As always, it is nick here back today the crypto news and analysis, and today were going to be talking about quant network, aka, q and t as well as xrp, so lets just dive in and guys. Today we have an absolute banger of a connection to a very, very large service were going to be addressing. It were going to be talking about it and really kind of connecting the dots here, and i do think that this does go back to quant partnering, with xdc laying the foundation for pretty much nearly every single industry within this market that dlts are going after. So lets just you know, talk about this, so first off uh its really kind of understand the value perceived by you know, q and t i just uh quoted a tweet on twitter. Actually, where individuals were saying well, it actually wasnt, even individuals. It was uh im. Pretty sure it was some billionaire or so saying, like the true value behind bitcoin, the greatest or actually no, it was the ceo of binance thats what it was um. He basically said that the true value behind bitcoin is in its supply, how scarce it is right. When we look at quant, you know, scarcity in terms of tokenomics is great, but there is also a ton of terrible assets out there in this market that do have, like you know, 500 million tokens in supply, or you know a billion in supply. Well, i shouldnt say a billion in supply, but you know what i mean like in regards to, like you, know: tokenomics theres, a ton of projects out there that do have great tokenomics in general, but tokenomics dont, really kind of result in you know value perceived all The time when we really kind of look at quant and we look at the tokenomics combined with the utility combined with what we have been seen within this market, it really kind of opens the door for what lies beyond ive said this time and time again: okay, When we were down here at roughly 42 dollars, okay, i said that im accumulating we, you know tapped this zone multiple times accumulated it.

Of course, did i ape heavy? No, my buy range was still kind of around like roughly the 30 to 40 dollar range um. But i still did you know average in and i continue to average in here and there um. But the reason why, like 42 dollars just seemed great to buy, is because look at our recent high up here at 400, its nearly a 10x opportunity. Now, of course, at some point in time. I do believe that we will see a hundred x opportunity from even the levels that we are at now its gon na take some time, but we will get there in regards to the holders tab. Yes, we are extremely early compared to something like bitcoin, and i do think that when we really kind of compare and contrast, q and c to bitcoin a lot of people kind of say no way, never gon na happen, theres only one bitcoin, nothing will ever replace Bitcoin bitcoin is basically the king. There is, you know, infinite things that people say to really kind of disregard. The fact that qnt is essentially going to basically become the next bitcoin. Why its? Not because i wanted to its not because im biased its not because im a holder of q and c but its because you could see the overall, you know potential behind something like quant, and you can also see in regards to crypto right. What we are doing within the tech stack behind a lot of these dlts, so lets talk about it.

So today, shout out to son nl11 and shout out to miles taylor on uh twitter here, but we do see her. Where were you when the qnt ceo helped out rolling the fed instant payments in uk faster payments with the bank of england ciso? Do you think c level decision makers at big central banks would take advice from gilbert, and here we have it right, fed now, having been a part of the fed, secure payments task force until 2018 and helped lay the foundations for this by bringing learnings of uk Faster payment strategy and first hand experience delivering tch at vocalink. This is indeed exciting and, of course, this goes back to august 19th. When you know the fed now uh, you know pretty much improvements. Uh twitter said just announced the federal reserve banks are developing a new interbank, 24, 7 365 real time gross clearing and settlement service, to support faster payments and, of course, heres. That quote a tweet from, of course, gilbert verdian and you guys do see the tweet under it im really kind of talking about this and uh. You know the funny thing about this is that ive talked to you guys about the fed now service, many many times in fact lets actually dive over to it and lets talk about this. So here we have vellante joins federal reserves, pilot program for fed. Now, in some payments now at first youre, like all right whatever who cares its volante, you know nobody really cares about this, because you know theres no names in here in regards to, like you, know, dlt assets or something like that.

Well, thats, why we do connect the dots when we kind of look at this, but first off we do see that this is due to be available in 2023 or 2024. We actually have confirmation that it is going to be happening in 2023 uh. This is going to really kind of usher us into an instantaneous payment mechanism. If you will – or you know, infrastructure – and we do see down here – access to instant payment system will be provided through the federal reserves fedline network, which serves more than 10 000 financial institutions. Now regards to this, you know when we look at quant or not quant um swift, they have 11 000 financial institutions. They clear five trillion dollars per day. Imagine the scope of this in regards to how large of you know. You know the volume aspect will flow over something like the quant network. Okay were going to be addressing it. Uh vellante is a member of the us faster payments council in 2017 in the us, volante enabled the first real time payment over the clearinghouse rtp network between two banks b and y melon and u.s bank, which of course are working with them, and we do see Down here, volantes cloud native and api first solutions are an ideal fit for the demands of iso 222, based in some payment, instant payments networks like fednow. Now, of course, i know that a lot of people kind of get caught up in iso 222.

just know it is a messaging format, but it does allow for things like this to be adopted in its a perfect fit for a lot of these technologies, especially like When you look at ripple net now, lets move on and really kind of look at this. So since this um document, which was january 2021, we shortly after scene um february in 2021 federal reserve payments pilot incorporates ripple partner, volante technologies. This was huge because, of course, we do see volante technologies saying proud to be. You know, leading the way in implementing the federal reserve upcoming instant payment, offering fed now service as a pilot participant again, they pilot it theyre, actually kind of working with them. Now, as we do see over here uh, this goes back to march of this year. Volante technologies launches first unified service for fed now ntc uh tch rtp again this is focused on instantaneous payments uh. It is going to be including you know, banks, credit unions, industry bodies. You know to shape the future of us payments again. The entire payment infrastructure is getting absolutely disrupted by cross border payments and like cross border payments settlement systems that could clear payments in an instant. As well as lowering the cost, streamlining it in terms of a scalable way like everything that we have been talking about is essentially being you know, printed out right in front of our face and uh, we do see the fed now service uh.

You know payments here and some payments 2023 fed now and some payment uh service launch. They are mentioned in this, like 24 7 365 and will be available to all depository. You know institutions in the us by 2023.. Again, this is very large when you look at it um, especially when you kind of compare and contrast where we basically are right now in regards to like crypto adoption and crypto regulations, it seems like a perfect timeline to have this adopted in by 2023.. Now lets talk about their cross border payments uh. You know scene on vallante, because this is where we do kind of get into ripple. So, of course, we know that ripple is a huge player in the cross border payment scene. They are mentioned in the swift, gpi ripple, visa, b2b, visa direct and more and theyre. Talking about you know they want. You know better faster cross border payments options. Uh banks must improve that you know their cross border payment services if you will and of course, next generation cross border mechanisms with gpi ripple, etc. They are mentioned them in terms of like gaining traction, and then we do see volpe, you know cross border payments. Now this is where things kind of get very interesting, so they are mentioning a few things down here in terms of like connections, but they are doing it through api based solutions, um of course theyre talking about you know the overall demand around this, where they could Basically be disrupting you do you see like zell, et cetera and things like that um and then we do see down here.

Volpe, you know supports all major cross border payment networks. We do see ripple, we view vellante as a critical partner for building ripples, new real time data, rich payments, network, um and, of course we do see swift as well over here. Um and the funny thing about this is that you know. Volante technologies is a massive giant. We always really kind of looked at their customers. We looked at the you know about section on them like this. Is you know for the most part, you know connected to some large players: 100 plus customers in over 35 countries. You see like a few of them here i mean city as well: uh, bmw melon. I mean its huge in regards to how large volante technologies actually is ive, broken it down multiple times in regards to uh, you know ripple and xrp and um yeah. I mean you do see like they are literally processing trillions of dollars, move through our systems on a daily basis, uh we process over 800 million transactions a day, so this is pretty large and, of course, um. If you go to like their partner section, you could see an entire breakdown on some of their partners. We do see like their technology partners and things like that. Industry associates consultancies and system intake integrators, which we just talked about um accenture and we also do ccia interesting right, um theres, a direct connection to quant as well, but lets, actually, you know, break this down.

So here is the ripple: processor module speeds, integration to ripple global settlement network um. In my opinion and yeah, it is a little bit of speculation. I do believe that when we really kind of look at the fed now service, i do believe that they will be utilizing this payment mechanism, and you might be wondering why um well its pretty simple. So when we really kind of look at the fed now service itself, this is going to be. You know everything that we want it to see with ripple um when you are an institution or if you are a bank or a payment. You know company, maybe a fintech company. You are going to try to deliver the best for your customers. What do what do these customers want? They want real time, instant payments, but they also want it to be extremely affordable. They want it to be cheap, scalable, fast, secure, transparent, et cetera. These are all the things that ripple has been focused on for the longest time now i dont have the scheme of the fed now service itself, but i know that i broke it down in a ripple video before it basically looks exactly like this. In terms of the diagram, let me actually pull it up real, quick. Let me uh here one second guys so here i just quickly uh grabbed it, but here you guys have the fed now service. Now at first doesnt look anything like this, but then you actually do a little bit of a breakdown.

So you do see the fed now service in the middle reserve banks right in the middle on this one. I know it doesnt like look like its the middle, but ripple is essentially at the you know middle here in regards of a settlement network. This will basically be the foundation for this if you will and its going to allow for instant payment settlement its going to also allow, for you know, all the efficiencies around ripple net in terms of like cost basis. Things like that and, of course, in my opinion, to uh you know get to that instant payment. Uh, you know settlement you are going to have to utilize. Xrp weve always mentioned this with ripple net a lot of people kind of get a little bit confused when we really kind of discuss that in depth. But to me personally like when you look at instant payment settlements, um its sourcing liquidity from somewhere ripples main liquidity source is xrp, that is on demand liquidity. That is the biggest use case around xrp that i have mentioned multiple times um, but lets actually do a little bit more of an in depth view on this. So we do see sender to receiver. These are basically banks. If you will so, we do see like the centers financial institution receivers, financial institution, these are bank, a bank b heres bank, a heres bank b, sender, receiver, very similar in regards to what is going on with this payment mechanism.

Obviously, things like this are going to look extremely alike in terms of payment diagrams, so we cant just go off of that alone. What im actually looking at here is the source of liquidity to get to the instant payment mechanism – and you know, at the end of the day, like settlement is the huge key here, because they do want to do instant payments. But they also want to do instant settlement. We actually do see down here. That settlement is complete if you do see that right and when we look at that right when youre looking at settlement. The idea of that is, where are they sourcing liquidity from? Where are they going to be getting the liquidity for the service to have instant settlement? Because, again, when you look at something like you know, two banks being connected here, you still need something in the middle to source liquidity to provide the currency for each bank. If we are going off of something like the swift network, that is sourcing nostrovastra liquidity, the 27 trillion dollar, you know pre locked capital, then this entire mechanism is still extremely inefficient, which tells me that they are utilizing the you know: theyre utilizing, volante technologies through again. The ripple payment processing module, because this is the only way that i could truly see this working in an efficient way and, of course, we are seeing this within seconds again ripple settles with xrp in three to five seconds.

This to me is the perfect combination of what we will essentially see in this market. Ive said it multiple times, you look at, you know quant, and you look at the overledger network. This is connecting it all. You know we just recently seen quant part uh partner with zinfan, okay, truly remarkable. When you look at it to me personally, everything will be interconnected through quant ive said it multiple times. This is what makes quant so insane as an investment vehicle, because all of these dlts that we look at on a day to day basis like we look at xrp. As being you know, a b2b institutional settlement token, then we look at like xlm as being p2p and, like you know, small businesses, if you will thats what we really kind of look at that in terms of like you know, sourcing liquidity as a like a fiat To crypto bridge, we look at like iota, we look at you know. Al grand zinfan, like all of these assets, have specific use cases and niche audiences that they are going after in regards to like industries, and it all comes back to one quant, because all of these assets will not be adopted in without there being an interconnectivity bridge. Between the legacy platform and the dlt platforms thats, what were basically seeing here with quant and ripple right. The reason why i say that is because, like quant is already working with ripple um in regards to like the digital pound foundation, the digital euro foundation like they, they are working together on a large amount of things in regards to even like the uk based cbdc And it all comes back to this when i seen this today, i could not help but to think we finally realized it.

We finally understand exactly what has been going on ive been saying this. Since i talked about q and t the first time, everything will run through quant because at the end of the day you need that interoperability. Web 3.0. The entire move to web 3.0 is bringing interoperability between the you know, web3 scene, to traditional markets. Everything will be interconnected here. There is only one clear winner within you know. Well i should say this right: theres blockchain, interoperability out there theres already. You know many. You know projects you see like adam with cosmos um. You see like chain link with link. These are great for blockchain and like the internet of things, to be interconnected, but what quants going after in terms of the legacy payment mechanisms with dlt mechanisms, that is huge thats, where we do see like a massive amount of financial opportunity. This is why i say everyone still needs to do more research on quant if they do not understand it fully a lot. A lot of people dont understand what quant is doing, and i see that with a lot of comments. Saying unt is never going to be the next bitcoin. It doesnt need to be the next bitcoin, because this is so much larger than what bitcoin ever really kind of perceived to be. Qnc is, at the end of the day, the interoperability layer between everything they are laying the tracks for the new you know payment.