So if there are new NFT games, new review, You will be notified. Hi guys Heres an update on Crypto Legions game that is like Crypto Mines.. I missed Crypto Mines. That is why I am playing Crypto Legions because they have the same gameplay and I know the mechanics and they are the same.. The reason why I am creating a update content is because Nadodo is 20 off on the Legions, The Warriors and Beast.. It has a 20 off, and this is the Nadodo that we are saying.. Nadodo is watching. It is like an Oracle guys because we can see the reward pool is Healthy. Reserve Pool is also Healthy. Liquidity Pool, also Healthy.. We will see all the information and it has 20 off when you will buy Warriors and Beast.. There is a 20 off on the summoning fee.. For me, it is nice because it is a huge discount for our summoning fee.. When I made my Legion, the summoning fee is quite high, so its a good thing that there is a 20 off.. This is our Legion and lets hunt it. So you can see how much we can earn here.. These are what we can win. We have 30 BLST, which is 6.5 USD, and we have 75.21 BLST, which is 16 and the 122.21 BLST token.. This is the price of the BLST token now.. For me, it became stable from the last time that we made a video.. This is 6.

5 hopefully, but we will see that it is 6.3.. It dropped slightly. The video we made was weeks ago, but it is still profitable.. I got 6.5 when I went hunting and it is still 6.5 today, but we can only claim in 20 days.. You can see that You will pay 34, so I still have tax.. We will pay 2.2 USD when we withdraw and you will receive 19.82 BLST.. What we are going to get is 4.27 when we withdraw today, because it is 17 days.. We need to wait 17 days if we like the tax to drop for our tax. Free. Lets cancel that and lets wait for the 17 days, so it will be tax free.. What we will do today is hunt. Lets hunt our Bat Lets attack the Bat.. I am just playing it safe here, so I use the lowest. So it is a sure. Win. Lets confirm the Gas fee, and now it says Your Legion is now attacking the monster. Lets just wait for the hunt to finish.. It is now done Reveal result. We can now reveal the result. If we won or lost. It has a gas fee again, which is 0.003., That is slightly painful, but by the way guys the BNB dropped. That is why it is not that high. The gas fee is not that high.. You have been rewarded. 30.56 BLST.. We won again and we have another 6.. I will continue playing this because I just got busy.

That is why I did not have time to play.. This is daily and every 8 am. This is resetting guys, Another 24 hours of waiting. I mean from when you attacked. It is not every 8 AM.. The time when you attacked is the time it will reset.. That is our countdown 23 hours and 59 minutes. For the supplies guys. We can use unclaimed., Use unclaimed or use my wallet., The BLST, that is there in our wallet or the BLST, that is in unclaimed.. We can use that.. This is the power or the AP of my Legion, which is 27420. Tomorrow. We will try to attack this. So we can get 26 USD The Rhino., So how much is 26 USD in PHP? It is 1422 is the daily. When we attack that., It is still high.. I miss Crypto Mines, because this is the feeling I got when I played Crypto Mines.. We can even attack the 5K AP That is still huge, amounting to 16 USD. 16. Usd to PHP is still 901 guys daily., And this 6.5 USD is like 300 PHP.. This is where I attacked 2 times already in the 6.5 USD. So it is a sure win.. You can see that I attacked 2 times. We have 60.05 Blood stone.. If you will ask how much one Legion is. It is here., They have a marketplace here.. We have a Legion that is 2604, which is just 500 BLST.. Lets. Look at how much is that.

, It is 107.8 and it has 2604 AP.. If you can see in the hunt we can now attack. This. 27420 is my AP, but this is the one I am attacking because I am just trying it out.. I will try this out tomorrow and I will also try the 120 BLST, which is 26 on our next video guys.. I will update you here in Crypto, Legions and lets see what will happen. On the Warriors. We can see that these are the Warriors that we can get.. There is a 3 star, 1 star, 2 star., The 3 star here is 333 BLST and it already has 2556.. For me, it is much better if you build guys., Just summon. If you are interested here, because we have a 20 discount on the fee, unlike when I built before the fee, is slightly high., These are the Legions. This means that you can put 4 people.. It can carry 4 Warriors., That is 420 BLST.. Centaur can only hold 1 Warrior. Barghest can only hold 2., That is the gameplay guys.. It is really like. Crypto Mines. Guys the good thing about this. Our unclaimed value here is pegged in the BUSD. So, even if we wait for 20 days here, the price is still the same. If we convert it to BUSD., If you notice it will rise and decrease because it is pegged in the BUSD value. That is the use of Zendodo guys. Zendodo is like their Oracle.

They peg it in the BUSD., For example, you won 6. Today you will still get 6 after 20 days.. It will not decrease.. That is the good thing about having Nadodo Oracle guys.. Unlike before, when we played Crypto Mines that, if the value of the token decrease we are at a loss, so this is much better.. The other good thing about this is it is not time consuming., Just one click, and I am done tomorrow, again.. That is how great this is. It is not time consuming. Even if you have work you can invest here to play Crypto Legions. Regarding the tax guys, I explained it in the previous video. Just watch it. That is our first review about Crypto Legions.. I explained all about the information about Nadodo.. You will notice that my Legion is being damaged overtime.. It means that the old players does not only take profit here, because the old players will invest here, so they can heal their Legions and when they invest their investment will go to our token. That is why the price of our BLST token.. That is why it is increasing, because the old players are investing, so they can heal, so they can hunt again. That will prevent large early players draining the rewards pool even without investment.. It is all here guys. We have a tutorial here, whitepaper tips and tricks., For those who would like to see my review of the whitepaper just check the Crypto Legions content, we had last time.

, So that is all guys about Crypto Legions Update. If you are new to my channel dont forget to click the subscribe button, Click the notification bell set it to all. So if every time we have a new upload of an NFT game or update on the NFT game that I am playing, You will be notified. That is all guys.