Video were going to be talking about why buying a bitcoin. Now is better than buying bitcoin 99.8 percent of the time. You definitely want to stay tuned. Whats up everyone randall here from crypto love, todays video were going to be taking a look at why buying bitcoin. Now is better than buying bitcoin 99.8 percent of the time. Thats, almost 100 of the time were going to be taking a look at some very interesting charts and explaining exactly why now is literally the best opportunity you will probably have in your entire life to buy bitcoin before we get into it guys make sure to like Subscribe click: the notification bell come join us over on twitter at thecryptolove and push the like button. Lets get to a thousand likes now. To begin with, we are in extreme fear at 13, lucky number 13. Today we have been in this same territory for the past month and it certainly feels like a long time now. The overall market down four percent today, bitcoin at 2072 ethereum at 11, 30 bnb at 219, xrp, 33 cents, cardano, 46 cents, solana, 35 and dogecoin 6 cents. And if you want to know the top coins today, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, they would be seek smart vr s coin leo token, baby, dogecoin and reserve writes, and if you want to check out tokenmetrics for yourself, there is a one week free trial Using the link down in the description – and i should remind you that this is the time when tokenmetrics was able to pick out helium and also matic, not when they were at the top when they were at the bottom and with a token metrics membership, you get The code reviews on a regular basis that helps you pick out the best coins before anybody else knows about them, link down in the description now today, bitcoin hovering between the 200 weekly and the 280 weekly moving average right above the previous all time.

High of twenty thousand dollars, as a matter of fact, this is the longest time in bitcoins entire history that it has been underneath this yellow line, the 200 weekly moving average. The only other time it was below this line was the coveted flash crash for about a week now, weve been under for two weeks already doubled the previous time. We have been underneath that line now. That being said, a lot of people are exceptionally fearful right now, because theres like global recession, pandemic war, plague. Everything and you know well monkey pox. I guess its not really the plague, but all of these things and people think the price could go lower and while it could – and you know, theres no way – i can predict the future were going to take a look at some charts today and show you why Now is literally the best time out of 500 times. This is the best time to buy bitcoin, so lets get into it to begin with this chart from stock money lizards right now, if we take a look at the area under the curve for the bitcoin bear market, basically the price where we are now the bottom To where the price was lower, this is the largest bear market. Bitcoin has ever experienced the largest area under the curve we have 1.026 here here was 0.893. Here was 0.952, the largest bear market that bitcoin has ever experienced. If you are still in the markets, pat yourself on the back youve done something nobody in history has done before, but taking a look here.

This is suggesting the bottom is already in. We take a look when the 137 ema crosses below the 730 ema guess what back in 2015, it crossed three days after the bottom back in 2018. Guess what it crossed one day after the bottom and look at this. It just crossed on june 18th suggesting that that was the bottom. If we take a look at this gaussian channel right here, every time we have a gaussian channel flip from this clear to the reddish color or the bluish to the reddish color guess what thats the beginning uptick! Basically, when it switches thats pretty much the bottom or very close to the bottom, and then we have an up move over the next year, pretty much so we just switched right here, potentially suggesting we might have an uptick for the next year. If we take a look at this suggesting we are in the late bear market stage and may soon reverse by using the rate of change of the 12, multiple were able to have even more optimized view of the indicator itself. So you can see here we are in late, bear similar to where we were in 2018, 2019 or also in 2015, and then what comes after that period? Well, theres mid cycle where the price just basically goes up pretty slowly, and then we have the blow off top. So this is suggesting we were already in late bear which being how the top was pretty much april 2021.

It would make sense, because usually the bottom is about a year after the top brings us to these charts from kelly kellum bitcoin on chain charts showing were currently in one of the best risk reward buying opportunities in many years. If we take a look at pretty much all these charts, like bitcoin reserve risk lowest its ever been bitcoin entity, adjusted dormancy flow lowest reading since 2010 bitcoin price temperature, lowest its ever been all of these things, suggesting the lowest its ever been. Even this right here when we take a look at the one year, huddle waves theres no way no other way to put this in bitcoins history. Its only had the current accumulation structure when exiting not entering bear markets. Perhaps this time is different, but accumulation is saying a bull face is coming every time we have this one year, hotter wave, basically changing direction. That is what happens when we go from bear market to bull market. It happened back here in 2015. It happened here in 2018, 2019 and look at this. It looks like its happening once again. Bring us to this chart right here. Bitcoin is trading below the following models which have coalesced around bear market floors. In the past the 200 week moving average the realized price and the 0.6 mayor multiple such events in the past have only occurred 13 out of 4 360 days, representing 0.2 percent of all trading days. That means right now is the best opportunity, better than 99.

8 percent of days to buy bitcoin. So if youre, one of those people who is buying at the very top when it was 60 000 now everything is saying this is the time that you should be buying. So that being said, should you plop all of your money into bitcoin right now, well, technically, based on statistics and math? Yes, unfortunately, but thats, not how i do it and i dont suggest you do it that way, either because im not telling you what to do with your money. This is not financial advice. I just want to present to you some information so that you can make up your own mind as to what to do. If we take a look at this medium article right here, dollar cost averaging. Does it really work? Bitcoin case study this guy daniel simran takes a look at bitcoin and says: is it better to dollar cost average, or is it better to put all your money in at one period of time and comes up with this chart based on bitcoins history the times in The green youre, better off dollar cost averaging the times in the red youre better off, putting all your money in at once. We can see. The red here starts when were pretty close to the bottom and then goes all the way until were pretty close to the top the times when its best to dollar cost average are when were very close to the top and then in the bear market.

On the ride down, so it turns out that youre only better off dollar cost averaging mathematically 27 percent of the time when its green youre better off putting all your money in at once 73 percent of the time. But there is a caveat which is down here on the bottom, which is what i want to share with you and why i dont put all of my money in all at once and its because of a psychological reason. So in closing heres the summary of what he learned most, but not all of the time you get better future returns if you buy bitcoin all at once, rather than dollar cost averaging. However, dollar cost averaging does work better if youre buying during a bear market or if the price is already some way up a larger vertical rise. This is the part thats important to me, and you should listen to dollar cost averaging is psychologically easier. So if in doubt, rather dollar cost average and be happy that way, you dont have to worry about if youre buying the bottom, because youre going to buy the bottom, when youre dollar cost averaging youll probably buy a bunch of places in the middle, but youll also Buy the bottom, and if we take a look at this, which is very interesting if your dollar cost averaging and youre doing it once a week. Well, it turns out the best day of the week to do. It is friday if we take a look at bitcoin right here, down in b turns out historically over bitcoins history, friday, bitcoin price is the lowest.

So if youre going to do it, you might want to do it friday, and this comes from this article from science direct the day of the week effect in the cryptocurrency market. So that being said, we took a look at the reasons today. Why now is historically the best opportunity better than 99.8 of the times you could buy bitcoin if you buy it today or around this period. I know people are scared. I know the price could go lower, but if you start dollar cost averaging now theres a very little chance, you will regret it.