This is the ultimate buying opportunity, but again its very difficult to tell at this point whether or not the market is going to remain bullish or whether its going to remain bearish. Is this just a minor relief rally before a continued move to the downside, or is this the big run up weve all been waiting for very difficult to tell at this point so so far my strategy has been to mostly hold stable coins and dca a little Bit into some projects that i think are going to be very volatile because at the very least, if were gon na, you know if this is a very brief rally with very volatile cryptocurrencies all coins in the top 100 or, if youre looking to get into some Metaverse crypto projects – some of those are doing very well right now you could easily scoop up 10, 20, maybe even 30 percent before the market eventually moves back down, but right now or i should say over the past couple days, the markets been looking very good. Actually, for example, today were up about three and a half percent, and i think yesterday was decent as well. We did have one day where the market was kind of looking a little bit iffy, almost as if it was going to continue to move on downwards, but as of late price actions been looking pretty strong stock markets been looking strong, so im hopeful, i dont know About you guys that the market is going to continue this way, bitcoin managing to hold this 20k level actually right now, sitting at 21.

2 k, ethereum sitting at around 1200 dollars. Looking at some of our favorite all coins, xrp cardano soul, polka dot, shib avax chain link, polygon polygons been going absolutely wild. As of late with regards to the news being carbon neutral, i believe, in addition i know theyre getting into a bunch of gaming stuff. So plenty of bullish, stuff for polygon as well across the board, though in the top 100. It would be very difficult to pick a loser at this point, barring uh yeah, honestly, just looking right now, over the past week and 24 hour, time frame theres, essentially no losers. If you had invested in anything in the past week, you would very likely okay, borrowing harmony, one you would have been in the green things would have been looking good, but i understand why a lot of people havent been investing in the market. I understand why theres been so many people just holding stable coins sitting on the sidelines its because theres a lot of fear in the market. I mean we bring it up all the time. The crypto fear and greed index its been at 11, its been in the single digits for like a month now, people are very uncertain as to whats going to be happening next, myself included so thats the ultimate question in reality. Is it going to be different? This time are we going to hit a recession, is bitcoin going to crumble and the altcoins with it.

You know if bitcoin were to go down to 5k 10k like were seeing. Some of the super bears predict. Then, of course, a lot of these. All coins are probably going to move an additional what 70 80 90 down and then well be kicking ourselves that we threw money into crypto, but im hopeful thats, not gon na play out like that. If that happens, thatll be very, very unfortunate. Hopefully, thats not going to be the case. Lets actually go. Look now at some of the medverse cryptos, because i feel like a lot of people myself included, have been sleeping on a lot of these sandbox, i think, is a really good play. Um axi decentraland e im more of a sandbox gala games engine is an interesting one. Um theres plenty of them on here elluvium has an incredible looking game, one that i feel like is probably going to have its heyday at some point, but as to it being one singular game, its very difficult to see how theyre going to continue to innovate and Get people to want to be a part of their community ultra is a very interesting one. This is essentially the steam of crypto because for some reason steam doesnt want to seem to enter the crypto space. Vulcan forged is another really good one that i like, but yes, a lot of the metaverse cryptos are doing very good. A lot of the top 100. All coins are doing very good im sure if we checked in the 100 to 200 cryptocurrencies by market cap, theyre, probably doing pretty good as well and eventually lets say.

We did bottom out lets say that bitcoin had bottomed out at whatever it was. It was 16k or 17k somewhere around. There, then ultimately were gon na see. Bitcoin dominance go down, which is actually happening. A little happening a little bit. If we check the charts here, bitcoin dominance is going down were starting to see money flow into all coins. Eventually, heres the way, i think its gon na happen, of course, bitcoin bitcoin rips. It could either go sideways or it could continue to trend on upwards and then afterwards, theres going to be more confidence in the market moneys going to start flowing into all coins into the bigger altcoins by market cap and then eventually were going to start. Seeing. Some of those mid to low market cap gems really start to pump and thats when we know like yeah, that would be a while from now wed really have to see bitcoin rip im talking like 30, 40, 50k and thats. When we probably see a lot of the micros start to go absolutely parabolic, but right now guys what are my overall thoughts on the market very difficult me personally, im dca into some projects. Hopefully they take off and if not, then throw too much money in. Let me know in the comments down below: do you tend? Do you intend right now to buy crypto, or are you sitting on the sidelines and waiting or have you been holding this whole time and youre not about that strategy or more long term? Thank you.