So what we are seeing in the current crypto market is that cryptos are breaking out like crazy, and this week i had showed you all that cryptocurrencies were forming an inverse head and shoulders pattern which they finally have broken out of last night and this morning to Confirm so if we go to coin market cap, what we can see is that ethereum is up eight percent. In the last 24 hours we have other coins like dogecoin up five percent. We have shiba inu up five percent as well. The last 30 days. Dogecoin is up 30 and in my patreon last night we put buy alerts out for cryptocurrencies for bitcoin and ethereum, which made huge profits this morning, but the profits are just beginning. In my opinion, i think the crypto market that we potentially have reached the bottom and that we could be seeing a lot of green, because if we take a look at the charts, if we go to the daily chart, we can see that cryptocurrencies have been green Consistently pretty much the entire week since last weekend, the past weekend we have been going up and it is moving big, but is this a fake out? Our cryptocurrency is gon na go right back down? Is this just manipulation going to be talking about it briefly and quickly in this video now before we get into the video make sure you subscribe with notifications on give this video a thumbs up? If you love cryptocurrencies, if you bought the dip, if you are still holding, let me know what you are currently doing and let me know in the comments below, if you were to pick one cryptocurrency that would make the biggest gains this year.

Let me know what coin that is in the comments below so taking a look. Let me show you guys: dogecoin dogecoin right now is sitting almost touched about it hit seven cents guys it hit seven cents just a couple of days ago. This is the daily time frame and we are setting up to break that. Seven cent mark right here. Very soon, dogecoin is setting up looking very bullish. We also have shiba inu setting up again. We put that buy alert out last week, which made over 43 the other day and we are still up significantly. We put a buy alert out for solana last week, which is up huge as well today. So congratulations and even the buy alerts out yesterday are in profits right now now the question is: are kryptos going to go back down? Are we going to see a big crash here soon? Was this a dead cat bounce? Was this a fake out? Well, if we take a look at the traditional markets, let me show you guys the s p. 500. We are seeing massive bullish moves taking place in the s p 500, where the s the spy to take a look at the spy is 386 right. Now we were just a few days ago at 362., that is a massive move to take place for this stock market, a 7 move in a couple of days, and that is very good. So if the s p 500 can continue to go up, the nasdaq is just absolutely rocketing right now, and we also have we zoom out.

We see the us dollar is going down, so the dollar is going down. Stocks are bouncing up, theyre going up at least for today. This week, cryptos and stocks have been bullish uh this weekend. Obviously we are approaching the weekend right now. Weekends are a little tricky um. We have been seeing a lot of crazy crashes on weekends, but also a lot of bullishness. I am under the opinion that kryptos are going to be bullish this weekend, uh this may or may not be the case, its not financial advice, just my own opinion. Im thinking that we could have another green weekend so get ready for that and yes crypto current cryptos right now. If we just take a look at the charts right now as if im making this video were seeing a little bit of a dip but do expect little pullbacks or dips after the market had just moved five ten percent in a very short period of time, do You expect that in this play, right now guys its absolutely massive, the bitcoin inverse head and shoulders pattern is playing out. We are going to have confirmation in the next couple of days, but if bitcoin can continue to move up in this bullish region, this is going to be very good, but something which is very interesting as well. The bitcoin dominance is going down. Bitcoin dominance is going down, which means all coins are performing really well thats, why we are seeing all coins outperformed bitcoin this last week, and if we take a look at the ethereum bitcoin chart.

Ethereum is far outperforming bitcoin very interesting to see. Take a look at the bitcoin ethereum chart is looking a bit bearish, so the altcoins are setting up guys theyre, looking very good, but be careful just be cautious, because the current crypto market youre still very bearish. Overall, we are bearish right. If we take a look at bitcoin, we take a look at cryptocurrencies. They have still crashed substantially the last week, the last couple of weeks right and were just getting the first bounce out of the entire crash. This is like the first bounce that we have seen since this crash and if we just take a look at when bitcoin and cryptocurrencies crashed before we werent seeing this recovery structure, look at this we were seeing a consolidation period right here, where bitcoin just kind of Crashed down and slowly just moved up a couple of pumps and thats it, but bitcoin right now is forming an inverse head and shoulders pattern, which is a reversal pattern, and this is going to be indicative of the entire market. What the entire market is about to do if bitcoin im telling you right now if bitcoin can break twenty one thousand six hundred and eighty nine dollars if bitcoin can break above twenty two thousand nine hundred dollars and then finally, twenty three thousand three hundred dollars. These are three major resistance levels: im going to show you right here on the screen. Youll see these red numbers the red lines.

If bitcoin can break this, you better get ready, because bitcoin is going to see a move from these positions, potentially about a 30 percent. 30 move is underway if bitcoin can break this, and if the stock market can continue to rally and to recover so guys get ready. Even though people are panicking and fearful and paper hands and people are selling, and all that fud you were hearing everywhere, kryptos cannot take a beating like this for too long. Every time, cryptocurrencies in the past have seen substantial crashes like this. They always bounce up and recover very, very fast um, and then they consolidate for a period of time, but i do see bitcoin breaking above thirty thousand dollars getting above thirty thousand dollars, probably within the next sixty to ninety days. I also see ethereum trading uh above two thousand dollars in the next 60 to 90 days. That is my prediction. Uh we could once we get to these levels, we could be trading sideways, we could have a bull run. We could have a board, we dont know, but i do see the crypto market recovering back up to these levels before all these crypto companies were being liquidated and leveraged, and all this crazy stuff was happening. I do see that happening. I do see the stock market recovering to a degree im, not saying that cryptos are going to be making massive moves on the next 60 to 90 days, but i do expect i surely do expect kryptos to be making some handsome moves uh in the next 60 To 90 days, probably a lot sooner, probably even this month and in the month of july, im looking forward to seeing these types of moves.

Let me know if you guys agree with this in the comments below if it sounds crazy to you outlandish or do you think im even too bearish, in my opinion, thats gon na, be it for this video guys. Thank you. So much for sticking to the end. Make sure you join the patreon if you want to get these profitable trade alerts, where we are making money in a bear market and also make sure you guys claim your 4 000 deposit bonus over on buybit by using my link and if you deposit 10, using My link, you will have an opportunity to win a ticket and a whole trip to the formula one in silverstone, which is in england and thats happening very soon. So guys make sure you get that opportunity and if you just use my link, depositing certain amounts of money, you get special bonuses by just being my follower using my link so guys make sure you check it out.