I am your host hustle and today well be diving into the alluvium ecosystem as over the last seven days, and today in particular, we got some big news for the upcoming illuvitars drop and we also have a new glimpse of the open world gameplay, which everyone has Been looking forward to, if you have been looking into elluvium, the open world side of things is definitely what has been the most anticipated so well. Take a look at the gameplay that they released as well as go over the eluvitars, which also kieran announced today. Lots going on with the ecosystem recently, with their massively successful land drop 72 million dollars done in land sales. Their plan runs up until 2032 for this ecosystem so well cover all of that and more in this edition. Without further ado lets get in the game. T minus 15 seconds guidance is internal 12, 11, 10, 9 ignition sequence starts. Six, five Music is Music if Music all right and lets dive right into it, and if youre new to the channel be sure to drop down and hit the like button and subscribe. We come out with new, defy crypto gaming, fundamental content here every single day on crypto banter and be sure to like the video. If you are bullish on nft gaming and elluviums ecosystem, just like, i am – and you love to hear from guys like kiara and one of the key leaders and cultivators and innovators in the game, five space as far as nft gaming, they have a plan for this Ecosystem up until 2032.

, that makes me more than bullish on the elluvium ecosystem. Their team is top tier and then everything theyve done to this point has been so well executed. Their land sales, which raised 72 million dollars – and this was all off dutch auction, which means the uh, i would say the investors – were able to actually wait for the prices to come down to the levels that they were comfortable buying at. As you know, dutch auctions, they lower every single minute that theres not a sale, so it was definitely fair priced at what the consumer felt. They were willing to pay and they raised 72 million dollars, which mainly goes back to their treasury for the future of this game. So it wasnt like this was a cash grab right what they did. If you read up on everything that theyve done with their treasury and the mint funds, it is more than bullish for this ecosystem and with that long term view you just cant help but love everything theyre doing, and this was the trailer they released back in october. So this came out on october 30th, previewing their open world gameplay and obviously this looks fantastic, but there wasnt, like the heads up, display there wasnt uh the way that you can actually tell like the map, etc. You couldnt actually see that this is gameplay right. So this was the gameplay trailer, but a lot of people were curious. Will the game actually look like this right here, because this looked absolutely brilliant when they brought this to the table? Well, i have news and with the gameplay that they dropped.

As you see, this actually has the heads up display, as you see, on top with the compass on the bottom left, with the map and on the bottom right. As you see, it looks to be like your energy, your health, your resources, etc. I mean this gameplay looks absolutely phenomenal and up with the likes of the best nft games that have come to light so far like with the big times of the world. I actually think this. This looks even sharper than big time. In my opinion, the open world gameplay very polished and triple a level graphics, to say the least, im really looking forward to like action sequences capturing the alluvials in the open world. This all intrigues me very well, as you see elluvium open overworld in development and they actually released an extended trailer for this on their youtube channel. As you see, the environments look absolutely polished and in my opinion this is the best looking nft game that has come to light. So far i mean worth the anticipation, everyone kind of compares it to the open world pokemon of the blockchain uh mmorpg style theres, an auto battler element, theres going to be combat elements in the game and theres also going to be the aspect where you go and Capture eluv alluvials, which are very similar to pokemon in that ecosystem and everything from the movement mechanics to the gameplay, to the way that the environment looks. I mean this just looks so good.

As you see the map here which resembles the map from the land sale, as you see the boreal, the basin, the steps, the waste, the crystal shores, shard bluff and the how uh the halicon c and, as you see here, hes loading into crimson waist. So this is the loading screen takes you right into crimson waste and once again, the environment looks fantastic. The character detail, look at the character detail. Everything on this game really blew me away right. I think that people see these trailers right. People see the star atlas, trailer and theyre like well thats cinematic right thats, not the gameplay, for example, but eluvium took the completely opposite route, because if you go back and you look at their gameplay reveal trailer, it looks basically exactly the same as this right here. So there was no fluff in the way that alluvium rolled this out and there was no hiding what the game looks like and as far as games go. This has to be the best looking crypto game, nft game that has come to light so far with this gameplay with the graphics and theres. So much to this video too, i believe there is a little bit of combat harvesting resources here, as you see as theyre harvesting uh this right here and well kind of go forward to potentially some combat here. So you can see the animations and you can see the different uh. I would say elements of the economy and of the environment that you can participate in.

So, as you see here, theres air encounter theres alluvials found. So this is key. So in these different elements, whether its the crimson waste, whether its the sea region, all that good stuff, whatever regions youre in youre gon na, have different alluvials that youre finding. So, as you see, these four alluvials have been found, so theyre probably going out to capture those alluvials and then they hop in the auto battler game. So it all plays into this big ecosystem of different mechanics. The open world gameplay capturing alluvials battling on the auto battler board. So, as you see here, weve talked about the auto battler here before and ive shown the gameplay and its actually for an auto battler purposes: im not the biggest auto battler fan. But there is strategy to it and theyre definitely very high quality graphics, and i would have to say that it was very well done whenever i got the access to the beta for this auto battler. I was actually having a very good time and the graphics blew me away and then, on top of that today, they just came out with the eluvitar really the utility for the louvitars, because everyone has been waiting for the iluvatar. So the next gen pfp collectibles, coming real soon, as we see here well play the video and these will be the official pfp avatars for the eluvium ecosystem. But they are not just pfps so well. Roll into the frequently asked questions and the utility here as well.

So you know exactly what youre getting with the eluvitars once again, they do such a good job with these animations and these trailers, and they are on pace with the gameplay, as we just saw on the auto battler that fire creature was in the auto battle that I had, and it looked exactly identical to what it does in their theatrical trailers, so theyre not hiding anything theres, no fluff with this ecosystem, which, once again, i absolutely love and well take a look at the eluvitars which are coming soon. So you build out your personalized avatar, so what does it mean by building it out? You actually get to choose all of the accessories, so the elluvium universe will use all youll be able to use your eluvitar in the entire elluvium universe, all eluvium games, and they consist of a portrait and accessories resulting in near endless possibilities, as you can earn exclusive Accessories with in game achievements and then actually flaunt your unique eluvitar across social media and the alluvium games, it will consist of 150 plus unique sets and is released in batches. Each batch is only available for a limited time and, as you see here, the scroll through of the different alluvials, they all look very sharp and very polished. I have to say and well kind of talk a little bit about the accessories here. So therell be six tiers of accessories, virtual bronze, silver, gold, platinum and dining diamond, and, as you go down here well kind of customize this alluvial to kind of give you a look at what its going to look like.

So headwear will go with the alluvial hat. For the body wear, we will rock the necklace for the eyewear. We will go ahead and equip some sunglasses. He looks absolutely fire now. Well, do the pipe here the eluvium pipe and then for the skin were going to roll with well do a bracelet or its actually, its actually an earring, so were going to roll with the band aid were going gon na. Do the eluvian band aid on the left side, so this is the type of stuff youre gon na actually be able to equip onto your eluvatar, and these are just basically theyre just two each so you just have a little bit of choices here. Youre gon na be able to unlock tons of these down the line. Guys im seeing this in the comments im, not talking about elluviums tokenomics im, not talking about bioluvium. I am talking about the gameplay of elluvium and the news coming up for elluvium. So yes, the tokenomics right now theres going theres going to be unlocks for a long time for the ilv token uh. But if you notice in this video, i have not said one word about buying ilv. I have not said that ilv is gon na 5x10x. So yes, the tokenomics right now are dangerous because of the unlocks that are coming, but i never once said to buy the token. I am only covering developments and news for the gameplay, because, once again, we are in a bear market, guys the teams right now that are building products like this with the open world.

Gameplay that looks this quality thats. What im doubling down on tripling down on? Because these games need to get away from the investment perspective, sure we all want that bull run, feeling back where all the crypto gaming coins are just going up up and up meta came out with the news. We all know what crypto gaming did in the last cycle, but the best projects will be sticking through during this bear market token price up or down. They are building and thats. What im bullish on nft gaming needs to just become gaming right every game. To this point, really that most people have been involved in whether its peg, like whether its peg axey defy kingdom cyborg crabata the whole nine. Most of these games have been for investment purposes. Right were looking for games like elluvium that are actually fun. You actually wake up and you want to play the game. You want to hop in capture alluvials. You want to play with your friends in the open world nature, you want to battle against people in the pvp aspect, so this is not about the token. This is all about development, and a team like elluvium is doing everything right in this setting and in this time period to make sure that they absolutely kill it. And then, when the bull run comes back around guys. We can talk about the tokenomics and well talk about that later on, but this is not the time to be investing into a lot of these altcoins its just not the climate, not the economic climate, and there will be a time where it comes.

Where were going to go over our watch list and start re entering the market, but right now were focusing on who is building quality projects and alluvium definitely is so eluvatars are the configurable avatars used as pfps in the universe and once purchased theyll have near infinite Possibilities to connect to their account and eluvitars across all eluvian games. As you see here, theres going to be portrait, crates accessory crates which are going to get different sorts of uh. I would say, obviously the portrait which we just saw these are the different, portraits and then youre going to get the different accessory crates which are going to come in this forms of headwear, eyewear, skin, etc. And so all of this is going to factor into the customization aspect of your eluvitar and then you can use this throughout the ecosystem and actually flaunt show off your illuvitar and its based on progress as well. So, as you go up here and you see, uh youll be able to earn with in game achievements, so the people with the rarest accessories are going to be the people who have grinded to get there and if youve noticed on my show over time, i have Talked about games that are building with nft earnings right nft assets that you actually get by progressing in the game. Every game has this metric fortnite valorent warzone cs go as you level up or you can buy skins. You can unlock skins through the battle pass.

This is just how traditional games have been built time after time years after years and thats. What im most bullish about in this entire ecosystem is theyre, not focusing on emitting an endless token, like every single game has, in the past, its nft earnings, driven and im. Very, very bullish on that aspect of things and between the eluvitars between the gameplay im, absolutely blown away at what they have released for us to really just want to fomo into right. I want to hop into this right now and play this open world version of elluvium. So im really excited to eventually get my hands on this and see how smooth it feels because it definitely looks extremely crisp. The graphics look, very polished and everything that they have done to. This point has been well executed and i would bet on elluviums team to execute even further long term so guys if you enjoyed the video, be sure to drop down and hit the like button as well as subscribe to the channel for daily crypto content. Right here.