com currently stands where were going to be moving throughout this whole weekend here and just kind of share. Some important facts on exactly how many people are holding crow im gon na keep it short and sweet. If this is your first time on the channel, do me a favor like the video it helps reach more people and subscribe to the channel for more updates on crow and also, if you want six totally free stocks worth all the way up to three thousand dollars. Use that link down below sign up, for we will deposit, just one dollar onto the platform and again youre, going to get six absolutely free stocks worth all the way up to three thousand dollars. Guys lets go ahead and get right to it so check this out. As of the minute that i am filming this video, the total number of crow holders is at 258 794.. I do believe that on average, as of right now were growing at about 250 to 450 a day, nothing crazy, very, very small growth, very slow growth, but nonetheless its growth right. If i came back tomorrow – and this number was at like 2 40 and then i came down came back the day after that, it was at like 2 30 right then id be concerned. Then, at that point id be buying into something where people uh you know are not sharing a bullish intimate, but as of right now, its the opposite right.

There is a positive sentiment. There is a bullish outlook. People are holding for the long term. Thats not me blowing smoke, thats, not me trying to sell you on crow right. You decide how it is. You invest your hard earned money at the end of the day, but its the actual data, its the facts right and even if we take a look at our numbers here on the day, were down 0.67, which doesnt matter at all right. We dont care about that here. Our trading volume is down by 42 thats normal. I mean if we take a look at the volume here at most cryptos on the day were down its the weekend right. Thats expected the the volume of bitcoin is down 26, but what i find impressive here again once more data numbers facts showing us that there is indeed a bullish sentiment for bitcoin, uh and sorry for crow. Here is that our trading activity consists of 79 buyers and 21 sellers, so buyers are vastly outperforming these sellers right. You can say whatever you want, but the data is showing us that there is a bullish entry very similar, almost to that of bitcoin right trading activity consisting of 84 buyers and 16 sellers. I can say whatever i want to say about bitcoin. You can say whatever you want to say about it, but investors are taking this as an opportunity to scoop some up for a discount recapping here how the entire first, the uh chronos blockchain, is doing.

We are up one point: seven, six percent here: vbs finance dominance remains at sixty percent. You guys know if youve been watching these videos that im holding positions on crow im, holding a position on vbs and on tectonic as well im bullish in the long term. Ive. Also covered with you all that i didnt load the boat on, especially not on the easier right it come. They come at a higher form of risk. I wouldnt approach an investment on tectonic or vvs. The same way that i would approach a position on bitcoin right. I wouldnt approach uh doge, going the same that i would the same way that i would approach ethereum right different. You know different matters here, different approaches to each of them its, not to say that you know im, not bullish. Of course, like i said, im bullish in the long term, but i have emphasized right – and this is something that you would usually not expect to hear from someone who is bullish on a project but guys you do not need to load the boat on these projects, Especially not on tectonic where the potential uh you know upside is so high. We we covered some price targets based on actual fundamentals, youre looking at at least right 174 x, rise from where we currently stand. If we were to reach the market cap of um of another player within its same industry, right im, forgetting the name here unit swap here, uniswap sorry if we were to reach the market cap of uniswap.

But even if you capture percentage of that five percent of that bullish, outlook, uh youre, looking at you know at least an 8.5 x return right around there for tectonic, not bad at all, go ahead and watch that video, but as of right now, when it comes Down to where crow stands on the technical side, i like the fact that were positioned above the simple moving average line, always a good sign, but i wont get truly excited until we break above 16 cents well be in a good, well be in good shape. At that point, right well be in a good uh. You know at a good point and then, if we break above 22, then guys then i would feel more comfortable being like hey from this point on, were gon na truly set ourselves up for a more substantial option. So the first step breaking is 16 cents and then, after that, more bullish ends breaking 22 as of right now were away from that, so it can be kind of discouraging, but again, if youre a long term investor, then you dont really care about these minor fluctuations. Right breaking down quickly here, where bitcoin stands on the four hour chart same deal, just as we have the two lines for crow right. I like to keep it simple with technical analysis, just as we have these two lines for crow right here we have the two lines for bitcoin as well. In the case of bitcoin, breakup of 25 were in good shape, break above 32 and well be in bullish, shape right so for crow, again, guys reminder break above 22 as of right now i dont really care about.

You know these miter flux creations but break above 22. Then i can get truly excited if you guys want more updates on crow, like the video subscribe to the channel.