We start out looking at the big picture, then zoom into bitcoin and altcoins, both on the daily and intraday time frames. That way, we can identify some key buying and selling zones, some potential profit taking zones and also what the whales are doing by the way of the volume. Now, as you can see by this chart, ive been sharing it for quite a while. Now cryptocurrency is sitting in the slow recovery period and im sure anybody thats been watching the charts, at least over the last 24 to 48 hours. You can really feel the effects of what this slow recovery could continue to feel like for many weeks and many months. Potentially as well so you know really, it is a matter of tightening up those levels being sharp with your trading plans. Also, your investment plans too, and you know just letting the market do its thing. Looking for some bigger picture, breakouts and confirmation for some longer term moves and on the shorter term side of things just really being aware of where the next overhead and underside support and resistance levels are, when the markets grind away, they often just bounce back and forth. Between those levels so were gon na dive into the charts, starting with bitcoin lets just get stuck into it. Im, not a financial advisor, so everything i say is general information and for education and entertainment purposes. Only trading and investing is incredibly risky, so you must always do your own.

Due diligence seek your own professional help and guidance before making any decision in the market and past results are not indicative of future performance, starting out with bitcoin on the daily time frame. We can see how the market is just grinding in some pretty small ranges. Volume is kind of just hanging out its not ultra low, but um. You know its not really big volumes, theres, not a lot of volatility, but the main thing to be paying attention to is the size of the bars the size of the bars relative to what its done over you know. The last six to 12 months are just really minuscule theres, not a lot of trading activity going on on each bar. Even just look back a month to may and you can see how theres a bit much larger ranges something you can do if you want to get a bit of um, you know perspective on what the what the bars are actually doing is you can look at The average true range now the average true range is talking about the average range of the bar um, also including gaps, but theres, basically no gaps in crypto. But nevertheless, if we do look at our average true range, you can see how its hitting some of the lowest levels since all the way back in 2020, it broke out in january 2020, im not sure how well you can see that. But it should look clear enough back in january of 2020, it really broke away.

The average range of the bars were starting to hit about a thousand to 1500 bucks, and if you look at where we are right now, you can see that were sitting back around those price zones of an average range about 1400 bucks, and it is on the Decline so the market, obviously the price chart, is in a bear market. The average ranges of each bar are also in a bear market, so, as volatility drops off, maybe thats something you want to think about. If youre altering your plans in terms of taking profits, you might have the same strategy with getting into the market and placing stops but um, just keeping in mind that those profit targets may also need to be tightened, as the market does grind away. But we can get rid of that average true range on the chart. Now we can start to look at some smaller time frames as well. Looking at the four hour time frame, as we usually do now, theres a pretty clean little double top. We had that fake out pattern and the market is just grinding lower, so the undecided price im looking at for bitcoin, i am still leaning on the bull market narrative for a bigger bounce away from where we are when that happens is anyones. Guess right now, as the market is just obviously in a downward channel, but i do maintain that bullish bullish bias until we you know and unless, rather unless we do break down below around that 19 odd thousand bucks any weeks down to that level of fine id Love actually like to see that see some volatility pick up weak into that price zone and bounce back up and close, and if you are looking at a 50 level as well, that comes in at about 19 755 dollars.

So, even though i look at the market being strong in the top half weak in the bottom half because we do have quite a lot of volume and volatility into this low thats, why im giving it a bit more tolerance for a breakdown into a bit of A lower price target – you know a lot of prices own rather and getting back above, but all that really means for me for the short side of the market is short profit. Taking has to be very, very quick. You can see some pretty clear breakdowns on the swing chart ill leave. A link for this indicator in the description below the ti again swing indicator would not be without it. It really makes it easy to identify support and resistance levels by looking at those swing tops and those swing bottoms as well. But as you can see, we do have some breakdowns on the swing chart, but the trends arent lasting very long in terms of the initial breakdown get a bit of um. You know a bit of support than a bounce, then another breakdown and were getting support once again, just grinding away, as you can see, but um anyway in terms of short trading, i dont think shorts holding onto shorts for a long period of time, at least for Me everyone has to do their own. Research is something i want to be doing until we can. You know confidently close below around that nineteen thousand bucks start to see some lower tops on some small term time frames such as a four hour chart and then um.

Then i think the bear code, at least for me, is going to be well and truly back on if we do see that i think were gon na be breaking that 17 and a half thousand and going much lower. But, like i keep saying my bias is still for the long side of the market, provided we do continue to hold up above around that 19k and then im going to be looking for any upside breakouts and a bit of momentum, and i think we could be On for a multi day or a multi week, you know multi week move run. Let me get my words together for you, but um, as always its just one step at a time and were not seeing those steps in the upward direction. Yet all the steps were looking at now are in that downward direction, as you can clearly see so, at least until then, unless youre a short term scalper looking at something like a one minute chart and youre really good youve got your hotkeys set up youre, very Quick with what youre doing this kind of market action is not for me, i like to see some bigger ranges, because, if you think about from low to high were looking at about 19900 up to the peak at about 20 400, but i doubt anyone is catching That high tick, if were really looking at the size of the four hour bars, were looking at like 300 to 350 bucks.

So you know youve got to be staring at that screen catching those ranges, uh your tops and bottoms to be making any kind of grinding profits out of the market. I like to see some better breakouts. I dont, like the one minute chart not that im a one minute chart trader thats for sure, but overall for bitcoin its just doing its thing. I know im not going to get too excited about the bullish market – bull market narrative until it can start to break some overhead level. Some over overhead swing tops and one of the earliest indications that maybe were going to be getting a break higher, is getting back above obviously that short term swing top at about 20, 430 and simultaneously getting back above those all those old lows being around that twenty Thousand five hundred so for nice round, numbers id like to see some short term high lows above around twenty thousand five hundred bucks, then im going to be thinking were seeing a test to around that twenty thousand eight fifty. So you know theres a couple of hundred bucks into that 50, its still a very small move, relatively speaking, but um that could give us some enough upside momentum to break away and potentially test that 22k and look to those more overhead levels. 23. 24K – and i currently see this next swing booming past 24k, but i just want to see this first step in the you know, in the sequence of things: first, but overall kind of bear market, short term trading, short term short trading, quick profits for me.

Until we can get some closes and lower tops below 19k long in the market, theres a early potential opportunity, just above around that 20 500 bucks and then obviously getting above that short term 50, and that 50 percent might also need to move considering where this low, Eventually could come in so by that i mean we can see. The low at the moment is about 19850. If the market does move lower, then this 50 level is going to have to come lower down to that new load. Its always keep that in mind its a dynamic tool, its not a static tool. The um swing indicator is a static tool. You know its just you dont have to change any settings, you can just chuck it on the chart and leave it as is, and you can see your swing tops and bottoms and trend as well, which well get into shortly. So the overhead level to beat for eighth is that thirteen hundred bucks we can see we have a top there at twelve hundred and eighty didnt quite get back above that thirteen hundred bucks and you can just see that clear area of resistance. So getting back above that twelve eighty, thirteen hundred bucks thats whats, going to get me excited about a multi day move run. You know for eth anything before then really just is short term profit, taking at least in my opinion, as always do your own research. All that kind of thing, but on the underside of the market, i wouldnt mind seeing some retests and volatility into a low at around that thousand bucks.

Some spikes to around a grand get some closes back above and i do think were going to be continuing to see a bull market move. Bear coats coming back on below around that thousand bucks. Some lower tops below there and were going to be breaking down below that 800 bucks. I think thats just the way its going to be so not too much more to add you can see it just has been a slowly grinding downward market for eath and thats about the long and short of it. I could give you another spiel on cardano, but if you want to know my kadana analysis, look at yesterdays video because nothing has changed the markets just been grinding in an extremely small range. The trend does remain down on our four hour, chart its trying to hold up from its support level around 45 cents. But you know you can watch yesterdays video for a more detailed analysis, but more or less. If i do start to see some lower tops below around that 45 cents, the bear coats coming back on 42 is going to be in jeopardy and i do think were going to be seeing a better downtrend from that point forward. On the other side of the market on the top side of the market, we do have that resistance around 50 to 52 cents. Being those previous tops any long trading in this range, i do think profits need to be taken very quickly, at least in my opinion, until we can get a break back above some trend lines and those old tops until we could be seeing about.

You know multi day, move from that point forward: testing that 55 cents. You know thats the most significant short term upside target for cadano. If you can do some higher bottoms, you know first about 50 cents and then break that resistance level at about 52 cents. Now, solana, hasnt moved a great deal since yesterdays video, but you can see how firmly that trend does remain down so something i talk about in that indicator video. I would highly recommend anyone watch it. It goes for about four minutes. A common method is just trailing stops below tops so for the trend turned down back around this bar on the 25th of june. Actually, i might as well just turn it on, so you can actually see it. So the trend turned down on the 25th of june. Its remained down ever since theres been no break of any swing top. So if youre ever wondering what direction the markets heading in, you can have a look at that trend. It works best when the market is obviously trending when the markets grinding sideways. It is just kind of constant transition from long to short, as you can see in this little bit of a period here, so unless you develop a strategy to manage sideways markets where it is chopping from long to short. Once again, i do like the idea of tight profit targets around previous swing, tops and bottoms when it is doing that, and you can even think about that in a broader sense as well, when it is churning within a larger range.

So right now i wouldnt be surprised to see some more profit taking come into the market for solana with where it is at around that 32 33 dollar price point. But overall the trends are still down and theres. Nothing too much to be getting excited about. On the buy side of the market, until we can get a break above that most recent 50 level, so that 50 will come in from this current top down to wherever this low ends up wherever that happens, to be at the moment, its around 32.43 cents. So any retests up to around that 50 level, i do think of just you know: downtrend retests, until we can get break back above there. Obviously we do want to be looking for another multi day. Multi week move. It is still like a bitcoin and ethereum. For me, i am still leaning on the bull side once again, but theres no confirmation and you have to respect these trends while theyre still down just to get back above around that 37 dollars, which would be above its 50 at the moment, its current 50 and Then i do think we could be retesting some of those highs at about 42 bucks and potentially getting beyond, but at least for now the trends are down short traders are winning and uh just looking at where that low could come in for where their profit taking Zone happens to be for these short traders. We can see theres a heap of consolidation which would likely be a buying zone.

You can already see that the market has, you know the decline slowed down a little bit. You can just tell by the overlap on the bars were not getting these big down swings, the downswings are getting smaller, buyers are stepping into the market at least short term, and it could just be the profit taking for the people who, from the people, who are Shorting uh, but id expect that to hold up because there was so much consolidation back at this price zone just a week or so ago. A bit you know almost two weeks ago now so well cover some different old coins. If you do have any requests, do drop them down below ive, seen dot com up a couple of times. If you want me to cover dot uh make sure you leave a comment and like up the previous people, who have also commented with dot or if theres, some other altcoin you like covered, do drop them in the comments section below ill change it up. Every now and then, while i also do cover the majors, but this is a chart – were looking at just a few videos back where were looking at previous bull market and bear market cycles and looking at how long it could be before we do see the actual Cycle low and what were looking at based on you know, just some patterns repeating obviously theres, not really enough data to call this a meaningful data set.

But if we were to get something like the previous bear markets that have been shortening in length 410 days and 363 days, a couple of days shy of one year, we could be looking at a low anywhere from the end of this year into early next year. But how it gets there is the thing and and what um, what i want to be paying attention to is obviously the when the market does go dead and it does start to range were seeing that in a very small way at the moment. But it could turn into something on a bigger time frame. Chart such as the monthly chart here, where it just does grind theres, still very tradable moves from peaks to trolls, but getting onto those patterns early is where you can really. You know, exploit them. Looking at selling the range highs buying the range lows and just waiting for that bigger picture breakout, you know weve definitely got no confirmation of that yet on a big time frame chart, but we are seeing it most, certainly on the four hour chart and potentially on The daily chart, as it does start to form a bit of a range, but as always one step at a time were not seeing that yet you know were looking at some tighter profit target zones as ive been talking about in this video, especially until we do Get those breakout levels on the four hour chart. Maybe it will develop into something like a daily trading range as well, where we do get some wider ranges on the daily chart for those range highs and those range lows.

But until then you know it is just a matter of waiting for that bigger picture confirmation which were not seeing yet so itll be interesting to see how this plays out leading into the end of the year. If we do get some kind of you know bottom pattern forming in the market which will take some time to develop so thats a wrap from me today. Make sure you do if you do want to drop me. A comment leave a little emoji at the start. You picked this time, but if i see emoji at the start of the comment, i know that youve watched all the way through to the end you know, and until next time ill catch.