Theyre, focusing on building better, faster, more efficient in reusable rockets, focusing on commercializing space travel and also space exploration in general. So today i wanted to talk about one project in particular that is going to interest you if youre interested in space and also the crypto market, they dont have a coin to invest in, but theyre doing some pretty big things in the space sector already theyve had Major partnerships with blue origin theyve sent um nft holders into space on a blue origin rocket and theyre, focusing on asteroid defense, extraterrestrial life theyre doing some pretty big things. The companys called crypto space agency and, like i said they dont, have a coin to invest in, but they have a couple of cool things that i have been a part of for months now, and i wanted to share with you. So first thing is that the crypto space agency is the space agency for the crypto nation they launched in 2021 with a mission to unite the space sector and the crypto market. Theyre saying that you know, crypto market is up and coming theres a lot of innovation and the same with the space industry, and they took both of these up and coming markets combined them with their challenges, um all their benefits and theyre really trying to unite both Of these sectors were seeing that this company isnt just like a random person, saying oh, i want to launch an nft collection or oh, i want to build a space company.

They have a lot of experience in the space metaverse crypto telecommunications space. They have uh some founders and their team members who worked at spacex reaction, engines virgin hyperloop, one qualcomm and some of the top companies in the world that are focusing on building better, faster things in the space industry. A couple things i want to talk about first is going to be with what they did with blue origin. So, like i said, crypto space agency is focused on combining crypto and space and what they did recently is. They launched a 5555 nft collection in april of 2022 and with this nft collection, anyone who bought one of those nfts could potentially have been randomly selected to go to space on a blue origin rocket, and they already have done this. They selected someone named victor victor was randomly selected, he was an nft holder and he was sent on a blue origin rocket by simply buying an nft. I had bought one too i wasnt selected, but were seeing that victor was a 28 year old um. He was the second brazilian to ever fly to space, the first ever kryptonite and he was just randomly selected for buying an nft and in blue origins, live feed of their um one of their launches with um commercializing. Space travel were seeing that we can see victor in the video hes gon na, be on the left hand, portion of the screen and what he did is he didnt just go into space, but took it a step further in crypto space days, and she took it A step further and they sent him up there with 12 different blue chip, nfts were seeing there.

He is right here and hes going to put on the screen different nfts, whether were talking board apes, crypto, punks and 10 other of the top nft collections in the market. You can see just through one of the crypto one of the the board apes on the screen right there, one of his nfts – and this is something that has never been done before. We have never seen a crypto company integrate with space this um much but also weve, never seen nfts be launched into space until this time and it was a pretty big deal on blue origin as well. So what we see is that they talk about this on their twitter page, the crypto space agency, talking about 12 blue chip, nfts and also on blue origins. Page, you could see them talking about victor, how he got selected and what he did with these nfts and, while thats great in everything they had an nft collection but thats. Not the only reason why i want to talk about them, because what theyre doing is theyre using these nft collections to fund um space trips by for their members, but theyre also trying to build a full fledged space company. They said that 7.5 of secondary sales royal, like the royalty fee, is going to be used to fund new approaches to search for extraterrestrial intelligence, asteroid defense, incubating off world commercial endeavors and additional member space flight activities. So, yes, these space flights are a portion of what theyre trying to do, but its not everything, because they are trying to build a full fledged space company as well, focused on asteroid, defense, extraterrestrial intelligence and just other space endeavors.

So that is pretty cool. In my opinion, last thing i want to talk about this is going to be with their roadmap because, like i said they already have launched like sent victor to space, he was the second ever brazilian to go to space, and what were seeing is that they have All their big plans moving forward, so the first thing that they had on their roadmap was actually going to be that first nft drop and you can see with that first original nfc drop. It was 5555 nfts that was in april of 2022.. After that, they had that first flight opportunity for members and now theyre starting to have additional nft drop for members followed by aliens for aliens which is the next big nft collection. They will be dropping its going to be a 10 000 nft collection which is going to help fund additional space flights and help continue to build their space company and that is going to be followed by other regular flight opportunities and additional nft drops. So really what theyre doing is theyre using these nft drops to fund a highly effective, highly efficient and knowledgeable team and also help fund building their space company. So let me know your thoughts on this, but i find it to be very interesting. I love following what elon musk is doing with spacex. I love seeing what jeff bezos is doing with blue origin and seeing that crypto is finally getting involved in this space as well.

I think those are two industries that can do some pretty big things so, like i said they dont have a coin to invest in, but they do have additional nft collections, which i ive already done. The first one which is already passed but im, going to do additional ones as well im going to take part in those. I just want to share with you guys some things that im interested in im going to take part in because this isnt, just like random group of people, launching an nft collection which a lot of them are. This actually has a team of people who have worked at spacex reaction engines virgin hyperloop, one qualcomm and some of the top companies in the world trying to build a space company using crypto combining two of some of my favorite things. So let me know your thoughts on this project. What do you think about it? Have you been following it and dont forget if you want to stay up to date on what theyre doing you could always just you know, follow my what im talking about on youtube, but also make sure to follow them on twitter.