4, 000 right now has bounced off of the trend line. Im not saying were in the clear just quite yet, but this is very beautiful to watch. Similarly for xrp things are at a very interesting point right now. I actually have so much stuff to tell you guys today. So again, i want to quickly get thank you guys so much for pressing the like button on our latest video im, actually almost at 700 likes on a previous video which is crazy to me. So again i want to request yall. Maybe we can beat 700 likes today, not sure, but please try make sure you press that button doesnt cost you anything and lets. First get going with some crypto news. Bitcoin tourists have been purged only the holders remain ive actually been telling you guys about this exact thing, for i think a couple of months right now as it currently stands, more and more of these weak ass hands are gon na sell their crypto and within a Couple of months from now, i guess well honestly, it depends a little bit on how long these lower prices last, but at some point or another theres, literally gon na, be nobody left who is willing to sell their crypto at these low prices. Theres a difference between people trading it at these points trading to make some profit basically versus people who are selling their crypto stash, because they think crypto is a scam and, as we said before, the more people that are taking profit will actually taking losses.

At this point, i showcased to you guys previously the a officially adjusted sopr which basically showcases how many people are selling at a loss or a profit right now, and we combined that with the chart that showcases that okay people are actually not really moving their coins Because theres an increase in amount of wallets that are holding their crypto for one year plus so yeah things are really starting to kind of calm down in the sense of selling pressure. We also talked about the decrease in exchange reserves, which also is lower selling pressures. Things are quite good and glass note. The analytics company has now reported on it. Active addresses entities and transactions on the bitcoin network are already moving sideways by the number of wallets holding. At least some of the assets continues to reach new highs for all my cardano holders, theres also a little interesting update for yall ledger um, the popular crypto wallet of which, by the way, referral links, dont work anymore. For them. I try to actually message ledger. Like hey ive, had this referral link in my description for a couple years right now, does it actually work and then i check the description and well the link doesnt, even work so for anybody who wanted to support me that way, um yeah your purchase was in Vain, i think, but whatever ledger releases, a new update and broadens their support for cardano attention. Ada users, the latest update of the cardano app in ledger, live, allows you now to see the ticker of the cardano token you are sending on your nano during a transaction for the 100 most common tokens.

We also, of course, had a recent update about the test net version of the facial hard four coming on in so thats officially started and they posted on twitter june on chain cardano stats did somebody say: credona was the top project by development activity um in the Last three days on github commits lets, take a look at what developer activity is and why it matters well yeah. I guess it can give it to them that the cardano ecosystem is growing quite rapidly when were talking about the fundamental layer or the developer activity and whatnot its pretty juicy and, as i said before, guys cardano is one of those projects which will show its fruits In the next couple of months or years, not from the get go because theyre trying to make things better than others not quicker than others uh. By the way, i made a new second youtube channel, its called dust, dbc crypto shorts, its because ive been making a lot of tick tocks recently, as you guys might have seen ive been making. You know one or two a day and i decided to make a second channel over on youtube, where you guys can watch those with my beautiful faces in the middle, but mostly so you dont have to be bothered on this channel to watch. You know those little shorts pop up every single time, so, if youre interested you can subscribe, if you dont, like it dont a little interesting thing that i found by the way um, hopefully you guys are all aware of these celsius situation.

Well, a little while ago right, we entered the number here to see what the liquidation price was at and what theyre, borrowing and all the numbers were at seriously to kind of see how theyve been paying off massively right now, its at 4 967 on uh. As a liquidation, price um never mind guys, a little refresh is actually showcased now that their liquidation price right now is, and twenty 2722 dollars its interesting. How theyre doing that that is, that is absolutely crazy. Look at how much they just paid off again: huh wow, that is crazy, withdraw and pay back. 2 000 bitcoin 6.4 million die right. Now, 34.4 million die honestly them stopping. The withdrawals has been a, i guess, a pretty profitable choice for them at least its gon na be a profitable choice for them. The ratio is increasing like crazy, which again is a good thing, so that means theres less pressure of them getting into a really sketchy situation. Their lifetime profit, though, has decreased significantly to minus 700 million, again theyre, not really making money on this, nor is it um. I would say that theyre in a good situation just quite yet, but i really thought they were completely screwed. You know at the start and right now its looking as if theyre going to get out of this one alive over longer periods of time, and that could be some easing for the crypto space. Just like, oh okay, luckily theyre not going to crash completely in regards to the charts theres a couple of things.

You want to show and theres some more news that i have in just a second, but just to quickly show you guys right now were facing some resistance for bitcoin on the short term. You can kind of see the resistance here when we take this fibonacci as well um, even though the previous top right here, which is pretty close to our 0.618. But i digress right now were facing one pretty significantly here at 19.7 000., its showcased in almost none of our other charts, because well its not necessarily a point of a lot of interest that we can just see plainly here, its only been once or so maybe Twice here back in june, that weve actually hit those prices, but when taking the swing, it becomes quite apparent its going to be interesting to see what type of structure is going to form from this personally im thinking, theres a very good probability, its going to turn Into a head and shoulder pattern over the short term here, but well have to see how this plays out also im, not too afraid that were gon na break down like crazy on this specific move, im, actually, more so still thinking that were gon na be uh. Moving towards the upside here and potentially actually get back to the 0.618 at roughly around 20.2 000, because actually, all the predictions that weve had before have not been invalidated. Just quite yet, and our theory of retesting 20 000 to come back all the way towards 17.

7. Will only go into fruition the moment that bitcoin breaks out of this structure right here and we actually get it closed below 19, 000 or at least 18.9 000 somewhere along that ballpark and honestly, as long as we dont do that im still remaining bullish on bitcoin. For the short term, also again guys in terms of major trades, the same situation kind of applies the moment that we get a close below 19 000 im. Actually, thinking of opening some major shorts all the way towards 16, 000 and again, if youre wondering where these numbers come from, i can extrapolate a little bit for you. These numbers mostly come from lets quickly check it out the 2017 top right here and the 2017 first lower high that we made a couple of weeks afterwards, actually the first week of the year in regards to the s p, when i checked last, it was actually Bearish or negative lets say right now: its actually flipped bullish again and im honestly thinking that thats whats, causing this crypto market to uh move today as well. I was actually checking that out earlier today, just kind of seeing whats going on in the stock market of what we are watching, but its just all the same stuff that weve been hearing and reading about for the last couple of months. Uh lets say the last couple of weeks, its all the same, its all the same, so nothing too special, nothing too crazy, thats come out just quite yet, except for the fact that the dollar is doing pretty good, or rather the euro is doing really bad and Theyre, coming really really close, i believe today, actually the euro made a 20 year low or something along those lines.

I think its right now about a dollar three, which is crazy low. I always remember that when i was a little while ago when i was checking for cars and checking for watches um, i always used to think okay thats about eighty percent right in dollars in euros. I mean so if i saw the price in dollars id be like okay, its about 80. Then again, honestly, for me guys, as of this point im in a really good situation, because the majority of my money is actually in dollars which has been doing pretty well. Um and ive actually got a really small amount in euros left, but since the majority of money is the usdt or usdc well, if i ever need euros again, which was my base currency before thats, rather nice and again right now, im in dirham and i believe Dirham has also been doing pretty good over in the uae. Uk government is seeking public input on d5 taxation. Well, actually, theyre looking for a crypto rule book over in the uk and theyre trying to focus a little bit more on this defy and staking, and all that which, of course, is because of all the scams and because of the fact that crypto has gone down. So many so much money has been lost in crypto over the last couple of months, theyre trying to say, as if the stock market hasnt even lost way more money, but i i can only say positive things about this.

You know the uk government seeking to attack something is basically a recognition of hey. This stuff is about to stay. We need a proper rule book because well we want to make the freaking money off of it. Can i be fully happy no um, because, as far as we know, it might entail some really strict requirements of reporting that cannot. Nobody can follow, for example, for companies to really really write down every single person ever and all those strange wallet rules that weve saw seen before that are going on in the netherlands right now, for example, but im hoping the uk is saying about it, dont expect It to – but i hope it so well have to see how that plays out two interesting things as well, that i want to quickly mention not spending too much time on this bollywood. A lister backed gary token, plunge amidst rug pool rumors yeah im, not too aware of exactly what happened right here, but ive seen gary come by a couple of times. I was like hey. Why is this coin so trending and all of a sudden, its plunging like crazy and apparently people are saying rockpool rockpool. There could be, however, a couple of different reasons. It could be that some of the influencers or the a list actor or whatever uh he actually got hand of his token, so decided to sell it. It could be a couple of different things, maybe some of the bigger institutions that invested theyre actually selling right now in the midst of that name.

Maybe it was a scam from the start i dont know, but its plunging like crazy and its not looking good for the guy little side. Note as well apparently circles use dc is on track to beat tether so its kind of funny to see but usdc. Eventually, the topple tether, its isnt, it kind of crazy, because usdc has been like the number one in my book for so long, but with the volatility ustc has just been way way way better and theres way, less fud about it. Theres way less skepticism yeah it wouldnt be too crazy. Eventually, usdc took over breaking news: goldman sachs bets big on asian bitcoin product, apparently the wall street giant traded, the first block trade of bitcoin futures in asian markets, gfi securities, a subsidiary of bgc partners, said it arranged the first ever intermediate block trade of cme group. Bitcoin options: contracts in asia, goldman sachs executed, the trade with cumberland and brad howell, ceo of asia, pacific for bc, bgc described bitcoin as a rapidly evolving asset class, cumberland lincoln institutions with crypto theyre, a specialized crypto asset trading company that bridges financial institutions with the crypto Space and apparently the group is working on opening bitcoin to a broader group of banks. They open a crypto desk in 2014 with the goal to help usher institutions into the crypto space, which again is pretty nice, cannot say anything negative about this, but yeah weve also read the reports from goldman sachs and everything like that.

Um theyre pretty bullish on the entire space as well. A little algorithm piece of news. El gran foundation appoints eric vrach reg as global head of business development and capital markets. He spent 20 years at jp morgan and right now, hes joining the algorithm foundation just wanted to quickly make that clear its nothing too crazy, because we dont know exactly what is going to change. You know we know he has experience for sure. You never know. However, what a new employee is going to bring to the company, but they most likely thought about it. Well, as al grand is one of the most properly backed cryptic companies out there institutionally backed, is what i mean with that. They most likely have made a really well deliberated decision and its mostly going to be a huge, huge addition to the company, which again is also very bullish for al gore and the token over longer periods of time. So im personally excited about it, and last but not least, this is interesting troubled, crypto, lender vault, which we talked about yesterday right that got bankrupt. Ah, that at least start withdrawals for right now says it may get bought by nexo vault ceo says nexo may buy as much as a hundred percent of vault singapore. Central banks may bolster crypto regulations interesting, but that was it for the news right now. If were talking about the charts and youre asking me, what am i thinking? Well, the first thing im thinking is: if youre looking for a platform to trade on make sure you check out the link down below and check out bibit, for example, or check out kucoin to check out primexpt.

These are all exchanges that i personally use, but the one im using the most is buy it for sure so, grab yourself the bonuses, if youve not done so already, the link is down below and again. Thank you guys so much for pressing those like buttons, youre greatly appreciated ive been looking at the stock market for a little while and honestly guys its not my expertise. Just my honest guess, based on what weve been seeing in terms of the news im, still expecting a little relief rally for the stock market and just an easy conclusion from looking at the price action recently, it wouldnt be too crazy to re test. This line roughly at around ’00 or ‘.60, which again would also count or cause bitcoin to bounce off of 19 000 or exactly where it is right now and potentially break through this short term resistance, which again its looking like it, is going to right now. Uh. It was like cornered anyway, i mean honestly. The most logical way for bitcoin is going to be up. Ethereum had a perfect balance here off of the trend line which we drew yesterday. Xrp actually had a perfect little bounce off of the trend line as well off. At the bottom of this triangle, but still trendline, unless things are in a very bullish situation right now and again guys, i am only in longs uh right now on the short term, all right earlier today, if you ask me, i think a short would have been The best option right now its changed around and thats.

One thing you guys can understand right. I have a telegram, but even in there im, not quick enough, sometimes with all the updates im trying to. But these videos are surely your best bet, but just watching them all the way through to get my tactics for a medium to long term, sometimes even short term, because things can change within a couple of hours. Right, if you ask me four hours ago or lets say eight hours ago, when i woke up this morning, is crypto looking bullish or bears would have told you no really really bearish, then again right now its looking way more bullish for the short term, though right Things can still turn around. This is very important to understand. Things can still turn around and again were going to take action. The moment that bitcoin does close below 19 000 im personally, not so comfortable with taking a short position right now. The only indication im getting for a short position is based upon this chart right here, but even right now were breaking through. It is too risky, in my opinion, to open up a short, even though you can surely say lets straight with the trend lets straight. My way down im personally sticking with our first, i guess yeah, one of our first analysis is and as of this point, our strategy basically 1.2 was the best. Where, again, we had two different scenarios: right, um take our first profit right there at 20.

4 and then get our stop loss back to entry or, as i said before, as well its another scenario which you can go for, depending on how much risk you want to Have take your first profit right there and put your stop loss slightly below 19 000, so roughly here at about 18.98 or something along those lines, depending on where you got your entry, that would have been the better choice. But again you cant know that up front. So both of these scenarios would have worked out. Fine, as we got to our first take profit and again one thing i got ta make clear: you guys understand. Whenever i say you take profit, i usually take profits a little bit before that. I honestly recommend. Maybe a hundred bucks or so below it, depending of course on what pair you are trading and how strict you want to be, but i personally always am putting the target at the most important resistance, but taking profits slightly below or slightly above these major barriers. That was it for right now, the guys, hopefully you enjoyed it.