I am super excited today to show you what we have found before we dive in as always disclaimer im, not a financial advisor. I do this for educational purposes only i do it, so we can hang out build a huge community of cool like minded people and have fun doing it. So lets roll the vdo. So here we go guys its nerius finance. Okay, the links will be down below, as always overview of the website. We got the docs, the tutorials, the about wxt, the nft, the nx usd and launching the app. You can see the big launch app button right here now. This is on the avalanche lending protocol. I love avalanche its one of the greatest cryptos out there right weve got here, supply borrow and earn landing revenue share scheme and all on the avalanche non custodial lending protocol. We have ambisafe that does the audits and the security super super big in all of this industry, like it says the leading blockchain security firm. You can check them out by clicking this button, multiple tokenomics thats, what we want to see its metaverse ready next gen token optimized for mass market adoption, your experience, a new level of token utility and flexibility theyre, bringing new things into this. As you can see at the bottom, weve got the actual utility, which is unlock the earner potential of the wxt and earn an income. Okay. You can also stake or lock it for 50 revenue thats 50.

Okay, then, you have the wirex utility, so its used by four and a half million customers worldwide. Im gon na tell you a little sneaky sneaky thing as well. If you already have this youre gon na get a free nft when it goes. Okay, youre gon na get free minted nft. So what a day that includes crypto back rewards up to eight percent saving bonus up to twelve percent, okay, annex wirexs, groundbreaking savings scheme and, of course, multi chain by design, is already available on the ethereum and avalanche networks. With more blockchains coming soon, so what exactly is it? Is the marking leading revenue share platform that pays off 50 of its protocol fees? That is huge. This is a unique opportunity. Okay, massive opportunity dont miss this unique opportunity to boost your income alongside an exponentially growing d5 ecosystem. We all want to get in everyone talks about. Oh, i wish i got him when it started. This really is starting now, as you can see here, you can claim these earlier rewards. This is what it comes up at 5000, wxt, okay, its for active use. Right now, the more you interact with the protocol, the more you can earn it simple. As that lenders are borrowers, both they both generate wxt rewards, which is subject to a three month, vest they have the buy and bridge wxt. As you can see here, it looks like a little solar system. This is how you show the bridge in okay, its new to avalanche start staking unlocking it, and you need to buy the actual token you could and via trader joe you can buy it.

You can bridge it from ethereum and guess what you can use a credit or debit card too. All their socials are down here and again. The links will be down below okay, now talking about nx usd, it is a stable coin, thats usd pegged, which you always want to see: okay and its minted by nurse finance. Anyone can use it anytime anywhere. If you want to use it, just click this button, its going to take you straight through you, connect your wallet and get involved, whats the key benefits of this interest: free borrowing, one time free borrowing, farming rewards friendly, zero volatility and maximal capital efficiency. Please do your own research read a lot more about it. You can see here real world spending. You could literally spend this 80 million merchants across the world using the wirex card. Now guess what were gon na be talking about the nft? You see this godlike figure on the right hand, side you can join their discord and the mint is coming soon, its god, like of the sea, okay, favors ability to change, shape, thats, who this ancient god neurosis and bring the truth and wisdom to the world. Okay shift your shape, share the power thats. What were trying to do in the world heres the collection, so you can have a real look. Theres gon na be 10 000 of these made. You can read a lot more about the rarity. The 66 traits go down here.

Have a nice look common. Eighty four percent, its only gon na be one percent that is legendary, theyre going to be so incredible. I cant wait to get my hands on one of them, something i want to show you. That is super unique is the wxt token were actually talking about right. Look at the price, its up 2.2. Now you know we are in a bear market. Now, look at this even in a bear market. This token is going up. Okay, this token is going up through the bear looking at a 90 day one. If you want to check that you can see through this huge bear market, we are still moving. We are massively bullish on this. Okay. Super super exciting im very excited to get involved here. Okay, this all the statistics are on the back and, like i said today, its up 2.2 super super super excited about this, so guys, what did you think of that? I told you it was exciting. I am super hyped about this ive wanted something like this for a long time, so lets get it. Okay, hit that, like button hit that subscribe button, let your boy, george know that you love this channel youre excited because i am so excited so lets get it hit.