyve gotten these sort of top trump iconic cards like a card collection, its really cool. So we have the iconics the legendaries and we have the res and normally we have uncommon. But here we have standard right, super super cool. So on the team you can see team philly, trads experience 20 years. You can get his telegram name what role he has and skip him through. Look through all the experience. Five years, three years, 14 years, experience 10 years, experience 15 years experience. What im trying to say is this is incredible from all different nations. The experience we have going into this team, incredible. Okay, now ive clicked on white paper. To give you a little look and im not going to go through every single slide here, right, im, actually not going to go through a lot of them, because i want you to get in here and do your own research. But one of the things that i wanted to point out, if you havent noticed already through this video, how professional this project is with their card collection as their team, not just a picture of the team everything thats going on their website. The road map going like a race track and now have you ever seen a white paper.

Look this good! Normally white papers, you click on them. You get lost in the matrix theres, so many letters so many words. You have to watch a youtube video to understand. Whats going on look at this. This looks like ive just gone on to an f1 track and im learning to drive a car and theyre doing it in a fun way: okay, its so professional. How is this a race? It tells you everything about it. I love everything about it, so please theres only 14 pages, as you can see, go through and have a look, its really easy to read, im a big believer in having pictures on slides because it makes it more interesting. Super super easy. So please do your own research click on that wiper its not like the matrix, its actually really professional, as you can see, heres their twitter, its my d5 underscore team. Okay, theyve got 3258 followers. Give them a follow. Telling me from this channel tell them george sent. You have a look at a bit of the trailers they have a bit of previews like i said, the experience that ive already showed you theyve got everything not just racing, not just building, but everything. Even the media side super super cool, please get on there interact, let them know youre from us. Okay, give a big follow and all the links are on there. The youtube everything like that and their team. Please please only use trusted links.

The links will be down below as well, so that is it from me guys. Let me know if you enjoyed it, if you did hit that like button as hard as you can hit that subscribe button, and please that little bell tap that notification bell. So you can get notified as soon as im ready to go again, which is gon na be pretty soon.