As always, it is nick here back through daily crypto news and analysis and today were going to be talking about ripple and xrp, so lets just dive in and lets talk about a few things. So, overall, let me refresh the mark and make sure everything is up to date at the current moment that i am recording this its almost 10 p.m. At night. I know it is going to go up a little bit later, but i am expecting you know some nice price action in this uh. You know market im waiting for bitcoin to come down and retest the lows one last time giving us some major buy opportunities within, of course, all coins. That is what im waiting for patiently um. We do see xrp still up almost 20 on the seven day span and we have been seeing a lot of altcoins uh continue. Their major runs compound just recently started running and it is up almost 91 exact um and, of course, we do see other ones like matic up 73 um, its pretty. You know incredible to really kind of see some major green like this in this market, but definitely you know its something that i should really say like right now, as we really kind of watch. A lot of these old coins turn green um, and if you are in a few of them, you know i have been scraping some profits off of the top of those trades just to buy this dip that i do believe that we will see uh going forward.

So, just so that you guys know you know dont get too too excited. This is not going to be like alt season. These tokens are going to go massive just yet um. We will most likely see these like nice swings. These volatile swings off the lows and uh. I welcome them. I think that theyre great, you know, swing trade opportunities. So with that in mind, uh lets move on and lets talk about a few things so blackrock. So we do see here. Blackrock remains bullish on bitcoin blackrocks, uh, salim, ramji, im, hoping im, saying that name right: doesnt roll out launching bitcoin centric product in future, but company has no such plans as of now um. So again you know they do theyre. Not. You know saying that they wont roll out launching a bitcoin centric product, but you know they dont have any plans currently um. We just recently seen blackrock invest in usdc and you know they are. You know really kind of stepping up the game in regards to crypto adoption. A lot of institutions for the most part have been stepping into this market uh. We also do see new. You know. Northern trust unit merges crypto traditional finance teams, 1.5 trillion dollar asset managers. You know new digital assets and financial markets division. Uh comes, you know, maybe ongoing crypto sell off and uh boundaries between you know traditional, you know, finance and digital markets will only continue to blur over time um and we do see our grand executive calls the move by the renowned financial institution, an important step for The blockchain industry, so you know, when we really kind of focus on things happening around digital assets like we are seeing a major transformation happening within not only traditional markets, but also even in crypto as well like.

We are seeing some massive opportunity here to really kind of be ahead of the curve. Like we really look at some of these, you know major institutions like, for example, northern trust we do see here in addition to its 1.5 trillion dollars in assets under management. As of march 31st, the company had 15.5 trillion dollars in assets under administration and custody, so these are large names that are entering into the space. Remember blackrock has over 10 trillion dollars in assets under management, so these are extremely large corporations or i shouldnt say corporations, but institutions and uh. They are stepping in they understand exactly where crypto is headed. They understand exactly what crypto you know has the potential to do and uh im very excited for the future of this market. This is exactly why i said like we are basically seeing solidifying moves from institutions. To really kind of you know tell us hey, you know we made the right decision, we are in you know at the perfect moment in time and of course, as all these major financial institutions are getting extremely bullish on crypto at like near the bottom. This is the moment in time where we really need to take a step back and just think where we are currently in this market and uh. You know kind of you know, get all the noise out there. You know out of your mind because of course theres a ton of panic and fear out there.

In my opinion, its all noise. Now also, we do see here us state passes legislation allowing financial institutions to offer crypto custody services. This just happened yesterday, um. I think that this is also going to be huge. I think that when we really kind of start, you know really seeing you know financial institutions allowing for more. You know crypto custody services and things like that, its going to really kind of put a bridge there. Um between crypto and some major retail customers and as well, we will see institutions really kind of aping into crypto. I think that things are shaping up to have a great year ahead, um, but i im really kind of centric on 2023. I think that 2023 is going to be something pretty special for crypto. Also, we did see bank of russia to present a road map for the digital ruble in 2023, ahead of schedule – and i actually said um i tweeted on my twitter. I said – and this was just recently um – i said ahead of schedule – you know like the entire new system, isnt going to be streamlined. You know for launch as soon as possible, and this is the truth like when we really kind of look at things happening around uh this market. We are definitely paying attention to digital forms of cash and to me personally, like all these road maps, around cbdcs will be streamlined and theyre saying you know a cbdc with real clients as early as april 2023 from russia um to me personally, like almost every single Cbdc that weve talked about in regards to even like the us, all of it will be streamlined.

I know yesterday we talked about, like christine lagarde saying you know, between 25 or five years down the road, no thats, not the case. All of this is moving extremely fast. We do see. Testing of real operations will give us the opportunity to understand what needs to be tweaked and brought to mind what to refine. What to change. We want to develop a roadmap for the introduction of the digital ruble at the end of next year, so uh. We are seeing some major moves happening here and we do see down here. In my opinion, all self respecting states will have a national digital currency within three years and we will need to build cross border cooperation in that direction as well uh. We definitely need to be ready as soon as possible, plus this, among other things, you know, solves the problem with swift, because with such integration, swift will no longer be needed. This is huge. They are basically saying. Swift will basically be replaced now to me personally. There will still be payment networks out there and uh. That is the idea that we really kind of look at ripple net being ushered in this is going to change the entire landscape. I want you guys to understand that this is what we should be paying attention to the downfall of swift unlocks, not only the national foster accounts of 27 trillion dollars, but theres five trillion dollars a day that gets transacted over swift.

If we could bridge that amount of money through xrp, the upside possibilities are limitless. Also, we did see from gold telegraph breaking news. Chinas central bank has signed an agreement with the bank for international settlements to establish a renminbi liquidity arrangement. This is also very large when you look at it, because, of course they are talking about liquidity here, you know whos the number one source for liquidity at this moment in time, xrp uh the arrangements first, participants in addition to the pboc, would include a bank of Indonesia, the central bank of malaysia, the hong kong, monetary, uh, monetary, sorry, authority, um, the monetary i dont know why i keep trying to say like monetary, because im trying to like you know, put these two words together. I do apologize um, but you know monetary authority of singapore as well, and the central bank of chile. Again, this is from the bis and a lot of individuals are saying like thoughts and were seeing. You know from xrp darren for an example shout out to xrp durham, but we do see trying to push away. You know from us. You know d dominance, 100 again to me personally what i actually see happening now. This is actually going to be a little bit of speculation, but this is my idea on this. I believe that we will see the downfall of swift through cbdcs, basically becoming. You know a major thing, uh similar to what they are saying here and when we see that we are also going to be getting out of and moving away from, a dollar dominated payment mechanism or infrastructure.

And we will see you know in terms of like a one world: currency reserve currency. That idea is going to get scrapped, theres not going to be a dominant currency, theres just going to be cbdcs and were going to see which ones you know work the best. This is why the technology stack does matter thats, why ive said pay attention to dlts, which one has the most efficiencies for payment mechanisms. This is why ive said pay attention to ripplenet, because ripplenet is truly unlocking major opportunities within a payment mechanism or network. If you will thats far greater and far more efficient than any other payment network out there, its tried and tested remember right at one point in time. Xrp – and this goes back to 2019 xrp or, i should say ripple sorry ripple um had 38 of the worlds. Top 100 banks working with them and, of course to me personally, they would most likely be utilizing xrp if it wasnt for the sec lawsuit at this moment in time now remember these are some very large names um, you guys can see all of them here and Uh to me, you know once we do see regular regulatory clarity come into the space for xrp. All of these major clients will be back on board if you know, of course, any of them left. I know that theres, like a few like bank of america, and things like that uh to me personally, like xrp, you know ripple, will be targeting uh.

You know nearly all top 100 banks and xrp will be utilized. Ive always said it. You know a lot of people really kind of you know say all the time to me. Well, why would xrp be utilized? Why will xrp be utilized because they already are planning on doing so? Remember this from the other day when i was telling you guys about sbi, basically saying like listen, they want to utilize xrp for on demand liquidity, but theyre, just waiting for the us trial to end thats, basically what they are waiting for now you might be wondering. Well, what happens if this sec lawsuit ends in favor of the sec which to me personally has a very low percentage chance chance of happening? What we do see over here ripple says: itll leave the u.s. If it doesnt win its case, wonder what will happen to xrp? Will it still take off or stay at its current price position to me personally, they dont need the us and a lot of people say like if they cant operate in the u.s. I reckon theyll fade to you, know: irrelevance better. Cheaper and faster solutions now exist, and i agree with matt chase down here. Hes saying you know, ripple was valued at 15 billion dollars in 2021, while in a lawsuit with the sec. Xrp is still ranked. You know. Six above ada, and i do think that people really kind of disregard the fact that, like listen, 90 of the client base has been outside of the us.

They havent been utilizing xrp simply because, of course they are. You know worried about regulatory uncertainty. But to me when we do see like you know, if we do see ripple, move away from the states and we do see like xrp – not have regulatory clarity within the united states. These other areas around the world are not going to care. You know to me, you know we will see ripple continue to expand, we will see xrp continue to be adopted in. We will continuously see on demand liquidity corridors launching globally its just the fact that u.s will be left behind the same way that you, the us, will be left behind as we do march forward on in terms of like an entire new landscape for the payment infrastructure. We are essentially seeing the downfall of the dollar one, but also were basically seeing swift become irrelevant. This is a pivotal moment in time. This is probably one of the largest opportunities in terms of like a transfer of wealth that weve seen in the entire history of our lifetime. This is such a crucial moment to be a part of crypto to understand crypto, to understand the technology behind crypto. This is a huge opportunity and i do believe that we should all be able to. You know really kind of look here. Do our research connect the dots and understand exactly why xrp itself also has a very large role to play going forward.

You know, as we do see major announcements like this now, of course. Last but not least, i do just want to say one last thing, and that is this. So, as everything in regards to the timeline is looking great were seeing, you know possible talks around like the sec lawsuit, basically ending um, you know theres a large amount of things happening around xrp. We do see here. We are now officially at less than one month until jed, mccalebs taco stand account is empty of xrp, meaning he will no longer be selling xrp and a lot of people say its funny and suspicious that the sec never sued him for selling xrp but sued garthinghouse And larson a lot of people, you know kind of confused that a little bit um, but to me personally, like you know it doesnt really matter. At the end of the day, this wallet will essentially be at zero in less than one month as everything that weve been talking about is directly tied to one another, and it is aligning perfectly this, in my opinion, is an incredible time to really be looking at Xrp remember right, as we do kind of march into the later months of this year november is a crucial moment for the sec lawsuit, and i do believe that we will see a settlement by either quarter four of this this year or quarter one of 2023. I am very excited, let me know what you guys think down in the comments below, but with that being said, i hope that you guys all enjoyed this video if you guys did definitely leave a like subscribe to notifications on.