I am introducing you guys to what is called dappy your website, which is debbie.directory now. This is a first ever protocol that is allowing users to create their own dapps, so user, owned, apps, called dapis or dappy pools are hosted on a single, secure contract. Ensuring that every pool does what it says it will do now. Dappy pools are smart and sustainable. They offer a viable place to park your crypto for the long term, so who is dad before first and foremost investors so dappy makes it easy for anybody to invest. You can browse the directory of user owned investment pools using filters to help you find the pool. Thats perfect for you and you can earn up to five percent daily returns on a tried and tested contract secured by the bnb chain. This is, of course, a low cost high speed network. However, this is also for influencers and for communities. So if you are somebody who has a community or an influencer, you can go ahead and create your own pool to monetize your following and improve your social impact and im actually going to show you guys, step by step, how to do that. If youre curious about how to invest in dappy pools, basically they make it simple and easy. Youd head to their website connect your wallet via metamask and then you can browse through the list of verified pools and once you find a pool, you like you can enter the amount you want to invest and confirm the transaction in your wallet and then you will Start earning daily rewards and, of course, im going to show you the process of creating my own pool as well and dappy was created by an anonymous team of veteran investors and developers born and raised in d5 that are set out to empower the communities by making It easier than ever to earn passive income from your crypto now a little bit about all the economics of this.

So if youre, tired of the rug pulls and ponzi schemes, this is a great opportunity for you guys so by now its clear that growth, fueled solely by new user investments, cannot last and were tired of seeing late comers left holding the bag as growth, fueled revenue. Invariably stagnates which causes projects to go bust or aka rug, pool thats. Why? We believe that the investors pooled funds cannot sit idle, while protocol outflow or debt continues to grow. So on dappy pool owners can monetize a portion of investors pooled funds to generate revenue off site. This revenue is then redeposited into the pools ensuring that investors can get paid. So while this method does require more trust, it is a necessary trade off for a sustainable long term. Growth and dampi allows users to create investment pools with true revenue flow, backing reward payments to investors, so the pool reward rates are adjusted dynamically to ensure and sustainable long term growth and those are verifiable revenue streams and sustainable outflow on user operated pools that can thrive Without intervention for as long as revenue flows, so a couple different things, i want to talk about looking at the actual dashboard, they are making investing easy. This is what a dappy pool looks like and obviously im going to walk over there and show you guys just a little bit more about it, but i do want to talk about a couple of different strategies. First and foremost, i want to show you how to maximize your earning potential, so you want to compound daily.

So compounding your available rewards once per day is the best way to increase your earning power on the dappy, so compounding daily will ensure that you continue to earn rewards at the maximum rate and, of course, they recommend the six. In one pattern, which is the popular strategy that allows you to gradually take profits over time, while still benefiting the power of compound interest, so in this strategy you would compound your available rewards six times per week and withdraw your available rewards once another pattern. That is going to be more aggressive, for you, guys to use is the three in one pattern. Now this is an alternative to the six one idea, and this works well in the short term, but underperforms in the long run. So this one youd make more frequent withdrawals and investors are able to break even more quickly, so you would basically go ahead and compound monday, tuesday, wednesday withdraw thursday compound friday saturday, sunday withdraw monday. Now remember, daily withdrawals are not recommended and withdrawing your available rewards every day causes undue strain on the pool balance and is not recommended. So withdrawing daily will cause your reward rate to rapidly drop, resulting in significantly lower rewards any much longer time to break even also. The hoarding strategy is when you invest once and take no further action for an extended period of time, and this approach has been known to work well in other protocols. However, it will not work here hoarding will cause your reward rate to drop at the same pace as if you were drawing daily, which will result again in significantly lower rewards and a much longer time to break.

Even and of course, there are a couple of penalties that you guys need to know about so, first and foremost, they have the before the break. Even so, every time you withdraw available rewards, you will incur a 10 reduction of the daily reward rate, so this reduction is easily reversed by compounding so it will not affect investors employing a six or one or three in one strategy, however, withdrawing nine times in a Row will drop your rewards by ninety percent, resulting in the lowest possible rate you could and then you would have to compound nine times to offset this reduction and restore the original rate. Then, after a break even so once youve earned your initial investment back compounding available. Rewards will no longer reverse the 10 rate reduction and that is incurred on every withdrawal, so withdrawing your available rewards will thus result in a semi permanent reduction of your roared weight. So your you can counter uh react this uh reduction by investing more money into the pool. So when the total amount youve invested is more than the total amount withdrawn, then you will be able to reverse the reward rate reduction by compounding therefore restoring the original rate, and then we also talked about the hoarding penalty. So, for every day that passes without action, you incur a 10 reduction of the daily reward rate, and this is automatically reversed anytime, that you invest compound or withdraw, but this is designed to protect investors from would be competitors who are trying unsuccessfully to circumvent the overdraw Penalty by using the hoarding strategy so were gon na head over to their website dappy.

directory. Now you can go over to browse pools, and this is where you can go ahead and see the actual polls that are uh currently in place. So youve got the genesis pool offering three thousand six hundred. Seventy eight point. Three four percent currently has point six one bnb started four days ago and the ratio is fifty one percent and then, of course, youve got daptastic with a hedge ratio of seventy five percent. Um and now i want to talk with you guys, a little bit about the hedge ratio and what that might mean for you guys. So the hedge ratio determines when a portion of pool funds will remain locked in the contract versus what portion of funds youll be able to access and monetize. So a high hedge ratio above 75 percent will keep confidence high but may make it more difficult to sustain outflow. A lower hedge ratio means youll, have more access to capital, but requires you more trust from your investors. Now the minimum hedge ratio is 51. So, as you can see, the higher the hedge ratio, the safer its going to be the lower the hedge ratio, the more trust that you have to have in the creator of that actual pool now im going to go ahead and show you guys how to create Your own pool so first and foremost, were going to connect via metamask. I am connected already on the bnb smart chain were going to go over to click, pull and were going to go ahead and create our pool and were going to start this pool on wednesday.

The 6th and as you can see here, i can go ahead now and put a short description explaining how funds will be invested, and this is just going to be simple im just going to say, invest here for passive income. All right, i can go ahead and pick my theme, whether i want a light theme or a dark theme. I personally like a light theme. Then we can go ahead and pick our accent color as well, which, if you guys know me im a blue kind of guy and were gon na find what works best. I think that looks really good right there. Okay, so once here, as you can see here, ive got a hedge ratio rewards and a fee. Now i can go ahead and invest im going to have this start on 7 6. 20 22, which is going to be tomorrow today, im making this video on tuesday july 5th, now our hedge ratio. Obviously i want this to be safe to use for you guys. I want you to know that you guys can go ahead and be comfortable, and obviously i want to give you guys the most amount of money possible and fees right. So i want a low fee and of course i want the absolute lowest fee. So im going to put one percent for you guys all right. So, as you guys can see here, i have gone ahead and created my dappy, which is the crypto collier dappy, offering the highest apy and you guys can go ahead and invest with a hedge ratio of 75 if you click on it, as you can see here, This is now created daily rate is five percent.

The balance is currently zero. It starts tomorrow with a one percent owner fee, three percent total because of the two percent admin fee and then obviously the 75 of the hedge ratio.