Avoid all speculative investments like crypto as the Fed stays hawkish, says Jim Cramer

I expected these stocks to get obliterated at the end of the year, not this fast, its incredible that these deals were allowed to happen. If stocks were vacuum cleaners, these back names and recent ipos would have been recalled and you get their money back, you should be getting it back, but caveat empty […]


Al qods et l il se passe aussi des choses intressantes sur ce graphique on fera un petit tour dessus on parlera aussi rapidement, deux hommes plus de macroconomie et aussi de ce qui va tre indices, amricains puisque l aussi il se passe des choses malheureusement pas top. Pour le btc donc un point […]

Caution: Bitcoin Crash Exposes FINAL Capitulation for Crypto (Cycle Analysis)

In the markets, traditional markets, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies tying this all together, as i feel and see on the charts, a final capitulation forming and thats going to give us a price range target and a time range target. A lot of people focus on time price. But time is really one of the most […]

Bitcoin & Crypto CPI Rejection: Watch This EXACT Price TODAY (Avoid These Mistakes!)

Youre joining me here on your home of opium, free crypto and economic market cycle updates today were updating bitcoin and cryptos lets. Look at whats happened on those charts over the last 24 hours, weve seen that small pump, the fake out the rejection. What prices are important right now and which exact price […]

Beginning Of THE END. Crypto, Bitcoin & The Economy.

Coming up. Cryptocurrency is down 75 percent. The nasdaq 34 and interest rates are going up, putting pressure on everyones pocket. So in this video im going to show you what i believe is coming up, but, more importantly, how im preparing and taking advantage of it welcome back to the channel. My name is […]

[IMPORTANT] "Crypto Tsunami Is Coming!" | Cathie Wood Latest Crypto Update On Bitcoin & Ethereum

We also have some uh information in there about uh ether, but in that report youll find one of the very positive signs. That weve surfaced is that the 200 week moving average of bitcoin remember bitcoin, peaked close to 70 000 last november, and it got down to somewhere in the 17 000 a […]