You definitely want to stay tuned whats up everyone randall here from crypto love, todays video were taking a look at the exact bottom date for bitcoin. Why now is a great time to dollar cost average and some other very interesting charts before we get into it guys? Make sure to like subscribe click, the notification bell come join us over on twitter at the crypto love lets, try and get to 2 000 likes just push the like button. Now today we are in extreme fear at 11.. No change really for about ever, but the entire market up about 2 percent today, bitcoin at 2801, ethereum at 1136, bmb at 230, xrp, 36 cents, cardano, 48 cents, solana, 37 and dogecoin 6 cents. And if you want to know the top coins today, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, they would be automata storage, trust, wallet, 10 set and nest protocol. If you want to check out token metrics for yourself, there is a free one week trial by clicking the link down in the description now bitcoin today continuing to stay right above this 20. 000. Previous all time, high support, also following this previous trend line for where bitcoin has bottomed like the cove bottom back. Here we are still in somewhat scary territory, because if we fall much lower well, bitcoin price could plummet, but also theres the possibility, where we have this wedge, forming right here that well see somewhat of a breakout by the end of this year.

Now we have some very interesting charts right now for bitcoin right now: bitcoin accumulation territory, the rsi is 26 lowest value ever in bitcoins history. If we take a look at the weekly rsi down here in purple, we can see the coveted crash it was down here. We are even lower than we were back then accumulation territory, but pretty much the scariest lowest rsi territory. Bitcoin has ever been in not only the rsi but also the mayor, multiple historic, low mayor, multiple multiples, calculated by dividing the bitcoin price by the 200 day. Moving average of the price we can see the mayor multiple down here on the bottom, the lowest territory it has ever been in similar to previous bottoms for bitcoin right now, ti anal is saying that bitcoin is ready for a huge bull run. Taking a look at the 225 day, moving average in green and the 125 dema in red, we can see when theyve crossed previously those were times when it was the bottom well right now we have a cross just occurring right now, suggesting that this could be the Very bottom, as a matter of fact, these same things in different colors, suggesting that we have the beginning of the fourth bull run starting, but there is something even more interesting this right here, suggesting that the absolute bottom will be july 9th now this is coming from The pi cycle bottom indicator sounds like something a lot of you have heard of the pi cycle top indicator.

It turns out that if you take a look at some different data points on the pi cycle top indicator, we can actually use this to predict the bottom. It predicted the exact bottom in 2015. It was two days away from the exact bottom in 2018. Right now, it looks like were having another cross coming up, and just in case you want to know what these lines are. The blue line is the 471 day sma times 0.745, and the red line is the 150 day ema. Now these could very well be suggesting the exact bottom date and what what the real plan c did was. He did a 10 day estimate of the rate of change of the pi cycle bottom indicator at the current trajectory we should see the cross occur on july 9. 2020.. Now remember. This picked the exact day back in 2015 and two days away from the bottom. In 2018., that means that theres a 75 chance that this would pick the exact bottom now also 25 percent chance that it would not, but that being said july 9th could potentially be the exact bottom, which brings us to this chart right here. The gutter accumulation channel saying that right now is a great time to dollar cost average. Historically speaking, the last four times in a row when bitcoin has entered the gutter accumulation channel its been a great area to consider dca. Now we can see the gutter accumulation channel is underneath this blue line and above this blue area and the blue line would be well.

We were underneath it back here in 2015. We were underneath it here in 2019, also the covered crash. We touched underneath right now. We are underneath it and basically right now it spans from around fourteen thousand one hundred and fifteen dollars to twenty two thousand nine hundred and thirty six dollars. If you can get bitcoin in those areas, youre going to be doing phenomenal in the years to come. So thats all for todays video, i hope you did enjoy make sure to like.