m in the morning as the time of filming this, so its the witching hour, its spooky outside and were Going to be talking about some very spooky things that have been happening with casper, such as the price decline, weve seen how fundamentals, in spite of the price, have not changed and why i believe casper is going to be one of those digital assets that is able To provide investors with a tremendous return on investment, as well as having the potential to be a digital asset of longevity. So before we do get into the video today, if it would be possible for you to give it a quick like at the end and maybe even a subscribe, i torture myself for art here, but i love doing it and i hope you guys love seeing the Videos as well so getting into the video right now. Over the past year, we have seen an overall price decline in the crypto market, with casper being hit especially hard. Now there are two primary reasons that we saw: casper go down from 20 cents, all the way down to a two cent bottom, and this is of course tied to the bitcoin price chart in the negative decline weve seen there. But on top of that and the real thing thats been exasperating, the pain for the casper price chart would have to be the increase in circulating supply. We need to remember that casper is a micro cap to low cap crypto and only has 140 million market cap and when we consider the high roi that casper stakers are being paid with eight percent annually, but it being compounded every two hours were looking at.

An aggregate here of ten percent being awarded to stakers, meaning that theres a lot more of the supply being traded and sold on the market. Even though weve seen this extreme volatility with an asset such as casper. I always like to remind you guys that a short term price chart is no reflection whatsoever on the overall fundamentals of this network. Casper, in my opinion, is one of those blockchains that outshines assets such as cardano or al grant, and is able to provide a high level of service to the clients due to cheap gas fees and upgradeable smart contracts. Furthermore, the cto of casper labs metaparlicker has said that, even though we are in a crypto winter right now, the casper labs team continues to build out this blockchain and the overall adoption it receives and theyre really exploring the multitude of use cases that nfps have whether It be the tokenization of patents, the tokenization of rare whiskey tasks and wines, as well as the fact that in the future we might even see the overall tokenization of data. So casper has a very large market. It has the potential to tap into and with institutional partnerships from the vc world, as well as an ibm partnership and an aws partnership. I would say that theyre very well equipped to have a broad level of adoption in the future, and something i would like to remind all of you is that what were doing with casper is a textbook strategy to get a 100 to 10x in the crypto space.

And i want to explain to you all my reasoning behind this. When we look for 100x opportunities, we have to look for projects that are lower caps by default. Can bitcoin or ethereum duo 100x at these prices, i would argue no and if they did, it would take likely 50 to 100 years for them to do so. Meanwhile, when we look at a lower cap coin, it has a higher likelihood of doing that. 10 to 100x, when compared to something like bitcoin and ethereum and the best strategy to optimize your chances of getting such a high return would be to look through these lower cap alt coins and examine the fundamentals of the project. Look at the white paper. Look at the competency of the team and the overall technology and the potential innovation and disruption it could bring into the crypto space and, throughout all my research into casper. I believe that it best exemplifies all these different aspects as to what makes a 100x altcoin really pop off and in my personal opinion, we will eventually see some dramatic price action for casper, whether it be through a positive headline or a major company or institution. Adopting this technology – and i do believe we have the potential to see multipliers, several multipliers on our initial investment. However, the only thing that will borrow you as an investor from getting this kind of return would be through capitulating and selling your coins at the low and whats so great about having a two to three cent entry point at this specific moment in time is that Casper, in my opinion, has the potential to become a real player in the smart contract space, and my reasoning for this is the fact that casper is a blockchain.

Is a wasm, blockchain and ive said this multiple times on the channel about things like horium and casper. But a web assembly machine blockchain is superior to an evm and ethereum virtual machine blockchain. Due to the fact that you have access to that wider pool of developers and all these institutions and companies are looking to move into web3 and so theyre going to want to move into this space quickly and the best way to get these people into crypto is Through a wasm blockchain, now the only thing that i could see inhibiting casper success as a blockchain is just the fact that it is so new. When we look at these legacy institutions, we know that theyre looking for assets that have really proven themselves over the past five to ten years. This is why i believe that xrp is all but confirmed to be utilized for cross border settlements when it comes to a neutral bridge asset over all these different, newer cryptocurrencies. And while we do believe that casper has the potential to become a very valuable and utilized network in the future, we do need to recognize that it has been stress test nearly to the level as something as ethereum or bitcoin or xrp. However, the strong fundamentals and routes that casper has built for itself leads me to believe that they are going to be able to prove themselves in this specific space and the fact that the bsn, the blockchain service network of china, is using it for one of their Cities fuso makes me more confident that this is going to be a blockchain that has much longevity to it.

When we look at the casper price chart overall, we can see it mirror a lot of different assets that had major run ups, for example, assets such as solana or terra luna had long consolidation periods that lasted between one to two years. However, when they finally did break out of that accumulation zone all bets were off, it defied all chart patterns and, while conservatively, i do believe we could see a 70 cent to one dollar casper and if casper is capable of doing what theyve set out to do. As a team, i believe that this specific digital asset is capable of receiving a two figure evaluation. My personal strategy for casper is to use it as a trading vehicle. I plan to continue accumulating casper at these low entry points right now and once it does reach higher valuations between 70 cents to one dollar. I do plan to sell off a majority of my coins. However, i do have the intention of holding at least 10 percent as a moon, bad just in case. We see this thing rocket to 10 dollars someday and while things are frustrating right now for casper investors, this is really what delineates serious crypto investors from people who have paper hands and if its any consolation for caspers low prices right now.