Now were gon na jump into this and im gon na give you my opinion on this. I think that its to last longer than 24 hours, all based around one big key criteria: okay, and were going to talk about that. So, as always, thanks for giving me a few minutes of your day – and i really appreciate you, thank you so much – i have one goal with this channel and thats to help you make more money and help you navigate crypto better tomorrow versus how you did it Today, as always, videos for entertainment purpose only and thanks for stopping by okay, so this uh article talks about how the fact that she be news, price analysis and its showing that its gon na remain bullish for the next 24 hours. If we look at the price action right here, right now were up seven and a half percent. As of the recording of this video uh volume is flat up only about four percent, but you know you guys know me who watch my content know that i always follow what is going on in the overall market. So the overall market is up five percent right now: 951 billion – and i always talk a lot about bitcoin and ethereum and bitcoin and ethereum are moving up fairly nicely. Also, i tend to zoom out and i look at i look at stocks as well. Okay, so the overall stock market is really uh doing well, today, all right so uh, the stock markets up 546, the dow and the nasdaq is really crushing it up.

258. Also, you need to remember that you, you also need to keep an eye on the fear, and greed index were still at. A lot of fear were still in extreme fear right now. Okay, so lets jump back over into shiba inu, but again, bitcoin and ethereum were running high. Okay, so lets go back up to shib right here, so were up 7.63. So if we dig into this piece of content right here, its talking about all the technical indicators, all the technical analysis points things like that: okay, rsi levels. Excuse me all right and others. Okay, so im going to show you right here, um shib, uh price analysis to reveal that the the market is following a bullish trend. We just looked at that right. We know that the market is very bullish, uh right now, its up five percent, its been up yesterday a little flat, but it was up a little bit yesterday. Actually it was up and then down, but moving around so were up five percent. We could be starting to see money coming back into the overall market. Okay, so so, if youre, looking at uh shiba inus bollingers band, uh, bollingers bands, ive always been ive always had problems. Saying saying that bollingers bands is upper limit is one one one one which acts as the strongest resistance point for ship. Conversely, the lower limit is available at nine, so thats kind of our bollinger band uh trading range.

If you will and so lets to look at this again so see were at a 107 9 so that upper limit is that one one one one okay lets look at rsi um rsi is a 64 making shib usd fall above the upper neutral region, good. Okay, all right and weve looked at this right here. She being your price, reveals the market to have entered a complete bullish movement showing room for reversal of shiba inu reversal, meaning from not negative going positive thats what they mean. The bulls have begun to dominate the market and likely to maintain it. As a result, the market offers massive room for further increased activity, stabilizing shiba inu and gaining more value. Okay, however, since the market is expected to break, we can assume that the bears will soon take over the market. Okay, this kind of comes back to my overall scenario. 24 hours or not right is it gon na run for say, 24 hours were up again were up, seven were up seven percent in this 24 hour period and you can actually see the high end of our uh on this 24 hour period is one one one. Four okay, so the opening statement i had 24 hours or not is all related to the overall market conditions. Okay, the overall market conditions are very volatile right now, and so, if were looking at, is it going to last for more than 24 hours, its all going to depend on bitcoin and ethereum thats, really what it comes down to its going to depend on bitcoin and Ethereum continue to move up, uh and and and and rolling up along with that will be shiba inu.

So keep an eye on that.