If you have a look at this macro chart over here, which is the one week time frame, you can see that the bitcoin price is currently threatening to lose the 255 ma. It has actually well its already lost it. It broke below the previous weeks low, which i see as a very very bad sign. Theres, going to be a lot of us, a lot of things for us to look at today. The previous weeks low came in at 19 660. Unfortunately, i wasnt able to get live in time in order to show you the potential short trading opportunities, so were going to have to reevaluate, wait for a potential bounce and either short from higher or by the depth essentially, but were looking at over here. If i just zoom out just for a bit of perspective, if you have your main liquidity zone coming in from the previous all time highs now, i dont expect this to be massive support. I wouldnt be surprised if we just stick around here for just a little bit longer a couple of weeks more and then eventually, i am expecting to lose this area, whether that happens in the next few months or over the course of the next year that im, Impartial to i dont really have a strong bias towards that, but im watching it closely for something like this. You now lose the 255 ma you kind of consolidate within this area, but going sideways to down retest into that liquidity zone and then pretty much.

That would activate your short trade all the way down to this target level here at 13, 8 1080, which is a key yearly level and ill show you another chart its also a very important quarterly level which we spoke of yesterday, we said risk remains to the Downside, because of the key quarterly areas because of the quarterly areas of support, if you have a look at this candle – and i mentioned this on my twitter this morning – if this turns into a full body red candle, meaning that theres no wick thats left behind – that – Will be incredibly bearish, i would say, with extremely high probability, that you can probably get some birds at 13. 880.. Okay, just give us a second. What can we do if the sound is bad? Has this died? It sounds okay. How is that? Just let us know in the comments how the sound is now ill just try to shift back in a bit better, okay, im just going to carry on. If you have a look at the key quarterly look: full body red candle closes like that. Thats going to be bad, but even if it doesnt its still going to be a major challenge, bitcoin to now get back above important key levels. So from the bullish scenario lets say: you want to see kind of a retest into that zone and they want price to start to come back up break above that re test the 30k level and continue on upwards from there thats kind of what im.

Looking at. How does it sound to me? Is it good so its your incident? Can you use the cable? Okay just give us a second guys. We apologize turn off the wi fi. Was that going to be okay? Now i think its on okay. Okay, excuse us for that. We are in south africa. We have a lot of low shipping, maybe its got something to do with that load: shootings, electricity off completely okay, so that is it for uh bitcoin for ethereum uh ethereum looks like it will probably hit its target first theyre. Almost the same distance away on the quarterly and its exactly the same picture, i actually thought ethereum uh. The last salute that we had was going to tag the 743 level its coming in down 27 from here, so i would definitely say spot orders for those levels. I think that ethereum is probably going to be a better bet in the long run anyway, in terms of your risk to reward ratio and how much potential gains you could get out of that in the long run. If it starts to lose this level, then we are looking might go at 291 dollars. So why is this happening? Well, one potential reason could be uh. The dxe you can see the dollar index is starting to break out again. The candles uh basically, but all the money is moving into the dollars relative to all the other currencies. Okay were gon na have to take a minute guys.

James is is back on the technicals here, so just open open the settings where you were network preferences cables connected youre gon na have to turn up your wi fi. Okay, guys uh hes, connected to the cables, just logging up and again well, go again in, like 15 20 seconds, okay hows that lets test its the basic testing testing. One two three lets quickly put back up: okay, just hit us up in the comments. If thats good, we really apologize. Yes, its all wrecked. Definitely even our internet is wrecked over here. So lets continue for those of you that may have missed. I essentially just outlined the main areas on bitcoin and ethereum on the key quarterly its a big red candle. We need to see how the quaterly closes today. If it closes at new lows, it will be incredibly bearish going forward and i just moved from there straight onto the dixie, which is the dollar index. I said you can see that were starting to break above the previous areas that were um. Resistance is now going to start to most likely flip into support. This weekly close will also important if we close anywhere here or higher so above 105.2 on dixie, then risk on assets are most likely going to struggle. So if you have a look at the uh with crypto right, so you can see that we have a red candle over there. I wouldnt be surprised for it to turn into an engulfing candle, and i actually also want to quickly just switch this onto the quarterly chart so that we can have a look at that.

I mean it really looks terrible guys, theres theres, not much else that you can say if you put it onto a six month, chart lets see what that looks like um, okay, let me just switch at months six, okay, so looking at the nasdaq, you can see Thats, a full on bearish engulfing candle, so these are all signs in the macro that risk on assets are going to be tough, to buy right now to its its a difficult time for crypto, and you really need to be uh, sparing with your cash. You need to save it as much as possible. You have the one day chart on bitcoin here, which we have shown before i mentioned that look at the volume when this move happens, and if you have a look at this, even the self that were starting to get now, the volume is actually still relatively low. Its still declining volume, which shows that the most likely major move, has actually not even happened yet. So if this does play out to the short side, it could lead to the ultimate capitulation, which would take us down to these key levels. Eight at 13. Eighty so im watching carefully for that, but nevertheless you are below the 22 m a on the daily and historically, that has been a very important uh moving average to look at. If you look at it any time that you are below it and its angled down it kind of just gauges you throughout that move, so it keeps you out of trouble, and i had this liquidity box over here.

I would imagine whats going to happen is this. Is going to be your new level to clear so what previously and this this is, what trading is all about? Is you just work from level to level? First, we were using this this uh liquidity zone, all the way at the top and weve just moved it down. Since we had. This is the last important area to clear which was 38 000. Then we moved it over here to now. You need to get back above 30 000 before you can turn bullish and im pretty sure that in if price action continues to stick around this level over here, then your new level to clear is probably going to be to get back above 20 000, and that Ties in you know, with these other charts that we have over here, you see the whole liquidity zone over here coming in at 20, 000. thats exactly the same thing. If this starts to flip into um resistance, then you can imagine all the bulls anyone thats buying. Now is going to be trapped, which is why i really recommend wait for a proper uptrend before you enter your long term investments so going on to this chart um, i think its probably going to be time to clean this chart up. This was our range trading chart which we said. Look if you get. If you recapture the mid range over here, then traders are most likely going to start to target the upside, its so weak that we werent even able to recapture the range highs.

So, im, probably just going to start deleting that out and work in a tighter range, which is the one that you can see over here. So the tighter range that i had i outlined this in the newsletter. I said that look guys if youre a degenerate, gambler. Thats unable to sit on your hands, which is what i recommend, is to sit on your hands and youre, absolutely absolutely forced to take a trade. Then you had your very sloppy series of higher highs and higher lows being established over here. I did mention that relative to this area over here, on the left hand side you could attempt to take along, but id absolutely doubt that its gon na hold over there and as soon as you lose that area which are outlined by the yellow, the yellow arrow. Coming in at nineteen thousand six hundred and sixteen dollars as soon as you even wick, below that, like there pretty much thats going to activate all short positions and price is going to go down and your target level is going to come all the way down in. In between the 18 000 and low 17 dollar levels, which im gon na go into a one hour, chart now and show you what we have over here. So i did mention this by the way on my twitter. Make sure that you follow me there uh yesterday. I posted the um here. You go the adam and eve it hadnt played out.

Yet i gave you your invalidation levels. I gave you everything that you needed and you can see how close all of this played out right. So i had the bollinger bands on as well, but you can see that the wick came all the way just below that previous week, which is where price would have been invalidated. So if you made it into the short, then congratulations! It is a little bit too late to enter into the short now, because your measured move is going to be from there. So youve already played out four percent of it and thats basically half the move right. So its going to be about a 10 move to the lows and it looks the same on ethereum i try to get on to the stream live to give you the ethereum play, but weve missed it. So what next? Basically, this is what im looking at right. Firstly, you have the squeeze of the bollinger bands, which i mentioned. I said that was going to be a sign that there would be some sort of expansion and you can see those bollinger bands have now expanded out. So this is what youre looking for, if you are looking to enter into a short trade and ill, try and post this on my twitter straight after the show, with the exact price levels, but i would essentially be targeting this these levels over here right. If there is any sort of a a snapback on price and it re tests, the underside resistance, which is going to come in so if you do want to write this down, youre welcome to, i would say anywhere between about 19 500, ranging up to about nineteen Thousand seven hundred and forty dollars, you could enter short into that position.

It would probably be a low leverage shorts. I wouldnt really recommend anything above a three to five x short on bitcoin and ethereum is going to be exactly the same picture. So this is what you want to see if you are looking for the short you want this to snap back up now re test that flip it as resistance, and then we target back down to the bottom. As soon as you hit the bottom. There you cut the short we can go much lower, but im, not 100 sure if that is going to happen. As of yet, i kind of need to look at the volume i need to look at the leverage ratios theres a whole bunch of different things that i need to be watching while this unfolds. So that is for bitcoin, and i will post these on twitter immediately. After the the show, you had the exact same pattern pattern on ethereum on most of the cryptos, its going to be the same. The adam and eve pattern ethereum was lagging so watch this as a lag as a potential to get in off the bitcoin, but same exactly the same thing. Looking for a snap back up here, sort of lose that level. What i do is ill usually move it onto a 15 minute chart like this just to uh watch exactly how its playing out but youre. Looking for something like that, so the area to watch on ethereum is going to be here.

Okay, so its going to be between 100 1 1000 1034 dollars and ranging up to 1050. Now we dont know exactly where its going to go so the way that i typically play it and ive mentioned this before in the other, shows for those of you who have watches ill enter into three different phases. Ill enter one position there into another position there and then the closer i get to my invalidation ill enter a more a higher position with higher leverage as well, because the closer you are to your invalidation, the better. So you have your three entry points over there. Um, that is pretty much it its gon na look the same on pretty much all the altcoins we can look at lets. Have a look at bnb quickly, move it back on to one hour all right, so you can see guys exactly the same pattern. So you want to basically recapture the liquidity zone which is coming in over here for any sort of shorts, any bounces back into those zones. Let me know in the comments which ones you want to see and ill try and chart them for later. Maybe james just get like the three or four most common ones, but any sort of bounce back into the main liquidity zone. The main area of support were looking for flip of that back into resistance, and then you can short. Okay lets look at salona, so solanas. Actually, no salon has already lost it beforehand.

Solana have targets going back down, but anywhere between 19 and 25 is the main levels that im watching. I think 25 dollars with solanas previous lows, so your target level is going to be all the way back down to the bottom. If it loses that, then i know because this is one that i have a spot position set up for anywhere between here. You can start bidding and all the way down to 19, but remember be careful with your bids guys because uh as ive shown you, the traditional markets are in a very bad place and basically we dont know we dont know when its going to bottom. We attempting to catch a falling knife, which is uh, never a good idea if youre going all in right, so i think thats pretty much it for me. Um. If you have a look in the description below, i really apologize for the signal by the way, but if you do enjoy these videos, please make sure that you smash the like button subscribe to the channel as well and then have a look. We have uh, my twitter account is in there. It will also pop up in the top of the screen for those of you watching later um and then the buy bit. If you click on the buy but link over there, it will take you to buy. But if you do want to support me with any of the trades and you do want to take any of the trades, you dont have a private link already.

You lose absolutely nothing, but it does give me a little bit of a boost and thats it from me guys so until tomorrow or actually ill do be doing. Another show later on the crypto shorts channel um ill go over the exact trade setups that i have over there. Hopefully we have better internet later and pretty much. That is it from me.