Google is the leader now and netscape doesnt exist, so to me its the equivalent thing but uh i wouldnt want to have bitcoin and end up being the uh netscape of your investment opportunity. Xrp uh is the alley it has chosen. It is the leader in that class that theres a good chance that ripple outright went completely that you know if the 90s gave us. People who went broke and millionaires and billionaires block chain will bring upon the error of trillionaires. You take the red pill. You stay in wonderland and i show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. All im offering is the truth. Nothing if you got a bag. Welcome to the party. Welcome back to some more moon, oclock news. No breakfast, no coffee, just straight extra extra foolishness shout out to the latest sub donovan weaver in the building, appreciate you stopping by go ahead, throw on those pilot shades buckle up because the future is extra extra bright and lets go full speed full throttle into the Cryptoverse we got the total global cryptocurrency market cap 949 billion up about 2.7. In the past 24 hours, bitcoin market cap dominant still around 40. We got xrp in that number, seven spot 32, 33 cents down about point three percent. In the past hour, we got btc 20k eth, 1k stellar xlm still in that number 25 spot about 10 11 cents down about point four percent. In the past hour also, we got xlm as a buy btc ethans a buy, but i dont think they ever have xrp as a buy, be aware of the scammer sending micro transactions over on the sum wallet fraud alert.

They have already flagged it for a fraud alert. This account is reported as a scam or fraudulent address. Please proceed with caution. I would just ignore the transaction. Spammers are sending one drop payments with memos to a large number of addresses, both with the general network and full history servers bear the brunt of this users should also be extremely cautious when interacting with them despicable behavior. I would just ignore it. Someone says exactly why i took my xrp off a sun wallet. We say wayne says this is the equivalent of throwing away your glasses. If you saw something scary through them, some wallet shows what happens on the xrp ledger. Someone sent a payment on the ledger with a memo. Youll see the same transaction. If you check your account with the transaction explorer be careful with your cryptocurrencies out there, the scammers, the sec they want. Those bags xrp, crypto, wolf ripple, has added two new attorneys to his legal team for the xrp lawsuit adding more to the a team. Two attorneys from kellogg hansen have filed, motions to be admitted to represent ripple. Please welcome kyle, kim and clayton masterman biographies and motions for admissions are below phylum law. Jeremy hogan, i think, judge nedbury – will rule on the hinman emails this week, mainly because motions to strike expert witnesses are due next week, tuesday, speaking of which, looking forward to ripples motion to strike the expert report of mr duty. It should be a doozy res xrp.

The blockchain revolution will bring upon an era of trillionaires if you got a bag. Welcome to the new one percent into the details – and you know from a perspective of where were at for those of you who were involved in the internet boom its not even 1994. Yet there was, there will come a time when you realize that the wealth creation opportunity weve had here is much greater than the commercialization of the internet, that you know if the 90s gave us people who went broke and millionaires and billionaires. This block train block chain revolution will bring upon the error of trillionaires its inevitable. Somebody will wake up, look at their phone and say: oh, my god. I know what youre going to do when you realize you have a trillion dollars worth of something. Hopefully there are tokens that will be worth something in five years hold all that odell cause were coming for, that top spot and xrp is coming for all the money. Welcome in the new minted millionaires, billionaires, trillionaires and cryptonairs cryptowell, says: ive said it before and ill say it again. Bitcoin has zero utility maxies rallied after some tiny country and africa adopted it, but today they ditched it after they found under 100 people using it. In four months, ouch btc, who john deaton i was just speaking with paul barron on his show about the bankruptcy filing was it filed in part to avoid class action. Lawsuits im aware of invest voyager, like celsius network, has a class action, waiver provision, fraud or misrepresentation.

However, can overcome that provision cryptolender, voyager digital has filed for bankruptcy, get those cryptocurrencies offline. Mr intuitive r.i.p, voyager ris xrp case of the century. Xrp update with big john deaton that theres a good chance that ripple outright wins completely on all sides of the of the sense um. I im confident that the judge isnt going to declare todays xrp a security. They know whats coming. We know whats coming and they cant stop it. The secret disclosed jp morgan owns critical ethereum infrastructure, where nation, unboxed, blockchain and crypto was designed to remove the middleman banks. So jpmorgan positioned themselves in ethereum and purchased in big disguise wells. To try and take over the space then attack the competition by manipulation and by using their connections they did it keith gate, while the sec continues to pick outdated technology, xrp faster, cheaper, more efficient and no middleman. Snatching up those fees, utility, obviously ripple in india. Rbi is aimed to establish india as a global powerhouse of digital payments, ripple plus india, federal bank ripple plus axis bank india ripple plus lulu lulu, india of federal bank brix new payment system. All roads lead to the bridge, xrp the interoperable one. How many spark flare tokens will you receive the xrp flare claim ratio 1x, rp to 1.0073 flare for each one, xrp held on the snapshot date december 2020, shout out to all the og diamond hand, holders out there and 1.0073 flare will be received only 15 upon Launch distribution date september 2022 were coming.

Blair is the first blockchain able to come to the decentralized consensus on external data. This means that dabs can trustlessly acquire and use information from other blockchains and real world data sources. Solving the oracle problem and opening up the door to a new era of utility connect everything we got. Some stellar news wire integrates with the new global crypto to cash service powered by moneygram and stellar. The latest company to integrate, with moneygrams recently launched platform focused on bridging the gap between physical and digital currencies, xlm anybody, those coin xrp can now be accepted as a payment by canadian food tech. We cook cooking up some xrp xrp crypto wolf, ripple x, conducted rigorous performance testing and are confident in the xrps ledger ability to support xls20 nfts. So massive testing being done on the xrp ledger for nfts watch out for xls20 nft is coming soon. Xrp the standard production – true story – this just happened to me: i had an uber driver. Ask me what i do i said im in crypto. Then he asked. Do you know anything about xrp? He said he heard about it because a buddy told him theres an intergalactic space, alien deal with xrp in the global earth federation, david schwartz says reset. We got x, wars taken now live free export staking live, you can start taking right now without any fees. Daily rewards will come to your wallets and we have or you can stake your xwar tokens ill.

Have the link down below for ru x war, token holders xrp the clear winner, xrp zoe cruz, was co, president of morgan stanley and now at ripple. We can see right here, zoe cruz, all roads lead to the bridge, the top five to ten crypto assets cryptocurrencies and, to me, saying, im only going to put bitcoin uh im only going to invest in bitcoin because its the current winner or the digital gold, as They call it is equivalent to say that in the early 2000s youre only going to invest in one internet stock – and i dont need to tell you whether its social media, facebook didnt exist. By and large i mean netscape was the browser of choice with 75 market share right, google is the leader now and netscape doesnt exist. So to me its the equivalent thing i dont know there will be winners and losers, but uh i wouldnt want to have bitcoin and end up being the uh netscape of your investment opportunity and again the way i look at that diversification. Each of those currencies was designed differently. It has underbellies all of them do, but it also has clear winner uh characteristics in the alley that they chose to compete in so bitcoin is the digital gold um. So when i talk about diversifying its the idiosyncratic risk of that particular cryptocurrency, so the pluses and the minus is a bitcoin digital gold, the oldest it made a lot of people rich.

So you have a lot of passionate people that would, you know, be very uh. Good at defending it and its construct, its underbelly is actually it costs a lot of energy, and i dont need to tell you esg, environment. Social governance is the new new thing uh. If you, the bigger the blocks, the more successful bitcoin becomes, the more thats an issue. Um xrp uh is the alley it has chosen. It is the leader in that class. Uh is basically the cross border payment system, and now you know why xrp was the chosen. One we have the case of the century: xrp the ripple net team battling out the corrupt sec watch out, because a new transformation of wealth on the horizon sec, cant, stop whats coming were just getting started, crawl walk. Then we rock it with that being said, bagman and bag. Ladies, i want to say thank you to the whole xrp community for sticking together and sharing what you can, whether its information, speculation, jokes or high spirits, music in a world thats falling apart. Unity is key. This is the only place ive managed to find unity in onward xrp army, dion, bakes xrp, still around 30 cents. The opportunity of multiple lifetimes trillionaires billionaires millionaires will be minted. Well see you at the top. I am the xrp bag man, the moon command. Currently, up here on the mothership stuffing some bags and enjoying the show appreciate you stopping by tuning in smashing those likes for some more moon, oclock news hope yall continue to stay extra extra bullish out there continue holding those good vibes remember to sell the fud, buy Up that bag and dont forget to spread that liquid love.

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