Recession fears. This is what were smelling right. Can you smell what avi is cooking were going to talk about? Bitcoin were going to talk about tara. Luna were going to talk about shiba inu, all the good good stuff. All i ask is that you give me a beautiful smile click that like button and lets stand straight into it, Music. So first i just want to talk about our partner real quickly, its the last day of the summer exclusive get up to 11 stocks. When you sign up using my link, the link is in the description down below you can start trading stocks. You can trade options, whatever your heart desire again link is in the description down below. Thank you ill get a little bit commission, so it helps us keep the lights on one time. I did that and the light burned out, so the crypto market Applause, just as soon as bitcoin crossed this resistance level. We just saw a big dip here uh, and this is something that we could have anticipated. We did anticipate and im not surprised right, especially the fact that we bitcoin broke through the 20 000 level im looking at the one hour. You can see one hour here if we zoom in this one hour here. Right took a real big dip right, uh and so its gon na be very interesting to see going forward. Whats gon na happen today: um tara, luna down 25 uh and its you know it is what it is because we talked about this last night in the tara luna video that, yes, it went up.

Uh 15 after we talked about it in the morning, theres a possibility that it goes down. 50 60, 70 percent more from here right, theres, not really a lot of support levels, holding the price of tara, luna, currently or luna classic, and so theres. You know going to be some profit taking, especially when the market got a little bit. You know frightful here, so this is what happens: uh and uh. The fact also that luna classic was going up when the market was kind of consolidating or going down. So as soon as we see some really extreme fear thats, when we saw luna classic pull back a little bit, but we could see in the next few hours um, you know a run here, especially if we get to these levels of the uh right here. Right. Im gon na actually chart this out. I think this is going to be a level of strong support right thats, not what i want technical difficulty time. I want a horizontal horizontal here. We go. I think thats going to be a level that we need to watch out for here for tara luna for shiba. You know its been running up and down inside this channel that we have charted out here so no surprise here again that we see a continuation of the downtrend again, something that was anticipated, not something that im super surprised about. The 1000 level weve talked about this before uh for shiba inu is a level of no regard right.

Sometimes you see heavy buying in specific round number areas uh here for shibainu its not happening. We already cancelled this out here when we saw it go through many. Many times right and already here it went through a few times, so it wasnt something that i was too afraid about. Uh when when i saw it happen here so uh well continue to track seeing what the price movement of shiba ino is. Uh ethereum is down. Seven point: seven percent here, seven point two: seven percent again getting very very close to the 1000 level, which for ethereum actually is a very strong support level here, uh and something that we would want to watch if you hold ethereum. I know a lot of you guys do have uh as well as i do as well um. So its going to be interesting to see what happens here with ethereum and the crypto market going forward. Youre, probably going to see the crypto fear go under 10. Again now that bitcoin is under 20 000 uh and we can watch the stock market is also in the red uh. Today in the futures, minus 1.64 on the nasdaq um and oil is stable at 110 weve seen right there. You can see the headline here in small euro stocks. U.S futures drop amid mounting recession, fear right, but then the flip side, you got the fed chairman, saying: hey everybody, listen up. The u.s economy is in a strong shape right, but then on.

We have fear that were going into a recession, so are we in strong shape very, very low unemployment right, but were going into a recession, so the situation is very confusing uh and so well see how this plays out. Whats gon na happen here. Weve talked about this before we could see a few more months of consolidation in this 20 000 area, even dip down even further, with bitcoin to 20 12 000 area 10 000 area, its a possibility right and if that does happen, youre gon na have a lot Of angry sad crypto investors on one side, but then youre gon na have a lot of very happy investors that are going to be like yay. We get to buy bitcoin and cryptocurrency at such a low level, yay right because im, a long term investor or im a short term investor and uh ill make money on the way up on the way down. Theres theres always possibilities. I i have a new partner that well talk about tonight that can give you the possibility to make money on the way up and on the way down and thats very, very important for a trader if youre a long term investor uh, then its less important to You and then you only opportunity you have is to just dollar cost average when you feel uh that you know. That is the time something interesting uh that i just wanted to share with you guys napster.

Do you remember napster? I dont know if uh most of you are old enough for this. Maybe the people that are around my age right, 35, ish um napster was this program where you could download music. It was like it was illegal and it wasnt illegal people were going to jail for using it at the time. It was like a whole thing and then there was casa, which was like the next phase after that, when napster kind of got shut down, uh so napster to enter crypto with napster token right. So this is just uh a nostalgic token. I dont know how many young people even know what napster is uh, but this is just like a anecdote that i had to share with you guys and uh something that i also found very interesting. Bitcoin fights to stay above 20 000 as sailor buys another 10 million dollar worth so hes, putting his money where his mouth is right, uh. He keeps saying that im buying. This is great prices and another 10 million dollars of bitcoin at 20, 000 uh for michael saylor uh. So again its going to be interesting. Oh, i say so again a lot right. Maybe you guys should start a drinking game. Also, i say write. I think a lot. I ive seen that in the comment section as well uh it will and it will be interesting. Oh my god guys its, like were friends already. You know all my pet peeves and uh.

Someone wrote that to me yesterday, so its like im sitting in the living room. Talking to my friend about crypto, i really feel like thats the kind of vibe that im trying to put out. I want us to be friends. I want us to be family and theres always going to be that you know few family members that are very annoying and that you dont want to talk to, and those are the people that write uh. You know the the bad comments, but its its part of family right, sometimes um so well see how luna will be able to move here, and will it be able to recover right. It did kind of recover here from the 11 000 area back up shibainu as well. Will it continue to be in this channel here and the rest of the crypto market, which is down pretty big here today? Uh well, see what happens with that uh. Will we see a continuation to the downside minus 5.4 or will we see uh the market kind of fake us out like it has been in the last few days where it seems very, very red in the beginning and then in the end it flips to green? So well see what happens i wouldnt be surprised right. I wouldnt be surprised if that will happen today, guys dont forget to click the like button check out the links in description down below see if anything interests you and subscribe.

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