Whats good xrp family. Up until this point, the crypto space has been taken as a joke, but now it is starting to be taken seriously. To a certain extent. Here we have the chamber of digital commerce. Tweeting out, crypto and blockchain are new and unfamiliar worlds, and some policymakers are taking an enforcement first approach before offering regulatory solutions enforcing a stall in innovation. This is the problem we are currently seeing right here right now in the united states, and we know of a perfect example where enforcement first approaches have hurt and hindered digital assets, primarily xrp. You knew where i was going with this now. I want you guys to listen very closely to what hester purse is saying in this video im getting ready to play for you. She says something that is very important. There needs to be a balance and she states. We got the balance wrong and im here to say they definitely got the balance wrong with this one theres a reason why enforcement actions are able to be taking place, but in certain situations they dont need to take place, and we are seeing it very often now That enforcement first approaches are more commonplace than anything, and that is a major problem. Take a listen to this yeah. I mean ive been fairly clear with my own view that i think were taking an enforcement first approach in an area where we should be taking a regulatory first approach.

Um so ive argued that we can tackle different issues and we can provide clarity around those different issues. We can think about rule makings or about guidance or about exemptive orders. We have broad exemptive authority and we should be using that, and that would be a way to do when you talk about innovation. That would be a way to iterate on innovation, using that exemptive order process, which is the congress gave to us precisely, because congress knew that things would change, and we would need to make adjustments and so thats what we could be doing. I fear that when we craft enforcement settlements with one one party, and then we use those settlements to try to set the standard for the rest of the industry, that leaves a lot of voices out of the room. That leaves not only other market participants. Out of the room but users of the technology – and so i think its its – not the right approach and im hopeful that we will will embark on a more proactive regulatory approach and then, of course, theres a role for enforcement. We all know theres plenty of fraud in the space, but even once we have the rules in place: um theres theres room for enforcement there as well so its a balance, but i think weve got the balance wrong right now. Now the bank for international settlements has tweeted this out, stating there are now four live: retail cbdcs in the world and pilots in 29 jurisdictions, 72 central banks have communicated publicly about their cbdc work, and the tone of speeches is more positive.

Now we need to talk about this. Music cbdcs are going to continue to roll out. This is an inevitability, especially as the world starts to go more digital central banks are not going anywhere and, in all reality, all actuality. Central banks are going to have to hone in on this digital technology, whether you like central banks or not whether you like cbdcs or not. This is the fact of the matter, and we know that central banks are going to continue to push for cbdcs as the world continues to go. Digital were seeing the use of cash decline. More and more were seeing. People start to wake up to digital alternatives were seeing the world start to be exposed to digital assets more and more, but the funny thing about the period were in right now is everything is in a decline. Everything has crashed. Everybody is full of fear. Full of doubt full of uncertainty about where the market is going to be in the next weeks months, even years, but while everybody is worried about where the market is getting ready to go, theres building that is taking place and we can see developments like this taking Place where a shift is happening, a shift to a new monetary system is taking place right before peoples very eyes. Some people just cannot see it and thats only because the information isnt in front of everyone, some people arent exposed to this type of information, and that is where the disconnect lies.

But the bank for international settlements highlights this because they know that this number is not going to be the same forever, and this number is going to change or will turn into five. Five will turn into ten and before you know it, we will be living in a fully digital world where cash is a thing of the past and everything moves much faster and more efficient. Yes, there are downsides to this new technology and we can talk about the downsides of cbdcs all day long, but the main purpose here we have to focus on is the fact that the digital revolution is taking place right now and its up to us to inform Ourselves about it, so we can prepare for it, prepare ourselves to better ourselves during this time period and its very important. We look at things like this from bloomberg. Crypto tweets out germans use of cash declined last year as the pandemic and the growing popularity of online shopping boosted electronic payments. I mean this is something that i resonate with. I cant tell you the last time i used cash. In fact, actually i can tell you the last time i used cash. It was during the fourth of july, but i found every way that i could to get rid of that cash because i had no use for it. It was actually slowing me down because every time i made a purchase that cash broke down into coins, which i really dont want to hold on to.

But this is the point im trying to make everything is going digital. I make more online payments than i do in person. Everything comes right to me. This is the world that were living in its very digital, but the point here is cash is on a decline. Its right here for everybody to see and digital payments are going to continue to increase till we get to a point where everything is digital and you have the option to use digital assets. This is the key. This is, why were all here for adoption? We can speculate price all day long, but it comes down to real use cases, real utility and actually using these digital assets for what they were created for not just speculating on the price of where they will be in the future, based on supply and demand. Based on speculation and based on the growth of the market, this is why were all here, but it all stems back to what these central banks are doing, because at this point in time they have the control they have the power to simply say hey. This is not going to work; this is not going to happen, were going to go ahead and go with this. This is why we pay attention to what these central banks are doing, whether we like them or not – and i want you guys to focus on this – the digital pound foundation, tweeted out dont, miss tomorrows live webinar.

I want you guys to tune in if you can fungibility and interoperability in the digital money ecosystem, which will be co hosted by another group, called the digital euro association and its all organized and in cooperation with you know, who ripple and a cbdc think tank ripple Knows very well whats, going on right here. Right now in the world were living in ripple is fighting a major battle for the entire crypto space. As we all know, many people who have doubted ripple and do not like ripple had to bite their tongue and literally backtrack from those statements because of what ripple is doing ripple, is carrying the entire crypto industry on its back. Through this case, with the scc and weve seen so many people call out the sec for their wrongdoings. Hester pierce right here – number one example: a member of the sec, an sec commissioner. So we must pay attention to what these central banks are doing. They will give us the signs as to what is coming next, because they are very vocal about what they are planning and what they want to go down and what they see is right and what they see is wrong. We must pay attention very close attention, so i want you guys to tune into this tomorrow. Dont miss out 5 p.m, to 6, 30 p.m. Cest take note that its in cooperation and organized with ripple everywhere, you look ripple is right there. So you know that there is a major role for xrp in this new global financial system.

Weve seen the timelines weve seen the dates weve seen the documents weve seen the partnerships at this point, theres nothing more for us to see. There is nothing more for us to even talk about when it comes to the power of xrp. What xrp is going to be used for and is currently being used for at this moment of time, and we slap this on top of it, you get. A powerhouse were talking nfts, yes, we are and ripplex states our team conducted rigorous performance testing and were confident in the xrpos ability to support xls 20.. So you slap nfts on top of all the other use cases that come with xrp youve got a powerhouse of a digital asset that is changing lives and is giving people the ability to change their lives by using this digital asset on a daily basis. For things that 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago, people could have never imagined even just a few years ago, people could have never imagined the possibilities that come with these powerful and i mean powerful digital assets so its something to take note of and Its something that you dont want to miss out on this powerful transformation, thats taking place right now – and this is the perfect time to familiarize yourself – get involved and understand whats happening in the crypto space, because the crypto space is not going anywhere. Xrp is not going anywhere and in fact things are going to get so much better as time progresses were going to continue to see these dips were going to continue to see these crashes were going to continue to see these bear markets, its absolutely healthy, its absolutely Needed we have to have that balance and im coming back to that balance, because its exactly what hester per said but im talking about.

As far as a market standpoint, the prices are going to go up and the prices are going to go down. Youre going to see bull markets, youre going to see, bear markets, but the true leaders, the true winners, are formed in these bear markets in these dips. In these crashes that we are currently seeing taking place right now, because the people that are temporary, they will get washed out, they will get flushed out. They will get shaken out the true leaders, the true winners. They will continue to grow. They will continue to stay where they are and they will continue to build all. While all of this is happening, but most importantly, they will continue to accumulate, and that is what were here to do and they wonder why im so bullish x ill be better than the competition thats. Why, every day i increase my position fill up a bet thats. Another edition ripple cant be stuck cause they on a mission saving you time and money thats significant some might be similar, but no equivalent slowly.