Today we are talking about why the crypto markets gon na fall so much more well thats. What some people are saying were gon na talk about that, because jim cramer just said that we have some other people – betting on that as well. Some other institutional investors – betting on that, and i want to talk to you about why i dont think thats the case, but i want to show you some of the new data that we just got in from institutional investors were going to talk about. Ethereum bitcoin were going to talk about crypto companies as well. Im excited to be back here with you, because ive been gone uh on vacation for the fourth of july. Here in the us and now im back, i can make updated content for you. So if you dont mind hitting the like button and subscribe button, i appreciate that were also going to talk about public a little bit further into the video theres, a link to them underneath the video in case, you want to check them out now. Now the crypto markets looking a little bit better bitcoins up at 20 100.. You can also see the stock market is moving up as well. We were down pretty significantly almost two to two percent down on the nasdaq to start the day now up over one percent crypto, though overall has looked really bad over the last couple months. Obviously we had a lot of red weeks in a row and here are a couple really interesting important lines to pay attention to.

Obviously we had the 200 week moving average. A lot of people thought that we would never touch us, but we broke right through it and then weve just kind of been sitting around it. Obviously we have to watch that 17 600 support. We also have to watch a 200 week moving average, which is right around 22, 400 or 22 500 right now, and also we just had this trend line that we should be watching as well. This is a couple months out, most likely where we might break this, but if we can break this, this will also be bullish as well now, jim cramer just said that crypto really seems to be imploding. It went from 3 trillion to 1 trillion. Why should it stop at 1 trillion theres no real value there? He says this is just as of today, and this is still on his website cnbc, and this is as of june 8, 2022, so less than a month ago, heres why jim cramer invests in crypto. He talks about it as a speculative investment. He said that he wanted to buy an nft or bid on an nft for a charity which, back here he said, nft sold to you im not sure exactly what he means by that. But he says its an awful asset either crypto or the nfts. But here he was buying them or looking to buy them a little while ago. He says that the long term value in crypto is its timeliness as a decentralized peer to peer currency that can be widely adopted over time.

He recommends bitcoin and ethereum, which have been the longest uh, the largest followings, and seem to be the most legitimate. So he is a bit of a hypocrite here. Obviously, maybe his views have changed over the last month, but it sounds like he thinks its going to continue to fall, which is why i was talking about how its going to fall down a lot more, at least thats. What jim cramer thinks now? I dont think that, but there are some other institutional investors that think that as well now, the reason i say that is because we just got the digital asset funds flow reports. This is where we see what institutional investors are doing and you can see theres a change theres, actually an inflow of about 64 million dollars last week, as opposed to 430 or 440 million flowing out the week before, but this is kind of a lie as well. This is misleading ive seen some people cover this on youtube, and i was really surprised because it looks like they really just looked at this graph and didnt. Look at anything else, because the majority of the money flowing in here are into short, bitcoin investment products. So, even right now, even though we have inflows its really betting against crypto, you can see that down here we have short bitcoin 51.4 million. We do have some going into bitcoin ethereum multi asset, but not very much uh. The short bitcoin accounted for about 80 percent of inflows.

This is coming after the worst month that weve ever seen. June 20 2022 was negative, 40 percent, at least on this graph. I should say maybe early days we had bigger bigger swings. We probably did, but from 2013 to now we have not seen a bigger a bigger swing in one month. Uh to the downside. This is the worst half of the year since 1970 for the s p, 500 terrible start to the year, and some people are still betting against bitcoin. We have crypto miners also having to sell right now, just because bitcoins falling down, they have debts to repay core scientific, came out and said that they sold about 7 200 bitcoin the majority of their bitcoin for 167 million in june, and this obviously is just putting A lot of cell pressure on bitcoin weve seen that miners capitulating they have to sell. They have to pay for uh for their facilities for their electric, for their employees, for bonuses and all that kind of thing, and we have some companies really being hurt. We covered that uh. Maybe it was last week right with the miner that isnt even paying their electric bill. This is kind of a self fulfilling prophecy or kind of just kind of like a snowball effect where, if people are worried that bitcoin is going to fall down in price, they might want to sell just because they need to pay for goods and services. But that makes the price go down even further and that causes other people to think the same thing.

Its kind of like liquidations as well with liquidations right, someone gets liquidated and then it pushes the price down which causes another person. Another person, another person, and it can kind of just stack on itself, which is a very dangerous thing now thats also kind of the problem that were seeing with some of these crypto companies as well. Some of them might not really have a problem. They just dont have a lot of liquidity, but then people get worried, they take out their crypto and then more people take out their crypto because other people are taking out their crypto and its just a self fulfilling prophecy as well or a snowball effect as well. There, where it really does cause the company to run off liquidity quite quickly now within mind. We are going to get to some of the exchanges and some other top crypto news and we are going to talk about ethereum. But i do want to thank public for a moment for sponsoring this. Video public is an investing app that helps people be better investors and public members can build a portfolio with any fractional asset from stocks, etfs and crypto to soon nfts arent in collectibles public makes investing super easy and convenient. Let me show you how, alongside the thousands of stocks and etfs on the platform, they also have over 30 cryptos. They have some of the most popular cryptos like bitcoin, ethereum and cardano, and are always adding new cryptos to the platform.

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1 million ethereum was previously acquired at this price, potentially causing downward pressure from addresses looking to break. Even so, you can see thats a significant amount right, thats about eight billion dollars worth of ethereum. Compare that to the overall market cap right 134 billion thats about six percent or so of ethereums market cap has been bought right around this price. Now i dont think that were actually facing a significant uh, significant resistance here i dont know why they say that weve seen it once bounce off of that, but really it seems like about 1200 to 1300 is really where were seeing some resistance. Now over the last week, or so now, that still is a significant amount of ethereum, but not everyone is selling it at this point either right. A lot of people have seen that the market has fallen a significant amount and arent looking to sell, and i think thats something that we have to remember too right, cramers talking about how we could fall much further. We have institutional investors, also betting that were going to fall further with a short bitcoin etf. But we have to remember that this has been one of the worst times in history right its its, not something that you want to forget, usually its a good time to be buying during times like this, because there have been so many cascading uh problems that really Cause us to fall this much in price from inflation, the fed war uh in russia and ukraine luna celsius, three years, capital contagion with all these other crypto companies, so many people being worried right, whether its crypto.

com limiting withdrawals, uh fears of kucoin, limiting withdrawals block five, Like i said celsius voyager, all these companies are going through difficult times right now and theres, just so much so much contagion out there. We also have regulation in the future worries about usdt with hedge funds and with other large investors trying to short it. We have recession, fears, housing, fears, stocks collapsing layoffs in crypto and in the general market, especially with a long term outlook. I dont want to be trying to short or sell when were at the lowest point, that we need that weve seen in a very long time. Its not like we had a couple great months before june right, we fell 17, that was after we felt 18, and that was after we fell seven percent. Now we did go up a bit after that twelve percent, then five percent, but then 17 down 15 down 40 down, so im not looking to sell any time soon im buying right now now moving on, we do have uh crypto lender vold now in talks to Be bought after withdrawals halt so another crypto company that id even talk about this happened. I believe, over the last few days when i was on vacation but uh they are talking to nexo now nexo sounds like theyre in a pretty good position as well. Ive talked about ftx and uh block fi seeming like or not block, fi ftx and binance seemed like they were in good positions, but now nexo also seems like theyre in a good position if theyre looking to acquire other assets as long as they dont get too Aggressive this could be great for their company and then we have crypto exchange bullish, cutting jobs.

They cut about 10 of their workforce. This is very similar to a lot of the other crypto companies and then celsius is continuously paying down their loan. This is really interesting. I want to hear your thoughts on this underneath the video. Why are they trying to do this? Uh? You can see that they have been paying down their loan, though now their liquidation price is about five thousand dollars per bitcoin actually just below. So i would be surprised if we got there. I know some people will say cryptos going to zero, but id be very surprised if we ever got to that point. They are still giving out rewards, even though people arent able to withdraw because of the liquidity issues. Now, overall, like i said, the crypto markets looking a little bit better here today, i mean weve been pretty much just floating around 18 to 21 000 bitcoin per bitcoin for the last week, or so after a really difficult time. Last week and ethereum right around the same price as well. If we look down the list there isnt too much fluctuation in prices. A lot of these cryptos right around the same price that theyve been, i think, whats really going to happen, is were going to have to push past a lot of the greater issues that were facing here in the u.s and the world, as well with inflation recession. War, that kind of thing after we get past that i think risk assets will have another big boom, but when that is its hard to tell thats why i am dollar cost averaging.

Let me know your thoughts on this underneath the video and part of the reason i talked about public earlier is because i am adding not just to crypto, but also to my stock positions, adding a lot to my amazon position. Tesla position, google position vo as well.