So do not underestimate the heat of dubai. Its extremely hot here guys, all right so in this video. I want to talk to you guys about what are the best coins to buy right now, considering that were in a bear market and ive been talking about it myself that oh, this is the time to buy the best time to buy. But what exactly should you buy is the question that most people have been asking so ill, clear it out and also before i forget, the world series of trading is now starting in two days. So if you dont know about it, it definitely means that you havent, even found uh found a team for yourself so ill leave. The link in the description go join it because the competition starts in two days, all right. What does this mean guys? It means that uh, the theres eight million dollars eight million dollars available for traders to win. This is a competition that goes on each and every year by by bit, they host this series of trading where people group themselves into groups, and then we trade and based on the rankings, the p l and the volume uh people actually win different prizes this year. The total prize pool is eight million dollars and im sure we can get some of that. So make sure you join my team. My teams name is crypto university. My squad name ill also put a link down in the description.

There is a requirement for you to join the team uh for you to be part of this trading competition. You need to to have minimum five hundred dollars in your buy bit. Derivatives account, if you dont, have it a by bit account ill, also put a link in the description to sign up to sign up. If you use my link, you get about twenty dollars in the first hundred people, theyll get a hundred dollars bonus to trade with okay, so i think thats a good deal for you guys uh. Now what about buying okay, everybodys, like oh, buy the dip buy. The d, but what exactly do we buy all right? Heres, the real deal, guys ill, keep it simple for you. You want to buy number one, the high caps, that is a given right, thats, the obvious you want to buy the bitcoin. You want to buy ethereum. These are given, but first before we even talk about the other art coins that you uh, i think are worth buying its important to understand the cycle of the crypto market, because most people just buy this stuff. They dont really have a strategy, and this video will help you to have strategy. So this is how it works for every bull market it gets triggered by bitcoin, bitcoin starts going up and it pumps maybe doubles in price and then ethereum and others sort of follow, and then it sort of trickles down from the highest caps going to mid.

And then lower caps and then coins thats how the cycle works now at every bull market, the most performing coins are always the newer projects that had never pumped before the ones that make a lot of money just like on the last bull run, eroshiba inu in 2017 shibain didnt exist now. What does this tell you? It means that on the next bull run, youre not gon na expect shiba inu to be one of the best performers anymore, its not gon na, be it will pump or youre, not gon na expect, solana or bnb to be one of the best performers of the Of the season right, it will be newer coins that you dont even know about just like look at everything that pumped in the last boron that we just had. These coins did not exist in the previous bull run of 2017 2018. Now, what does this even mean, and what should you do about this information? You need to apply this strategy uh a step one you need to have um. Do you need to be buying the high caps at the moment? Obviously, like i said before, and you dont worry so much about the medium caps like i said they already expired their time. They would do well in the next bull run, but not as much, however, the medium caps, the kind of solanas and uh polka dot, uh and bnb. These ones will pump, but only when the boom market has been triggered.

So you can wait without investing so much in those ones you can. You can currently buy the high high cap, so the main chain tokens the layer ones right, like bitcoin, ethereum uh. I think i think um polygon has not really run its course properly in the bull run, it kind of um it hasnt stabilized in terms of utility and projects, so you can still buy that im buying it myself and you can also buy a little bit of Other chains like uh, airbags and things like that, because theres a lot of development happening on these chains, you can still buy a little bit of solana as well right, but you dont want to do you dont, want to overdo it. You want to keep 70 in bitcoin and ethereum, and you can also diversify into this or the 30. You can diversify into the other layer ones and draw and layer tools like uh that are active, like polygon thats, one all right now when the market is starting to shift itll go through a consolidation period and then youre gon na see a massive pump again uh On the on the horizon, so you sort of see this um shape in the market, a coin launches it goes up and then it crashed a little bit and then it starts again going up this. U shape that, we always talk about now when you start seeing that, u shape or the escape uh candlesticks outside the um, the consolidation level thats, when you start moving your money away from the high caps, the bitcoins and ethereum and moving into the mid ones right, Because now those ones obviously will outperform btc and e and then thats how you make the money.

But the reason also you want to have a lot more of the the high caps is because it makes it easier for you to invest in other derivatives of the market like nfts, because theyre tied to these uh to sort of these high cap coins like bitcoin And ethereum you know um in d5, for example, everything was ethereum wrapped heath whatever, so you always want to have that. That could also happen in solana. It could happen in air vacs, so you want to have. You might want to make sure that you have enough of those coins. Thats strategy number one two now, instead of spending too much money on um, the shiba inu, the litecoin, and all this in between established coins that have had their run already. Your job should now be looking for the next big coin that is currently hidden or undervalued or, if theyre just getting started all the best projects that um pumped in 2021 2022, i mean 2020 to 2022. All these coins does not really just get started in 2021 or 22.. They started a few years before actually at the very end of the boron of 2017, 2018 and then some of them in 2019. Then they popped only when the bull market sort of started. Right now, right now that is happening as well. Lets say if were going to have another bull run in 2020 at the end of 2023, for example, what do you think is gon na pump? Do you think the the coins that will pump at the time will be the ones that uh will be born in 2023 as well? No, the best projects are being born right now, but its harder to find them because nobodys talking about them anymore, you know the crypto um hype is dead, so you want to to to really find the newer developed projects.

These are the best because you put a small amount of money, but theyll give you massive gains. You put 500 in its 2 000 10 000, whatever small amounts, but these ones are the ones that will make you rich. If you really find the the right ones. Now, how do you find them? I would tell you this is where community participation plays a role. It pays big time. Why? Because, right now, when the the market is not exciting anymore, most people give up theyre not really into crypto anymore, but this is when you should be because thats how youll be able to know whats going on what are newer projects coming in uh an example of This kind of coins right now its like, oh optimism, optimism just launched uh recently and it actually crashed even after the launch. Why? Because it launched at the wrong time. But this technology of what optimism is doing is very aligned with where ethereum is going and also very aligned, with more likely the whatever is going to be the alpha technology or the alpha, uh or lets say the meta of the next uh boron. So you want to make sure that you find those and you invest in it. Okay, how do you find them communities make sure youre still active in the crypto activities? Crypto university, my discord, uh twitter youre following the relevant people like myself on twitter because ill tell you. My strategy is to really just stay in the market.

If you give up and you stay away from crypto thats, how youre going to miss out on all the gains, so all im doing im just reminding you that stay active in the market thats, how youre gon na find the projects and do not think that the Same coins that uh you bought and they crash completely then youre waiting for them to also become the most performing on the next run, its not going to happen, find newer ones and invest a little bit of money in those ones. Everything that im finding im always sharing in the discord channel discord link is in the description for those of you who are absolutely new in crypto. I recommend you join my uh. You take my course at ill teach you how to trade, how to invest and how to also flip nfts. Actually, before i forget nfts, so on the nft side, nfts are the ones that are a little bit different on the nfts. You want to sort of. First, stick to the ones that are already established, we call them the blue chips, so you can look at whats going on with yoga labs. They have a good collection of nfts uh. They brought api club, they have the mutant ape. They have me bits. They have crypto punks uh, they have other side, they have the kennels. So you look at all these theyre, like pretty established with the team. I think the most competent nft team in in the world right now is still your collapse, so you can look at what yoga has if you can afford it, get some of their stuff.

You know whether its other side, land or whatever theyre doing right now its because it crashed its extremely affordable uh. Today i was watching a music video by um, snoop, dogg and eminem at app fixed. They made a music music video around the concept of the board api club, so these guys are still active and i think the brand is growing and becoming more stronger as an nft brand, which will make a lot more people. Do you like it and to use it, and the value is more likely just going to go up for most of these nfts? Obviously, we need to keep your eye or eyes and ears open to um. Do the newer stuff as well like goblins, for example, it surprised a lot of people and it did well. I invested in that and its still a buff to ethereum at the moment, but it was a free, mint right and they did the burgers. It seems like they want to open now they might do a burger brand around the goblins, nft theres. So many things you know that can happen but um. I think you should pick up the blue chips if you can afford them at this current prices, especially if they go lower, even more look at the solana as well less established, but there there is a lot of good stuff out there. If you dont know how the nfts work, a lot of you guys still are not in the nfts youre stuck in the coin game and thats how you miss out on the money make sure you learn.

I have an incredible course at crypto university go grab, my master class, teaches you everything, investing trading, nfts and pretty much youll, be the best investment youll make this year. All right, remember, word trading, syria, series or wsot is starting in two days so join my team before registration closes right now, link is in the description. All you need to do is deposit 500 minimum in your buy bit, derivatives account and start trading after two days. Right, if youre winning im winning if im winning youre winning, so we in this together, brother and sister ill see you guys on the moon, also remember to check out my podcast the survivor skills podcast on uh a survival skills. Podcast is on uh youtube.