If you enjoyed todays video mash up that like button subscribe, if you havent subscribed already tapping that Bell, selecting all the notifications, so you never miss a video right lets, get down to the desktop okay, so were going to start on coin market cap. Now the total market cap for crypto is down 0.86 of the time of recording at 883 billion dollars, and Bitcoin is hovering at just over 19 and a half thousand dollars down one percent of the time of recording. So you know again, we had that sort of uh, I guess short little short lived pump. I did say yesterday that I expected it to be short lived, and that is what weve seen um do jump in our Discord link is in the description. We have a fantastic Community um, and that is where we talk about uh, crypto and awful lot outside of the YouTube videos. Now um Bitcoin faces fresh pressure, and this is the main reason why were were suffering like we are and weve had this pullback, because the US dollar um, you know, has skyrocketed right and thats, crushing gold and risk Assets. Now I have talked many times about risk assets. The fact that weve got lots of institutional money in in the space now right – and this was what we were hoping we would see. But you know ultimately with this comes the scenario of risk assets and the fact that those risk assets are the first to get sold off.

So we are seeing this alongside some of the volatility with you know. Some of these uh lending platforms having to you know, get rid of some of their assets on the cheap uh, ultimately that in combination with the financial landscape and all you know, this isnt just a a crypto um thing. You know where the the markets are all pulling back. This is a financial markets. The whole you know, Financial set of markets like everywhere is suffering, so ultimately, I do think that were were getting closer to the bottom were not there just yet now there will be people that you know, saw the pumps and, were you know perhaps fomoing in we Were warning against that in our Discord and thats, why its worth being in there, we got a fantastic team. You know looking at all the technical analysis and all that sort of stuff, so you make sure that you utilizing the tools that are out there to support you in making new decisions around. You know whether its a good time or a bad time to invest its definitely worth looking and utilizing these tools. So look at the moment. You know its a volatile Market. I expect it to continue to be volatile for some time just yet, but were still expecting lower prices. So you know just uh. Stick with us make sure that youre keeping yourself engaged because youre going to want to know. You know when we think the bottoms actually come in, but at the moment, contrary to what many are saying, the bottom isnt in as far as Im concerned yeah well see whether were right or were wrong.

Um. You know, as time goes on, the bank of England has come out um and basically, what theyre saying is you know the the crypto crash which is wiped off about two two billion dollars worth of you know, uh value off of the the crypto Market. Um is a sign that it needs. You know much tougher rules or regulations, and you cant disagree with that, but I do think that theres lots of Institutions that are doing something very similar to what happened. You know back in the 90s, so what I would say is a lot of people in this space lots of influencers they havent got. You know vast amounts of actual. I guess experience in in financial markets right. You know, regardless of you, know whether its crypto or other financial markets right theres, a lot that theyre trying to learn – and you know they werent about in in the the 90s, for example, most of them werent even born. So you know the way I see it is look. You know there was lots of uh people that, were you know in stocks and you know were told that actually it was a bad investment. You know when they had sort of a pullback, or you know a recession and that side of things and ultimately they sold off and the people buy and wear the institutions and I think, were seeing that again here with the crypto Market. Its really quite obvious, you know you just flick on the news when it comes to to the us, because we dont get much uh crypto related uh news in in the UK.

Just yet um not like in the US um and you can see people talking about you know the fact that you know crypto is a terrible um. You know investment and, and this that the other you know nfts being mentioned and so forth, But ultimately this this seems to to yeah. I guess people will gravitating away from the fact that this is in you know several different markets. It isnt just a you know: a crypto related um phenomenon, right um, you know youre, seeing the stock market crash just as much. If not, as you know worse for some stocks, you know in comparison to crypto, so you know theyre using the same sort of tricks and narrative in order to get people and when I say people retail investors to sell their crypto. So, for me you know its one. You know to be aware of. You know what is actually happening in the space now I will link these articles in uh. Our Discord to do check out the Discord. The other thing to to bring up as well is just the fact that meta dumps its crypto wallet after less than a year. Now. I wonder why theyre doing this, I know from firsthand that you know meta is still deeply involved in you know. Gaming and metaverse aspect of of cryptocurrency right, um theyve, purchased an awful lot of gaming Studios and we know quite a few people that work in in several of them.

So look, I think, its its one to to be wary of um. I dont think this means that theyre theyre moving away from from crypto – I think you know the the wallet aspect of things – is probably something that you know just isnt. You know the value isnt there, perhaps um. So I could see that happening. Uh, moving on and weve got Arc Investments neutral to positive on bitcoin price as analysis uh awaits capitulation, um. So you know the the bearish scenario goes on um, but actually um. You know the the indicators. Um are suggesting that the bottom is not in just yet, and you can look at several different indicators. Uh. Some will indicate that you know the Bottoms already in others will indicate that its not and ultimately, I kind of feel like a lot of these um. You know, models and stuff that people cover off on on YouTube and on Twitter, and you know I I think some people have been in some of these off really early. I think the financial landscape them macro environment is is unusual, its its something that we we havent seen, and we dont see that often right um. So I I think that the models are probably accurate. I think its the financial macro landscape that is different to you know what you know, supports the models, if that makes sense so um, I think people shouldnt be binning off some of these models just yet.

I think you know it could just be a case that we come outside of some of these models and then you know shift back in and actually the recession might not be as long and as drawn out as people are making out and But ultimately I do Think that we are seeing probably the biggest uh shift in generational level, wealth right in front of our eyes. So for me you know, maybe not huddle as such, but you know you definitely look to to make the most and stay engaged in this space. It does remind me very much of like the the.com era um, you know again its the the fastest um, I guess adoption of of any uh technology in history, and I think that you know thats thats a powerful thing to to be saying. Uh crypto is definitely going to be here to stay. You can see this with. You know the the digital currencies that the governments are looking to to put out um. We can see this with the um adoption uh by the number of wallets that are holding you know, different levels of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and this isnt going away um. However, I would say that weve got to be careful in how we navigate the space. I think weve got to make sure that we actually understand the risks that that we, each as individuals and investors hold. Obviously none of this is financial advice, its just my opinion.

You should treat it as educational purposes only, but you know I I would say, have good risk management, but before you can have good risk management, I think you need to understand what those risks are. Um. You know be it you know. Do you understand stable coins? Do you understand the Assets in which youre invested in you know? Do you understand what risks are associated with those? Do you understand the risks of the wallet that youre holding that cryptocurrency on or that stable coin on? Do you know the risk of the exchange? The Lending platform all of these different risks, and then you probably just need to to work out once you understand all of those different risks that you actually hold as an individual. You probably just need to to then a a plan, a risk management plan, um that suits your risk tolerances and I think thats really important. I know I keep banging on about it, but you know. I think these are things that I think you know are really important to do. Um you know, jumping at Discord, ask questions. Weve got a fantastic community of over three and a half thousand people talking about crypto 24 7. um wed love to have you there and um yeah utilize the tools that are available now um. If you enjoyed todays video – and you thought it was useful mash up that like button, we really do appreciate. It – helps push out the content to like minded individuals subscribe.

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