Todays video is number 346 why you should learn how to take your crypto off of centralized exchanges and into wallets that you control theres, three of them today. Actually, first one is theres. Now these changes coming out of holland, the dutch government and their intense regulations forcing that on coinbase users now through coinbase, if youre in at least, if youre in holland. Probably this you guys take a red flag when you see it. Okay, youre gon na need to provide the full name residential, address and reason for transferring your funds from crypto to an outside wallet. Why do they need all of that information and theyre not going to give you an answer? They just want your data. They want to track your crypto. They want to know everything they can because uh thats thats their leverage that they have with these centralized exchanges is because they have your coins. They dont have to release it. They can make any kind of a high barrier for you to go through for them to grant you access to your coin. Now, for those of you who are thinking – oh good thing, i dont, i dont, live in holland. I im a coinbase user in the u.s or canada or wherever australia. You guys have to see the red flags. One government does something and another ones going to be. Like oh yeah thats, a good idea id like to know that information too, you guys take a red flag, be proactive, not reactive, okay, reason number 346 for getting your coins off of coinbase onto a hardware wallet like ledger or trezer ive done a an intense uh Tutorial and all about hardware wallets, i will link it down below in the video description for you to check it out and also, if you want to buy a ledger uh, we have an affiliate code for there.

If you want to help support this channel reason. Number 347: why you should keep your coins off of centralized platforms? Voyager digital? I just did a video about them. Yesterday, weve been doing videos all week several weeks now talking about centralized lending platforms like celsius, blockfi, uh and voyager. Now they uh black, fine, voyager, specifically have received whats called lets. Call it what it is. A bailout from ftx and from alameda research from sam bankman freed is trying to rescue these blending platforms, even though they have, even though voyager has received like 500 million dollars worth of credit, they are still limiting their users ability to withdraw their funds. Speaking of users who cant access their funds celsius halted their withdrawals over a week ago. They still cant get their funds, and even worse, now is celsius. Whos always touting themselves as being super transparent, is giving complete non answers. Theyve cut off all communication on twitter. They stopped doing their weekly amas, and these you know blog posts that theyre posting on their medium account is just literally giving non answers. Theyre saying that theyre working with regulators and officials through this process, why are regulators and officials uh involved in this? I dont know theyre not going to give you an answer: keep your coins uh on a hardware wallet, keep your private key, your mnemonic phrase to your wallets safely and securely as if your cryptocurrency relies on it, because it does. This thing is jingling and jangling.

Um, uh and and the responsibility should happily be on your shoulders because you shouldnt be able you shouldnt, want to be trusting anyone else with the importance of your cryptocurrency investments. You should take up that responsibility and i have full faith in your ability to learn how to do that. My name is heidi. This is crypto tips. If you guys want to learn more, please check out the ct club a link for that is down below. We do classes trade alerts, market updates and amas.